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) Study of DMIF V1 FCD N2310

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1) Study of DMIF V1 FCD N2310

  • Good individual inputs and discussion at this meeting.

Inputs from M3646, M3654, M3727 and M3806

  • QoS operation over transport moved to DMIF V2. However some elements were added such as stream dependency across DAI for local management of the stream transport in DMIF V1. (See Note 1 below)

  • Need to make ES dependencies visible through DAI.

(See Note 1 below)

  • Application signaling e.g., for VCR-like stream control, is now supported across DAI through a normal reliable 2-way channels. The only changes required to DMIF are in the Direction and QoS Descriptor parameters. (See Note 1 below)

  • A consensus was reached on schemes for URL(s) in DMIF

  • New URL tags are required for new delivery technologies integrated in DMIF. Existing URLs will be used by an xd prefix when DMIF signaling is involved or as is, when no DMIF signaling is involved. (See Note 1 below)

  • Annex D, BIFS Carousel moved from DMIF spec to the Systems spec. The alignment of the Systems and DMIF FCD documents will be finalized in conjunction with the Study of the Systems FCD, see AHG N2369.

  • Need to make SLConfigDescriptor visible through DAI. This to allow for a single stream mapping of the Elementary Stream to RTP. (See Note 1 below)

  • DMIF needs to clarify that its channel management mechanism is symmetric and independent of channel direction. (See Note 1 below)

Note 1: A national Body comment for this change with actual

replacement text is requested.

2) Review and Demo of the DMIF V1 Reference code

  • A DMIF implementation was demonstrated by Xbind Inc. using MPEG-4 FlexMux over IP.

  • Only executable code is available from Xbind Inc. see, M3655

  • A DMIF development Kit for IM1 version 1 is available in M3727

  • Plan to interoperate the Xbind implementation with IM1 after Atlantic City Oct 12-16/98

3) Review and update DMIF V1 Conformance (folded into N2273, MPEG-4 Conformance)

  • The existing document was reviewed and changes outlined.

Test cases will be developed for Oct/98 with the

participation of Mr. Vahe Balabanian, Nortel, Canada,

Mr. Ulrich Mayer of Darmstadt Univ., Germany and

Dr. Javier Zamora of Xbind Inc., USA

4) DMIF V2 WD 3.0 N2312

  • Good discussion on how to operate on mobile networks.

An AHG was established see N2315, to improve the extensions to DMIF for mobile. Close coordination with H.324 is being established through Mr. Yoshihiro Kikuchi Toshiba, Japan as the liaison person see N2384.

  • Proposal for normative DAI interface see M3854

  • QoS Management and feedback of monitoring is a critical piece of DMIF V2, since it requires interoperability. A survey of QoS monitoring in RTCP and H.245 is required for proper decision making in October/98. Inputs are requested.

  • DMIF V2 will operate with network servers e.g., Session and Resource Managers (SRM) and gateways. Input is required for backward compatibility of the DMIF SRM with the DSM-CC SRM.

  • The same policy of integration as adopted in DMIF V1 will be followed in V2 for network servers and gateways. A liaison letter was sent to IETF indicating the MPEG-4 intent to integrate with SDP, RSVP, RAP, INT SERV, DIAMETER, LDAP, COPS, RTSP and SIP as appropriate. The designated informal liaison person is Mr Vahe Balabanian, Nortel, Canada, see N2377.

5) DMIF FAQ N2313

  • The DMIF FAQ has been updated to reflect the DMIF V1 FCD specification text. This can also be found on the MPEG home page



1) Study of the DSM-CC Conformance FCD N2314

  • Individual inputs M3531, M3532, M3533, were reviewed.

Four missing test cases were identified and require National Body input at Oct/98.

2) Text of ISO/IEC 13818-6/FPDAM1 N2264

  • The status of the PDAM1 was raised to FPDAM1 as a result of successful ballot approval.

Next Meeting:


MPEG 45 Oct 12-16/98 Atlantic City NJ

Next Target Dates:

DSM-CC Conformance 13818-10 FDIS – Oct. 1998

DMIF 14496-6 FDIS – Oct. 1998

DMIF ver. 1 conformance WD 2.0 –March 1998

DMIF V2 CD—December 1998

Annex 5

Systems meeting report

Source: Olivier Avaro (France Telecom), Chair


The MPEG Systems Sub-group delivered in Dublin a major improvement of Version 2 specifications for each of its sub-activities : advanced scene description (BIFS), MPEG-4 Java based application engine (MPEG-J), file format (MP4) and management and protection of intellectual property (IPMP). This improvements are described below. In parallel to these efforts, revision of the Version 1 FCD is continuously taking place through the numerous comments made by National Bodies. Finally, during the Dublin meeting, several real time software applications based on the Im1 framework have been demonstrated, bringing the MPEG-4 specifications to reality. The various Systems break-out group reports can be find in an attached document.

Advanced BIFS

The advanced BIFS activity extends the Version 1 set of BIFS nodes. Among these nodes, the specification and implementation of nodes existing in VRML and not supported by MPEG Version 1 (e.g. : PROTO, scripts, …) is making significant progress. If the activity continues at this speed and MPEG customers request so, these nodes may be included in Version 1. Remaining Version 2 nodes will unable the description of spatialization properties of virtual worlds as well as the creation of multi-user environments.

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