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INSA-Visiting Fellowship
Applications are invited for the following year from Indian citizens for the awards of INSA - Visiting Fellowship for conducting advanced research or undergoing specialized training of Indian Research Institutes/Laboratories.

Details of Awards

These Fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis to the scientists for furtherance of their research and/or research capabilities for carrying out collaborative research, undergoing training in specific techniques, or utilizing facilities not available in their own institutions. The Fellowship will be for a minimum period of one month to a maximum of 6 months in a laboratory or research institutions of his/her choice within India located in another city, other than his/her own place. Fellowships to be awarded each year will be a maximum of 120 man months per annum.

These fellowships will carry an honorarium of Rs.9000/-(taxable) and DA Rs.6000/- per month (@ Rs.200 per day x 30 days) in addition to the scientist's own salary from his parent institution. The Academy will provide to and fro travel expenses by 1st class or 2nd AC Sleeper from the parent organisation to the proposed institute of work on production of tickets.

Application Procedure

Applications will be invited once a year. The applicants would be required to provide a concise account of their plan of work/ study besides their bio-data highlighting their achievements. It would be desirable that the applicant should have approached the host institution and the scientist concerned to ascertain their concurrence to accept him/ her.

The applicant should be a scientist and hold a regular position in any R & D organisation including Universities or Affiliated Colleges in India. The Scientists who have already availed INSA Visiting Fellowship would be eligible for consideration after the gaps of 5 years.
Candidates should submit their application (Two Sets) on prescribed application form available in the Academy through proper channel to the Executive Secretary, Indian National Science Academy, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110002. The decision of the Academy will be communicated during April / May in the following year.




(Two Copies are to be submitted)

(Last date for receipt of application : 15 February)

Proposed Laboratory / Research Institution to be visited in India ………………………

(Name of Division with full address)

Subject Duration of Visit :

Area of Specialization Proposed Date of Visit:

1. (a) Name of Applicant

(b) Present position and contact address

with telephone, E-mail and Telegram , Fax

(c) Age & Date of Birth

2. Educational Qualification (From Post-graduation onwards)

______________________________________________________________________ Degree Obtained Year University / Institute any other details / Remarks
3. Bio data including Research experience:
(Please attach a list of your publications during the last 5 years only relevant to the activity of your proposed visit along with a copy of Bio-data)
Attach three best research papers.
4. (a) Purpose of proposed visit:

Learning Collaborative* Any other

Specific Techniques Research Purpose

(Please Mark)

(b) If proposing to go for learning specific technique please indicate. Yes/No

(i) Details of the specific technique/ utilizing collaborative research facilities in laboratory to be visited.

(ii) Whether the above facility is available in your parent organisation or not.
(iii) Details of purpose of visit other than learning technique or collaborative research
5. (a) Name of the Scientist(s) with whom work is proposed to be carried out.
(b) Have you been accepted or have you obtained concurrence from the host institution.
(Letter of acceptance to be enclosed).
(c) If yes, please mention the tentative date and duration
6. Have your deputation with salary leave, etc. from your parent organisation for your proposed visit been approved.

(Please attach a deputation letter from your employer)

Name and address of two referees:


7. Details of INSA-Visiting Fellowship already received from the Academy if any, within the period of 5 years.

8. Any other relevant facts which have not been covered in the above columns.

9. Endorsement & Seal of the Head of the

Parent Institution

Signature of the Applicant:


Note : Two Copies of Application forms must be accompanied by two sets of all relevant documents/papers.

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