Mechanical Engineering at rit open House for Parents Dr. Ed Hensel, Dept. Head

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Mechanical Engineering at RIT Open House for Parents

  • Dr. Ed Hensel, Dept. Head

Parent’s Open House Presentation

  • Welcome

  • Summary of Student Presentation

  • RIT Mechanical Engineering Program

    • Academic Programs & Options
    • Program Structure (Quarters, etc)
    • Assistance Resources
    • Co-operative Education
  • Tips for families

Student Presentation Summary

  • Mechanical Engineering Careers

  • High School Preparation

  • First Year Program in ME at RIT

  • Co-curricular Activities

    • Aero Design Team (AIAA)
    • Formula Race Team (SAE)
    • Moon Buggy Team (ASME)
    • Robotics Club
    • Pi Tau Sigma (Mech Eng Honorary)

BS Degree

Typical Five-Year Program

Core Philosophies

  • Engineering Education is our primary goal – and we do it well.

  • Students learn Engineering by Practicing Engineering – Learn by Doing, Hands-on

  • Co-op is an integral aspect of our program, and is mandatory

  • Offer sufficient options and electives to allow students to customize their education

Academic Assistance Resources

Automotive Employers

Aerospace Employers

Recent Employers of RIT M.E.s:

NSF Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarships

Retention in Mech. Eng. at RIT

  • Retention Objectives:

    • Mechanical Engrg
    • Other Engineering
    • Other Programs (Eng.Technology)
    • Other Colleges

Tips for Parents

  • Review the Student Design Posters

  • Encourage Discussion with your sons and daughters


  • RIT Mechanical Engineering is

    • Exciting
    • Challenging
    • Rewarding
  • We’re pleased to have you visiting here at RIT.

  • I hope you enjoyed your tours

  • Feel free to contact us for follow-up questions!

  • If this sounds like the right program for your son or daughter, please encourage them to apply for admission.

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