M. G. M presents mimes In Motion Breaking Every Chain

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Mimes In Motion

Breaking Every Chain

MIME Concert Performers:

Moore Like Him Ministry

Moore Like Him Ministry is a duo comprised of Clarence and Alicia Moore from Cincinnati, OH. Moore Like Him has had the privilege to honor the Godfathers of Gospel Mime, K&K Mime, at the 2012 Allstate Gospel Superfest in a group performance dedicated to K&K Mime. They have also ministered alongside K&K Mime for a special service at the Koniania Church in Pittsburgh, PA. They have been blessed to minister across the country at church events, pastor anniversaries, weddings and colleges. They pray that everyone strives to be "Moore" like Him in their daily lives.


Jason L. Lemons is a native of East St Louis, IL, now living in Belleville, IL with his his wife Brunetta Lemons. Along with group, N Spirit N Truth, Gyfted N Spirit N Truth won first place at "Six Flags Gospel Fest," allowing them to grace the platform as the opening act for Fred Hammond. From there, they were featured on "The Word Network-Bobby Jones Gospel." In March 2012, God ordained the path for Jason to travel to Memphis, TN to be joined with other mime ministries to grace the platform to honor the "Godfather's of Gospel Mime", K&K Mime. God has been opening up countless doors of opportunity for "Gyfted," to minister to souls that are in need of healing, deliverance, increased faith, strength, salvation, to be filled with the Holy Ghost, and much more.

A.C.T.S Mime Ministries

Keonte founded A.C.T.S Mime Ministries (Acclaiming Christ Through Silence.) Keonte has had the distinct privilege to minister before K&K Mime, the founders of gospel mime and is featured in a solo performance of K&K Mimes latest DVD entitled "The Godfathers" which is sold nationwide. He is the recipient of the 2013 Inland Empire Gospel Award for "Best Interpretive Praise" (Mime) Dancer. It is his prayer that through this anointed ministry souls will be saved, healed, set free and delivered and people will know the reason why David danced with all his might.

Menistersof Mime

Steven Green and BJ Moore began their ministry June 20, 2010 when they ministered for a Father's Day program. Their purpose is to live, strive, and teach not only with the "paint", but also through their daily walk with Christ. Menistersof Mime have captured the attention and hearts of many using sermons, real props, and customized tracks to illustrate God's power, blessings, healing and love. They were also selected to be a part of a tribute with other mimes from across the nation to honor the Godfathers of mime ministry, K&K Mime, at the Gospel Superfest. It is their prayer through miming that lives and hearts are changed, chains are broken, healing takes place, ministries are born, and blessings are overflowing.

Joseph White-A Descendant of Abraham
From: Decatur, AL

His ministry is an act of worshipping God in silence with the hope of taking the body of Christ to a new dimension. Joseph has had the privilege to share the stage and open for Gospel Artists Vashawn Mitchell and Jessica Reedy.

Valerie Thomas-Anointed Touch Ministry
From: Nashville, TN

God has used Valerie to introduce dance and mime to many ministries while she was traveling and serving in the United States Air Force. Valerie is also an ordained minister. Her motto is, "Don't just dance or mime, but minister." Valerie attends Nashville Life (Pastors Alvin and Priscilla Love a.k.a CeCe Winans.) Church.

Frincellar Jackson-Borntodance Ministry
From: Pittsburgh, Pa

Frincellar has travelled to a lot of cities and states ministering and has ministered with K&K Mime along with other new friends that she has met. She believes if you put God first he will open many doors for you.

Don Wagoner-Mime Minister Redeemed
From: Cincinnati, OH

Don have ministered for Obama Bus Tour in June 2012, Cincinnati Black Theatre Company presents "Black Nativity" in December 2012 and Word Drama Ministry-Good Friday Dramatic Play in April 2013. Redeemed by Christ-I am Mime Minister Redeemed-I am Anointed for this.

Thomas A. Banks-God's Messenger
From: Canton, OH

Thomas has been ministering since the age of 4. At the age of 6, Thomas opened up for gospel music legends The Williams Brothers. He shared the stage with K&K Mime in December of 2012. Thomas attends Community Life Church of God in Christ under Pastor John W. McIntyre Sr.

Terrance Hillman and Corey Sherman-J4J Mime Ministry
From: Cincinnati, OH

J4J (Just For Jesus) Mime Ministry, born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. Two young men are serving the Lord with their dance ministry and their lives. They have been ministering since the age of 12 and have travelled the world ministering in the gift of mime

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