María Julieta schroeder

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María Julieta SCHROEDER

Argentinian, May, 19th, 1980, Single, No Children.

1671 San Blas St, Buenos Aires, Argentina., +54 11 55 05 10 98, +54 11 45 86 06 01

Sept/2007 to Sept/2008: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Masters Degree in Social Studies

105 Bd Raspail, Paris, France (
April/1999 to July/2005: Universidad de Buenos Aires

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

M. T. de Alvear 2230, Bs. As, Argentina (

April/1998 to December/2002: Universidad del Arte

Bachelor of Arts in Drama

French 3614, Bs, As, Argentina (

Work Experience
From February 2016 to the present

ISTE Ltd. Freelance French to English Translator. List of published books:

- KARA, H.: “Fishes in Lagoons and Estuaries in the Mediterranean”, vol. 3A, ISTE Ltd.; 2018.

- GUILLE-ESCURET, G: “Social Structures and Natural Systems”, ISTE Ltd.; 2018, 222 pgs

- SALGUES, B.: “Society 5.0”, ISTE Ltd. 2018, 230 pgs.

- LUTOFF, C: “Mobility in the face of extreme hydrometeorological events”, ISTE Ltd., 2018

- DUGUÉ, B.: “Time, Emergence and Communication”, ISTE Ltd., 2018, 268 pgs.

- LELEU-MERVIEL, S.: “Informational tracking”, ISTE Ltd., 2017, 230 pgs.

- HAMMOUDI, A.: “Game Theory, Strategic Decision-making and Value Creation”, Wiley.

- DAIDJ, Nabyla: “Cooperation, Competition and Innovation”, Wiley, 2018, 233 pgs.

- BARBAROUX, Pierre: “Knowledge Management and Innovation”, Wiley, 2016, 130 pgs.

- ZGAYA, Hayfa “Logistics Engineering and Health”, ISTE Ltd., 2016, 232 pgs.
August 2013 to November 2015

Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la Nación (ISEN), Buenos Aires, Argentina (

Position: Foreign Service Officer candidate in order to become an Argentinian diplomat.

Took courses and written examinations in Law, Finance, Economics and International Relations.

March 2013 to June 2013

Embassy of Argentina in France, Paris, France. (

Position: Consular Assistance agent (assisted the General Consul on matters concerning arrests, robbed passports, missing persons, repatriations, sending money, managed high volumes of confidential data).

December 2011 to March 2012

« La Case de Cousin Paul » at Bazar de l`Hotel de Ville, Paris, France. (

Position: Sales Manager (provided training to a team of three sales assistants, managed their performance and facilitated learning and development opportunities)
July 2009 to December 2011

« Atelier Contemporain » at Galeries Lafayette Maison, Paris, France (

Position: Sales Assistant (managed the company´s stock, built a customer data base, provided administrative support, communicated critical information to the authorities of Galeries Lafayette).
September 2006 to July 2008

Université de Rouen, INSA de Rouen, Lycée des Bruyeres, Upper Normandy, France.

Position : Professor of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Facilitated classes and prepared students for internship / job interviews in Latin America.
SPANISH (Mother tongue)

ENGLISH (Native level, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English).

FRENCH (Native level, 7 years of expatriation in France, postgraduate studies in French language).

ITALIAN and PORTUGUESE – Reading and Listening Comprehension skills.
Computer Skills
Memsource, Windows Pack, MS OFFICE.
December 2005: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, Pass with Merit.

Novermber 2005 – Certificate for Young Political Leaders, Organization of American States.

- Mtro. Luis María Sobrón, Head of Consular Office, Embassy of Argentina in Paris,

6, rue Cimarosa, Paris, France. +33 1 44 05 27 08, Email:

- Mr. Frank Tempier, Chief Executive Officer at “Atelier Contemporain”,

Plein Sud Entreprises, Rivesaltes, France. +33 4 68 63 29 34, Email:

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