Ia 399: visual rhetoric and graphic novels insta-reflections

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This quarter, we’re focusing on how we make meaning and build arguments using visuals and on how images and text work together. So, it makes sense that your reading reflections for this course will make use of a medium that combines images and text.


From Week 2 through Week 9, you will be required to make two posts to Instagram each week. Each post should include (1) a photo of a panel (or panels) that you find interesting, significant, confusing and/or worthy of discussion and (2) a caption that reflects on and responds to the panel you’ve chosen. You will also be required to comment on two posts each week. All posts and comments should be completed before class on Friday. You many not post twice about the same section of reading.

Assessment (see rubric for more detail)
Fifty percent of your Insta-reflection grade (worth 10 percent of your final grade) will be a participation grade based on these questions: Did you complete all your posts (16 total)? Did you complete them on time? Did you comment thoughtfully on others’ posts twice per week?
The other fifty percent of your Insta-reflection grade will be based on the quality of your posts and comments. Successful posts will

  • Go beyond summary or obvious points to bring new insights to our understanding of your image as worthy of attention and discussion (Analysis)

  • Apply course concepts and class discussion (Application)

  • Engage classmates by prompting comments and discussion (Engagement)

Q: What if I have trouble setting up or using my Instagram account?
A: Try visiting the Instagram help center, help.instagram.com.

Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone?

A: You have two options.

(1) Check out these options for using Instagram on your laptop. BlueStacks is highly recommended. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/create-instagram-account-upload-photos-without-mobile-device/.

(2) You can complete the assignment on Moodle by creating a discussion post with a photo or description of and comment about the relevant panel. Let me know if you choose to complete the assignment this way, and I’ll set up a discussion board.
Yüklə 4,95 Kb.

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