Human Temple Run

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Human Temple Run

Names: Sarah Sloan, Avi Lieberman and Ben Reid

Size: whole edah, as well as groups of threes.
Description: Participating in a relay of sorts. The objective is to get from start to finish in the shortest amount of time.
Overall Goal/Themes: To mix friend groups with a positive challenge that they most compete in together. 

  • human jenga from Ariella

  • dodge balls

  • 15 or more benches 

  • 3 buckets of sand

  • fruit rings 

  • 3 bowls

  • 20 spoons

  • balloons with paper inside that states how much time they get to take off of final time

  • 3 buckets full of water

  • 20 apples

Location: B-side Migrash

Staff Preparation and Roles:

We will need A LOT of help setting up for the Peulat, so all hands on deck.

  • Rachel, Ariana, Allison, Adar and Sarah Glickman: keeping time for each group as well as run activity

      • You guys will be placed in stations on the migrash where different groups will be starting. You need to keep track of their times, as well as making sure that kids are completing your station correctly. Remember to add their bonuses to the final time with any they had collected throughout the challenge. 

  • Or and Arnon: Set up benches and run activity

      • Set up 3 rows of benches with 5 in each row, a couple yards away from 3rd base towards the gaga arena. At the beginning of the challenge tell them the following riddle that they must solve as they are weaving through the benches. Also, get dodge balls ready on both sides to throw at kids (LIGHTLY) while they have to weave in and out of the benches. If they get hit, they must start that section over. They have 2 chances to get through.

      • Riddle: What has one head, one foot and four legs? 

  • Adar: Fruit Ring Challenge

      • First they must answer the riddle that they got at the beginning of the the bench weaving challenge, then you give them a spoon that one kid from each group must use with their mouth in order to get 5 fruit rings of the same color. 

      • Riddle Answer: A bed (if they forget riddle, they must go back)

  • Sarah Glickman: Human Jenga

      • Each group must take out 2 blocks and then stack them back on. 3 groups can do this at a time. If any group attempts to get the others to fall, they are disqualified from the whole game. Once they have done so, they can move on to the next challenge.

  • Ariana: Bobbing for Apples

      • Each group must bob for 2 apples. Each group must only choses one person per group.

  • Rachel: Sand Challenge

      • Set up 3 buckets full of sand. There should be a rock in each bucket that has a riddle on it. The goal is for one member from each group to get the rocks out of the bucket full of sand, and then answer the riddle that is on the rock. Once you have okayed them for answering the riddle, they can move on to the next station.

      • Riddle: What has two hands, a round face, always runs, but stays in place? A Clock

  • Allison: Soulja Boy Challenge

  • Sarah, Avi and Ben will be the bears that are chasing them. If they get caught by us, the team must all sing the chorus of our edah song. If they can't, they must start the challenge they were working on over.

Throughout the course, there will be balloons with pieces of paper inside them. The paper states how much time you can take away from their final score, making their overall time shorter. Each team can pop 2 balloons in total.

The winner has the joy of wining. Period. 

Yüklə 11,64 Kb.

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