Media team responsibilities weekly

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  • Coordinate with Mandy before the weekend to get the schedule & contact info of Media students.

Sat/Sun : Arrive at 4 PM Saturday & 10 AM Sunday


  • Contact students before service so they know who you are & where to meet you – esp for a first time media student!

  • Get cameras from either Mandy’s office or leader lounge.

    • Charge batteries (if need be).

    • Make sure each camera has an SD Card, check to see if card’s are full.

  • Meet with Mandy (or Alex) to get Instagram log in & set up on your phone.

  • Meet Media students as they arrive at 4:10, 10:10.


      • If they are new, ask them about; their camera experience, why they signed up, what they are expecting, do they follow us on insta? Etc.

      • Give them the vision of why we have a media team & why you love being a part of it!

      • Teach them Rules of thirds, a basic camera lesson.

      • If they are new, take their pic in front of the garage door w a camera.

4:30/10:30 Prayer Meeting

  • Encourage media students to take pics before service! This can be awkward, so maybe help by introducing them to kids, esp if they don’t know them!

    • Get some boomerangs or pics before service to post on our story!

During Service

  • New students – show them good spots in the room to take pics! (sides of the stage, up the aisles, etc. But not on the stage!!).

    • Not new students – ask them if they know where to go. If they are timid and hang in the back, encourage them to explore the room.

    • See shotlist below on what they need to shoot!

  • INSTA – highlight the whole service with pics, vids, & boomerangs – be creative! The challenge is not getting the same insta story for both Sat & Sun service.

  • After the speaker goes on stage - find media students, tell them to start their sweep of the room & collect their cameras when they are done. Store equipment in the tech booth for the rest of service & watch the service.

After Service

  • Collect SD cards from cameras, then store cameras in the leader lounge cabinet with the U Lock (Jillian will show you the key).

  • Make sure you log out of the HSM Insta after the weekend.


Students walking in

Ministry teams – Serve table, Four Pour, First Impressions,

Basketball court

Group Photo on Couches

Students in the round

During Service

Students walking in, high fiving greeters


Hosts on Stage

Band – students on stage, crowd worshipping

High Five Ten


  • Shoot a text to the Media students who served that weekend, see how their serve experience was.

  • Make sure we have updated content to our social media sites from that weekend.


  • Try to get all Media Student Leaders the chance to run the team once a month!


  • Finding new & creative ways to post content on our social media, posting every weekend.

    • Find a new outlet to post all HSM photos, other than FB!

  • Include Media Students in more shoots, have brainstorm sessions to plan future videos, create more content like the “Your Campus” video.


Mandy –

    • oversees scheduling, connecting Student Leader to their team for the weekend.

    • selects photos for posts.

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