Life in Nazi Germany How did the Nazis win over the German people?

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Life in Nazi Germany

  • How did the Nazis win over the German people?

Headings for your notes

  • Copy these into your jotters leaving 5 lines below each, for your notes.

  • FULL SENTENCES = Good practice!!

  • The ‘carrot and the stick’

  • The Leader Principle

  • The SS

  • The Gestapo

  • Concentration camps

Hitlers speech to SA and SS 1933

  • "SA and SS, Heil!

  • The great time has now begun. Germany is now awakened. We have won power in Germany. Now we must win over the German people.

  • I know, my comrades, it must have been difficult at times, when you were desiring change which didn't come, so time and time again the appeal has to be made to continue the struggle - you mustn't act yourself, you must obey, you must give in, you must submit to this overwhelming need to obey."

The ‘Carrot and the Stick’

  • The Nazi’s used the Carrot and the stick principle to win over the Nazi people

  • Write three lined describing the cartoon. What does the donkey represent?

  • What does the stick represent, what does the carrot represent?

  • Next lesson we will be looking at the benefits of the Nazi state – the ‘carrot’.


  • Ultimate Authority - Hitler and filters downwards.

  • Hitler had final say in key areas: military operations, domestic policy.

  • The ‘will of the Fűhrer’ – people did things because they thought Hitler would want those things to happen.

A stick : The Schutzstaffel (SS)

  • Led by Heinrich Himmler.

  • By 1933 numbered 52,000.

  • Main instrument of internal rule – role in night of Long Knives.

A stick : The Gestapo

  • Became most feared branch of the SS.

  • Big brother

  • By 1940 there were 45,000 Gestapo members and 160,000 informers.

  • Rounded up opponents to Nazi Rule.

  • Reputation as brutal interregators.

  • After war Gestapo charged with crimes against humanity at Nuremburg trials.

The ultimate stick


  • Why did the Nazis use a carrot and stick policy?

  • Think about an organisation you are part of (e.g. club, school, society). Draw a table of carrot and stick methods used to keep things running smoothly.

  • Enquiry Skills Pg.59

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