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Welcome to the latest Jericho family Page Updates June 2010 onwards

Please check information and let us know of any inaccuracies

Richard & Ruth:

Pages last updated 5th October 11.29 pm
Abbreviation Index :
Born = b:

Death or Died = d:

Residence = Res:

Buried = bur

Occupation = Occ

Married = m:

Divorced = div

Separated = sep

Funeral = F
S.A. = South Australia

N.S.W. = New South Wales

Qld. = Queensland

Vic. = Victoria

ACT. = Australian Capital Territory

W.A. = Western Australia

N.T = Northern Territory
USA = United Sates of America

U.K. = United Kingdom

NZ = New Zealand

Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital = AWCH

Page: 1

Left photo caption: - Edna J in middle row is not a niece—only married to Raymond J in back row, - not entitled to bold.

Page: 12

He was 82 years old when they moved to White Street

Page: 35

JFJ married Johanne Eleonore HOFFMANN (nee Jantke) she was Hoffmann at the marriage

Page: 43

In the last paragraph: “lived at Kia-Ora, a few kms north of Kapunda” delete – White Street, Kapunda, and the next sentence

Page: 49

Joanne Jericho &

Craig William McWATERS

b: 9thJanuary 1963

Child: Jack William McWATERS

b: 25thApril 2004 Waikerie, S.A.

Child 2: Claire Zoe McWATERS

b: 27thApril, Waikerie, S.A.

Michael Guerin & Jacqueline Cannizzaro

Child: Michael Patrick Ellis GUERIN

b: 22ndMay 2003 Adelaide, S.A.



Child: Clancy Alexander GUERIN REES

b: 1stFebruary 2010
Page: 53

Tanya & Andrew NEWHOUSE

Child: Bethany Kate NEWHOUSE

b: 7thOct 2002 Adelaide, S.A.
Ruth Elizabeth LOHE & David Geoffrey LOWE

Res: May 2008 Carnarvon, W.A.

Child 3: Max Jesse LOWE

b: 7thNovember 2005 Ipswich, Qld.

Andrew Paul LOHE

m: 10thJanuary 2004

Tabor Lutheran Church, Tanunda, S.A. - To -

Veronica Pamela WUTKE

b: 19thJuly 1975 Tanunda, S.A.

Clara Elsie LOHE nee Jericho

d: 26thDecember 2008,

Nuriootpa, S.A.
Deborah (Debbie) Jane LOHE

Partner: Peter Heinrich FRAZEN

b: 11thMay 1967, Adelaide, S.A.

Child 1: Amber Jade FRANZEN

b: 26thJune 2008, Adelaide, S.A.
Page: 55


d: 6thSeptember 2010, Canberra, ACT

F: St. John’s the Baptist Lutheran Church, Queanbeyan, Kinkora Place, N.S.W.

bur: Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery

Benjamin John REIMERS & Deborah Naomi DONOVAN

Child 1: Reuben John REIMERS

b: 25thJune 2001

Correction: Birth date change from 26th to 25th.

Child 2: Hannah Joy REIMERS

b: 17thDecember 2003

Child 3: Josiah David REIMERS

b: 16thAugust 2005

Child 4: Azriel Faith REIMERS

b: 10thMay 2007

Child 5:


Child 6:

b: 7thAugust 2010
Neville John REIMERS

Occ: Teacher & Electrical Sales Manager.

Page: 56


Occ: Dietician

Anthony Eric REIMERS

Occ: Electrician

m: 8thNovember 2005 - To -

Samantha Heather Collings

b: 19thJuly 1986

Occ: Dietitian

Child 1: Issac Eric REIMERS

b: 10thMay 2006. Darwin, N.T.

Child 2: Cael Anthony REIMERS

b: 7thMay 2007 Darwin, N.T.

Child 3: (Male)


Josephine Louise BYRNES nee Jericho

Res: Melbourne Vic.

Jeremiah Phillip BYRNES

Res: Newcastle, N.S.W.

Occ: Teacher

Violet June BYRNES nee MOORE

Res: Newcastle

Occ: Teacher

Child 1: Oliver Phillip BYRNES

b: 12thMay 2006 Newcastle, N.S.W.
Lisa Jane Reimers:

Occ: Accountant.

Page: 57

Robert Bruce ADLAM

m: 12thJune 2005 St Andrew’s Congregational Church, Balmain, Sydney, N.S.W. – To -

Nevine SAID

b: 6thOctober 1958, Cairo, Egypt.

Res: Newcastle, N.S.W.

Stepson: Jacob SILWANIS

b: 15thJuly 1990, Sydney.
Mark & Glenda ADLAM

Child: Eleanor Yvette ADLAM

b: 31stMarch 2004, Sydney, N.S.W.

Page: 58

Warwick James ADLAM

m: 20thApril 2003 Sydney N.S.W, - To -


b: 27thJanuary 1976,

Child 1: William Sutton ADLAM

b: 9thSeptember 2006, Sydney. N.S.W.

Child 2: Holly Babara ADLAM (Babara ) ?

b: 7thAugust 2008

Child 3: (Coming February)
Page: 59

Gary David VACCARO

m: 2ndDecember 2006

Nicole BELL

Child 1: Ethan VACCARO

b: 7thApril 2008
Jenny Anne VACCARO

( Married name is Jenny VACCARO-NELSON)

m: 1stSeptember 2007 – To -

……….. NELSON.

Page: 62

Herbert Walter TWARTZ

d: 10thDecember 2004

bur: Strathalbyn, S.A.

d: 20thJune 2010

Aged 99 Years 10 Days
David & Karina Twartz

Child: Alex David TWARTZ

b: 1stDecember 2004
Page: 63

Norman Edgar TWARTZ

d: 15thFeb 2005

bur: Robertstown, S.A.
David Wesley HENKE

d: 9thJune 2006

bur: Angaston, S.A.

Occ: Wood Merchant (not Wool)

Susan HENKE & Christopher ELLIS

m: 29thOct 1994 Nuriootpa, S.A.

Arthur Adolph TWARTZ

d: 1stJul 2006, Hopevalley, S.A.

bur: 7thJuly 2006 Eudunda, S.A.
Susan Margaret HENKE

Res: Angaston, S.A.

Omit: Partner details,

Christpher Mark ELLIS
Jonathon David HENKE

Place of Birth: Rose Park, Adelaide, S.A.

Page: 64

Penelope & Brenton Temby

Child: Harrison James TEMBY

b: 5thMay 2005

Kinglsey Phillip WOIDT

Occ: Agriculture

Res: Parakee, S.A.

m: 14thJanuary 2006,

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W

To: Tracey Margaret ROSLER

b: 1thAugust 1974, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.

Occ: School Teacher

Res: Parakee, S.A.

Child 1: Bryce Aaron WOIDT

b: 7th June2007, Murray Bridge S.A.

Child 2: Kallan Isaac WOIDT

b: 21stJune 2010, Murray Bridge S.A.
Christopher Noel WOIDT

Occ: Agriculture

Res: Netherton, S.A.

Forthcoming Marriage – To -

Alison Kathleen MORITZ

b: 10thJuly 1977

Occ: Registered Nurse

Res: Netherton, S.A.

Penelope Jane WOIDT & Brenton Andrew TEMBY

Occ: Agriculture

Child 1: Harrison James TEMBY

b: 5thMay 2005, Murray Bridge, S.A.

Child 2: Sophie Jane TEMBY

b: 8thOctober 2007, Murray Bridge, S.A.

Naomi Margaret WOIDT

Occ: Strategy & Quality Officer

Res: Parafield Gardens, S.A.

m: 13thMarch 2010, Gumeracha, S.A. – To -

Stephen Francis MAHER

b: 10thApril 1980, Blackwood, S.A.

Occ: Customer Service Manager

Res: Parafield Gardens, S.A.

Judith Ann TWARTZ & Alec Paul PUMPA

Occ: Retiree’s

Wendy Lee PUMPA

Occ: Company Director

Res: Mangrove Mt, Vic.

m: 7thApril 2007, Sepeltsfield, S.A. - To -

Andrew John GARRIHY

b: 10thJune 1971

Occ: Marketing Manager

Res: Mangrove Mt, Vic

Timothy Wayne PUMPA

Occ: Senior Sales Manager

Res: Blakeview, S.A.

Michelle Joy BRAY

Occ: Retail Manager

Res: Blakeview, S.A.
Page: 65

Stuart Nicholas KLEMM

Res: Gawler East, S.A.

m: 24thSeptember 1997 Seppeltsfield, S.A. - To -

Sarah Louise WILLIAMS

b: 1stSeptember 1978


Res: Gawler East, S.A.

Child 1: Joshua Ryan KLEMM

b: 10thJuly 2010, Angaston, S.A.

Amanda Jane KLEMM & Richard Kym MATTNER

Child 1: Lewis Brae MATTNER (not Louis)

Child 2: Abbey May MATTNER

b: 14thAugust 2007, Elizabeth, S.A.

Simon James TWARTZ

Occ: Viniculture

Res: Kapunda, S.A.

m: 4thSeptember 2004 Neales Flat, S.A. - To -

Katherine Marie KLEINIG

b: 24thNovember 1978, Elizabeth, S.A.

Child 1: Logan James TWARTZ

b: 23rdJanuary 2007, Kapunda S.A.

Child 2: Ruby Marie TWARTZ

b: 14thApril 2009, Kapunda, S.A

Desmond & Doreen TWARTZ

m: 23rdOctober 1971 St Kitts, S.A.

Debra Kay POHL

m: 2ndApril 2005 Murray Bridge, S.A. - To -

Ian Roger COLLEY

b: 29thJuly 1975

Christine Dorothy TWARTZ &


Occ: Retiree’s

Gloria Lynette TWARTZ

Occ: Associate Clinical Services Co-Ordinator

(Midwifery) & Registered Nurse/Midwife

John Thomas POHL

Occ: Retired Paramedic

Tanya Joy POHL

Occ: Home Manager

Res: Bendigo, Vic.

m: 28thApril 2007 , Adelaide S.A. – To -


b: 9thJanuary 1976, Cairo, Egypt

Occ: Engineer

Res: Bendigo, Vic.

Child 1: Alana Grace MIKHAIL

b: 28thJanuary 2009

Debra Kay POHL

Occ: Home Manager

Res: Murray Bridge, S.A.

m: 2ndApril 2005, Murray Bridge, S.A. - To -

Ian Roger COLLEY

b: 29thJuly 1975, Carlton, Vic.

Occ: Music Teacher

Res: Murray Bridge, S.A.

Child 2: Monique COLLEY

b: 14thFebruary 2006, Murray Bridge, S.A.

Jodie Lynette POHL

Occ: Home manager

Res: Callington, S.A.

m: 8thFeb 2003 Monarto, S.A. - To -

Nathan Kym WEGENER

b: 21stAugust 1980 Murray Bridge, S.A.

Occ: Farmer

Res: Callington, S.A.

Child 1: Austin Charlie WEGENER

b: 25thMarch 2007, Murray Bridge, S.A

Child 2: Liam Cambell WEGENER

b: 21stJanuary 2009, Murray Bridge, S.A

Dianne Louise TWARTZ

Occ: Secretary

Res: Hewett, S.A.
Brian Walter KUPKE

Occ: Retired Bank Manager

Res: Hewett, S.A.
Paula Jane KUPKE

Occ: Childrens Service Professional

Res: Nairne, S.A.

m: 13thDecember 2008, Gawler S.A. - To -

Luke Joseph FAHEY

b: 10thApril 1984, Jamestown, S.A.

Occ: Senior Network Engineer

Res: Nairne, S.A.

Page: 66

Sadie Veronica TWARTZ

Occ: Home Manager

Vincent Harold PRESSER

Occ: Retired Bank Manager

Benjamin James PRESSER

Occ: Student

Audrey Gladys TWARTZ & David Ernest BALDWIN

m: Hampstead, S.A.

Occ: Self Employed
Audrey Gladys TWARTZ & David Ernest BALDWIN

Occ: Both, Self Employed

m: 23rdMarch 1991, Greenacres, S.A.

d: 21stMarch 2008

bur: Willaston, S.A.
Leanne & Ian Rowley

m: 4thNov 1978 (not 1985)

Dwayne Luke ROWLEY

Occ: Metal Fabricator

Justin Kym ROWLEY

Occ: Window Fabricator

Robin & Joyleen TWARTZ

m: Cambrai, S.A.

Samantha Joy TWARTZ

d: 27thSeptember 2007

bur: 10thOct.2007, Peep Hill, S.A.
Page: 67

Victor Hugo Hoffmann

d: 19thFebruary 2007, Eudunda Hospital.

Eudunda S.A.

bur: 23rdFebruary 2007, Eudunda S.A.

Aged 92 Years.
Page: 68


d: 13thSeptember 2011, Rostrevor S.A.

bur: Eudunda Cemetery

Page: 69


b: 4thJuly 1955 (not 1954)

Robyn not Robin
Damien Ian OBST

d: 1thSeptember 2005

bur: 9thSeptember 2005 Greenock, S.A.
Howard Leonard MUSTER

d: 18thMarch 2010

bur: 23rdMarch 2010, Freeling, S.A.
Page: 72


d: 8thApril 2005

Page: 73

Jennie Kamala FENTON

Occ: N.S.W. Catchment Management Authority Coordinator Northern region. NSWCMA

is one of 13 Statutory Authorities


Clayton Lloyd COLMER

b: 11thMarch 1974

Res: Hornsby, N.S.W

Child 1: Chay Ash COLMER

b: 21stApril 2009, McDougal St. Corindi Beach, N.S.W.

d: 17thSeptember 2010, Sydney, N.S.W.

m: 2004 - To -

Graeme Colin PATTERSON

b: 1stMarch 2010, Darlinghurst, Sydney, N.S.W.

Florence Jane Serotzki (not Jayne)
Jeremy Conrad FENTON

b: 8thAugust 1970

Occ: Statutory Officer in the nation, Board Member of the Office of Film & Literature Classification, he is one of 15 Statutory Officers in the country
Page: 80

Brian Peter JERICHO

d: 3rdMay 2007

bur: Centennial Park Adelaide, S.A.
Neil David JERICHO

d: 3rdFebruary 2012

F: Carr & Kleeman Funeral Chapel, Mt Barker, S.A.

bur: 10thFebruary 2012. Centennial Park Cemetery. Goodwood Rd, Pasedena, S.A.

Page: 81


b: 16thMar 1921 Cleve, S.A.

d: 7thJuly 2005 Toowoomba, Qld.

bur: 14thJuly 2005 Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery, Qld,.


d: 20thJuly 2004, Glynde S.A

bur: Enfield, S.A.

Juanita Jane JERICHO

m: St John’s Lutheran Church,

Eight Mile Plains, Qld. - To -

Adam Wade EIME

Occ: Ordained as Pastor of Lutheran church

b: 4thDecember 2002.

Res: 1st Congregation Minyip, Vic.

Res: 2nd Congregation Henty, N.S.W.

Child 3: Zoe Elizabeth EIME

b: 7thJune 2004. Horsham, Vic.

Child 4: Charlotte Annabelle Vivianne EIME

b: 9thMay 2007 Wodonga Vic.
Marc Daniel JERICHO

m: 12thMarch 2007 - To -


b: 20thJanuary 1974

Res: Adelaide, S.A.
Andrew Darryl JERICHO

m: 23rdFebruary 2008, Port Lincoln , S.A. - To -

Kylie Michelle HEIDENREICH

b: 21stSeptember 1988

Melinda Kay JERICHO & Angus Alisdair STUART-ADAMS


b: 18thJuly 2007, Melbourne, Vic.

Child 2: Alexia Louise JERICHO STUART-ADAMS

b: 4thJune 2009, Melbourne, Vic.
Adrienne John JERICHO

d: 28thAugust 2010

F: 7thSeptember 2010

Concordia College Chapel, Highgate, S.A.

bur: Centennial Park Cemetery, Goodwood Rd, Pasadena, S.A.
Page: 82

Joanna Lee JERICHO

Partner: James Ramsden SCHLOEFFEL

b: 16thMarch 1980, Melbourne, Vic.
Michael Kent BAMMANN

m: 19thFebruary 2005, Adelaide S.A. – To -

Naima Kate WOJT

b: 13thFebruary 1982

Child 1: Annika Kate BAMMANN

b: 3rdJune 2010, Adelaide, S.A.

Thomas Corey BAMMANN

m: 23rd October 2010, Adelaide S.A. - To -

Morven Isla CRANE

b: 2ndApril 1985,

Cherilie Anne JERICHO

Divorced: Chris MADSEN ( 2009- 2010 ?)

Page: 83

Karl Joseph JERICHO

Occ: IT Network Engineer

Res: Paralowie/Mannum

m: 20thAugust 2011 St Johns Church Lameroo S.A.

- To –


b: 19thJune 1986, Lameroo S.A.

Occ: Pharmacy Assistant
Page 83 & 147

Kylie Roseanne DAYMAN

Child 4: Athena Elleni KARAKULAK

b: 21stAugust 2010 AWCH, Adelaide, S.A.
Page: 84

Photo of Ray and Ruth Lieschke’s Wedding 1951
Sharon & John Honeywill

Child 1: Hayden John HONEYWILL

b: 5thJuly 2001 Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.

Child 2: Rachael Claire HONEYWILL

b: 4thOctober 2004 Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.
Maxine and James Rosetta

Child: Riley James ROSETTA

b: 22nd Oct 2004 Tumut, N.S.W.
Elissa & Nicholas Cotterill

Child: Kiara Ruth COTTERILL

b: 12thNovember 2004 Gosford, N.S.W.
Page: 85

Ashley Peter BURRELL (not Ashley Craig)
Damien Scott JERICHO

Occ: Farmer

m: 18thSeptember 2004 Para Vista, S.A. —To

Jane Louise BRIDGE

Occ: Registered Nurse Cummins, Hospital,

Cummins, S.A.

b: 23rdJuly 1977

Child 1: Lucy Kate JERICHO

b: 13thJuly 2005, AWCH, Adelaide, S.A.

Child 2: Chloe Louise JERICHO

b: 3rdFebruary 2007 AWCH Adelaide, S.A.

Child 3: Ella Rose JERICHO

b: 15thApril 2011 AWCH Adelaide, S.A.


Res: Adelaide S.A.

m: 12thSeptember 2009 Adelaide, S.A. - To –


b: 17thAugust 1979 Adelaide, S.A.

Nancy Mary Jericho nee BIENKE

d: 9thDecember 2011

Aged 84 Years

div: Robert John HENDERSON 2003

Julianne Mary HENDERSON

Change to – Julianne Pogan

m: 18thOctober 2008 Adeliade, S.A.

William POGAN

b: 31stDecember 1949 Gratz, Austria

Karena Marie JERICHO

m: 22ndJanuary 2005 Kimba, S.A. - To -

Anthony (Rocket) James WILSON

b: 4thJune 1975 Crystal Brook, Hospital,

Crystal Brook, S.A.

Occ: Farmer

Child 1: Sophie Bree WILSON

b: 23rdJanuary 2006, Crystal Brook, Hospital,

Crystal Brook, S.A.

Child 2: Emily Marie WILSON

b: 29thSeptember 2007, Crystal Brook, Hospital,

Crystal Brook, S.A

Child 3: Alyssa Mac Wilson

b: 26thMay 2010, Crystal Brook, Hospital,

Crystal Brook, S.A
Janine Katie JERICHO & Kym Addis SEARLE

Child 1: Taylah Jayde SEARLE

b: 27thFebruary 2005 AWCH, Adelaide, S.A.

Child 2: Zac Addis SEARLE

b: 26thFebruary 2007 AWCH, Adelaide, S.A.
Shane Robert JERICHO

b: Kimba Hospital

Occ: Farmer/ Auto Electrician

m: 2ndApril 2005, Elliston, S.A. – To -

Sharna Marie BASCOMB

b: 29thAugust 1980, Elliston Hospital, Elliston S.A.

Occ: School Teacher.

Child 1: Ali Kirah JERICHO

b: 4thJanuary 2007 AWCH, Adelaide, S.A.
Page: 103

Sabine Helge ZIELINSKI

b: 12thDecember 1941 Loetzen, Germany

Lisa Anne Jericho & Russell BOTTEN

Child 1: Charlotte Erica-Kaye BOTTEN

b: 1stApril 2004 Adelaide, S.A.

Child 2: Lily Grace BOTTEN

b: 2ndNovember 2005 Adelaide, S.A.
Jack (formerly Grant) David JERICHO

m: 26thMay 2006 Port Douglas, Qld.

(on the beach) - To -

Jennifer Marie PHILLIPS

b: 6thMay 1975 Adelaide, S.A.

Jennifer Phillips’ daughter

Sophia Maria MAKRIS

b: 22ndSeptember 1999 Adelaide, S.A.

Name Change:

Sophia Maria MAKRIS

To: Sophia Maria JERICHO

Page: 104

Daniel Mungo O’BRIEN

m: 27thJanuary 2008 -To -


Child 1: Max Mungo O’BRIEN

b: 6thAugust 2008 Brisbane Qld.

Child 2: Hamish O’BRIEN

b: ??? 2010
Timothy Joel WEGENER & Lorinda Anne BOESCH

Child 1: Sophie Lorinda WEGENER

b: 12thDecember 2006,. Adelaide, S.A.

Child 2: Bethany Nita Victoria WEGENER

b: 21stApril 2008, Adelaide, S.A.
Alwine (Win) Hermine Millar nee JERICHO

d: 8thApril 2009, Hawdon House, Barmera, S.A.

F: Barmera, S.A.

bur: 16thApril 2009

Aged 97
Page: 105

Paul & Karen JERICHO

Child: Max Edward JERICHO

b: 28thApril 2005 Berri, S.A.
Rohan and Susan JERICHO

Child 1: Lachlan JERICHO

b: ?/ ? / 2004

Child 2: Mitchell Luke JERICHO

b: 21stDecember 2005 Adelaide, S.A.
Cheryl Louise JERICHO & Stephen Warwick WILLIS

Child 1: Harry Hale WILLIS

b: 3rdSeptember 2006
Sonya Kaye JERICHO

div: Wayne Chester LITTLE


Child 1: Eve Helene BRATTOLI

b: 12thJune 2007
Victor Samuel JERICHO

d: 14thMarch 2007, Hawdon House, Barmera, S.A.

bur: 16thMarch 2007, Barmera Lawn Cemetery, Barmera, S.A.

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