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National Security and International Policy Group

Deputy National Security Adviser
Senior Executive Service Band 3

Ref No. 2012/010

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet supports the Prime Minister and the Cabinet in the effective development and delivery of policy across government. A key role of the department is to provide advice that is coordinated, aligned with government priorities, innovative and forward looking.
The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is seeking a suitably qualified candidate for the role of Deputy National Security Adviser (DNSA).
The DNSA is a Deputy Secretary in the Department's National Security and International Policy Group (NSIP), a member of the Departmental Executive Leadership Group and reports to the Secretary through the National Security Adviser (NSA).
The NSIP Group comprises the National Security Chief Information Officer/Cyber Policy Coordinator, International Division, Homeland and Border Security Division, and the Defence and Intelligence Division. The Group will provide coordinated, well-argued, timely and forward looking advice to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet on national security and international policy.
The role has a strong focus on fostering coordination and cooperation across the national security community. In particular, the Deputy National Security Adviser will build productive relationships with state and territory governments, chair a range of high level committees and manage the business of the NSIP Group.
The successful candidate will be an experienced senior leader with outstanding people and relationship management skills and a strong track record in developing and coordinating high level advice on national security and international policy.
Relevant policy skills and experience in one or more areas of national security, international policy, central agency coordination and strategic relationship management will be highly regarded.

  1. Support the NSA (including formally deputising as necessary) across the breadth of national security and international policy development, advice and coordination responsibilities.

  1. Build and maintain partnerships with other departments and agencies, state and territory governments, non-government stakeholders and international organisations to assist in developing and achieving whole-of-government national security goals.

  1. Chair or co-chair a number of high-level national security committees, including:

    1. chairing the National Counter Terrorism Committee - a committee of the Council of Australian Governments which provides expert strategic and policy advice, and coordinates an effective nationwide counterterrorist capability

    1. as the Commonwealth crisis manager, chair the Australian Government Crisis Committee and the National Crisis Committee to provide effective support to the Australian Government in the event of a crisis

    1. other relevant high-level national security committees. Through this role, facilitate greater coordination between committees and their agendas, their activities, stakeholders and the ongoing evaluation of their roles and work.

  1. NSIP Group corporate management and coordination. 


  1. Shapes Strategic Thinking

Relevant capabilities:
High-level capacity for conceptual and analytical clarity and innovative thinking

Experience in high-level analysis and the development of long-term, strategic policy advice

Demonstrated capacity to identify emerging issues and advise on how to address them from a whole-of-government perspective

Expertise in approaches to implementation and service delivery

Thorough understanding of the government’s policies and priorities

Inspires a sense of purpose and direction

Shows judgement, intelligence and commonsense

  1. Achieves Results

Relevant capabilities:
Builds organisational capability and responsiveness
Marshals professional expertise
Steers and implements change and deals with uncertainty
Ensures closure and delivers on intended results

  1. Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity

Relevant capabilities:
Demonstrates public service professionalism and probity
Engages with risk and shows personal courage
Commits to action
Displays resilience
Demonstrates self awareness and a commitment to personal development

  1. Cultivates Productive Working Relationships

Relevant capabilities:
Nurtures internal and external relationships
Facilitates cooperation and partnerships
Values differences and diversity
Guides, mentors and develops people

  1. Communicates with Influence

Relevant capabilities:
Communicates clearly
Listens, understands and adapts to different audience
Negotiates persuasively

Job documentation and more information about our department can be obtained from

EWK International, If further information is required please contact

Mark Lelliott on 03 8626 0600.
Applications must be submitted to EWK International by Friday, 24 February 2012.
All applicants must quote reference number 2012/010 on their applications.
Further information on the positions can be obtained from.
A total remuneration package, including an executive vehicle and generous superannuation, will be negotiated with the successful applicant. Relocation assistance is available.
To be eligible for engagement, applicants must be Australian citizens. The position is subject to a high level security assessment.

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