Minutes of the Executive Council meeting held on 15

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Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


For official use only

Date of Receipt

Year of Consideration


File No.


omination Form

for Award of Fellows

Important Instructions

Duly completed Nomination Form should be sent by Registered Post, Courier or by Hand, to Secretary, Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding, F-2, 1st Floor, NASC Complex, DPS Marg, Pusa Campus New Delhi-110012, so as to reach him by June 27 , 2017.

Before sending the nomination, please ensure the following:-

  1. Carefully read the Guidelines for Evaluation of Nominations before filling up the Nomination Form.

  2. Nomination Form is signed by both the Proposer and the Seconder. (A Proposer can nominate maximum two persons and the Seconder maximum three persons in a year)

  3. All entries in the Nomination Form should be typewritten.

  4. Separate sub-heads for listing scientific achievements under different categories are provided in the Part C. Proofs for claims made in item 2 & 3 in Part C should be attached.

  5. Publications: Consult the catalogue of journals with NAAS scores and list only those publications that have been published in NAAS rated journals. Avoid publication in non-refereed journals and do not list papers from the proceedings/abstracts presented in workshops/symposia.

  6. Please attach a copy each of NAAS rated papers.

  7. The cut-off date for receipt of updates/reprints/additional information furnished by the nominees for periods is May 31, 2017 be considered.

  8. Proforma with incomplete information will be returned to the proposer.

  9. Nomination for Election of Fellows should be written on the envelope containing the nomination papers.

  10. Please ensure about the integrity of the nominee.

  11. A Fellow will be nominated by an existing fellow of the Society from among those who have been Life Members of ISGPB for a minimum of five years.

  12. Fellows will be inducted on the basis of their contributions to the field of Genetics & Plant Breeding by a committee constituted by the Executive Committee (EC) every year.

  13. A maximum 10 Fellows will be inducted in a year. The actual number of fellows to be inducted each year, however, will be decided by Executive Committee every year based on the recommendations of the committee constituted for selection of fellows.

  14. A scientist who is not a life member of the ISGPB or has not completed 5 years as a life member can also be nominated but as an Honorary Member if he/she has such exceptional and outstanding contribution in the fields of Genetics and Plant Breeding that the ISGPB will be honored to have him/her as its fellow. In this case also the nomination accepted by the EC will be based on the recommendation of the designated committee.


Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding

The undersigned Fellows of the Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding propose and second


(Name of the candidate in capital letters)

as a candidate for election as a Fellow of the Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding.

Particulars of the Proposer / Seconder

Remarks about the nominee’s suitability











(General Information to be filled by the nominee at the time of nomination)


Space for Passport size colour photograph

. Name in full:

(Surname followed by given name)

2. Date & Place (with State) of Birth:

3. Nationality:

4. Field of specialization:

5. Present Position/Designation:

(last post held, if retired)

6. Address: (a) Official: Tel. No.:

Fax No.:



(b) Residential: Tel. No.:


(Give STD code for Telephone & Fax No.)

7. Academic career and professional attainments

(a) Degree



Distinction, if any

(b) Position held


Period of appointment

Nature of appointment

I offer my candidature for award of fellow of ISGPB. I certify that the information given in the form is correct and no vigilance/disciplinary proceedings are pending against me.
Signature of the Nominee

Significant Achievements of the Nominee

Please give a brief statement of the most significant research achievements of the nominee which, will be circulated to the Fellows.

(To be typed clearly within the space provided)

Name of the nominee:

(Surname followed by given name)

Designation & Address:

Date of birth:

Age (as on 30.07.2016):

Life Membership duration:

Special attainments of the nominee (maximum 200 words)

1. Publications: Research papers and other publications

(A) Research Papers published in Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding: Name of author(s), year of publication, title, name of the journal, volume no. and page Nos.

S. No.

List of Publications

NAAS Journal ID


(b) Research papers published in other NAAS rated journal indicating name of author(s), year of publication, title, name of the journal, volume No. and page nos. with descending order of NAAS score (other than given in 1A (a)}.

S. No.

List of Publications

NAAS Journal ID


B. Other publications

Books (publisher etc.)

S. No.

List of Publications


b. OthersCatalogues, Extension Bulletin, Research Bulletin etc.

S. No.

List of Publications


2. Products/Technologies, Protocols/process/methodology developed (Please see item 2 in the Guidelines)

A. Products/Patents/Technologies

  1. Products

  1. Patents

  1. Technologies

B. Protocols/concept/process/methodology developed

3. Awards & honors, including Scientific Leaderships (Please see item 3 in the Guidelines)

4. Life membership (Beyond five years)


Allocation of marks for different criteria:

  1. Publications – maximum 45 marks

  2. Concepts, Processes, Products, Technologies, Patents & Books – maximum 40 marks

  3. Awards & honors, including Scientific Leadership – maximum 10 marks

  4. Life membership (after five years) – Maximum 10 marks)

1. PUBLICATIONS (Maximum 45 marks)

A. Research papers

(a) Papers in IJGPB (10 marks): 2.0 mark for each paper

(b) Research papers in other NAAS rated Journals (20): 3.0 marks for each research paper with NAAS rating >10.0; 2.0 marks for each research paper with NAAS rating 0.6 to 9.9; 1.0 marks for each research paper with NAAS rating < 6.0

  • All the authors will get full marks in publications with multiple authors.

  • The nominees should submit the list of their publications in the descending order of NAAS scoring of journals. For this purpose, list of Journals as identified by NAAS and available on Academy website: www.naasindia.org should be consulted and the Journal ID should be mentioned in the column provided in the proforma against each publication.

B. Other publications (10 marks)

a. Books: Books with at least 100 pages with ISBN No., published by a reputed publisher or organization, such as ICAR, CSIR and National Academies. Books published by the research institutes/ universities may not be considered (Each authored book: 2 marks and edited book: 1 mark).

b. Other publications: Popular articles, bulletins, pamphlets, seminar/symposia papers/abstracts, book chapters etc. (0.25 marks each)

2. Products/Technologies, Protocols/process/methodology developed (Maximum 40 marks)

Note: An illustrative (but not exhaustive) description of indicators is provided below for allocation of marks. The Committee may consider equivalent indicators for scoring. The Committee may identify many other examples as they review the cases.

A. Products/Patents/Technologies 35

  1. Products: Development of new products {eg. Variety (3 marks each), unique germplasm/genetic stock registered with NBPGR (1.5 marks each), and development of new value-added products(1.5 marks each)} that have been economically evaluated and adopted or have the potential to be adopted on a wide scale.

  2. Patents granted with details of Patent No., Accession No., Trade Marks for GI, Germplasm Registration and IP protection should be provided (3 marks each).

  3. Technologies: Documentary evidence should be enclosed for the adoption of products and technologies and their impact on livelihood of farmers/commercial value and acceptance by clients/stakeholders.

Each product, variety and technology adopted in large scale area occupied by a variety as (% of area under crop) by farmers/clients/stakeholders (based on Breeder Seed Demand or other authentic source) and made significant impacts (1 mark for each).

B. Protocols/concept/process/methodology developed 5

  • Such as propounding a new theory/methodology or describing pathways and mechanisms of a process, development and description of steps/components of a process that explain the total mechanism of operation, new protocols, methods etc. It should be published either in any NAAS rated journal or book or in some policy paper of government agency (2.0 marks each)


  • Proven leadership in institution building/advance centre of national/international repute


  • Fellowship of National Science Academies (INSA, NASI, IAS, INAE, NAMS)


  • Other awards by ICAR, CSIR, DST, DBT, NRDC, National Academies, etc.


  • National level Best Teacher/Researcher/Extension Worker award

  • International Post-Doctoral fellowships/awards such as Humboldt, Fulbright, DAAD, BOYSCAST, JSPS, Commonwealth, JIRCAS, including those from the international centres of higher learning



  • Young Scientist Award/Associateship by the National Science Academies


  • Awards by the Universities, Deemed to be Universities and State Government


  • National level Professional Society Award

  1. Gold Medal, Fellowship, Honorary Membership based on the professional achievements


  1. Other awards/recognitions (excluding paper/poster award)


  • Institute level Best Teacher/Researcher award


  • Chair of prestigious committees/taskforce; President/Secretary of professional societies; Leadership position in research programmes or research organizations e.g. Director/Project Director; Office bearers/Life members of NAAS rated Journals (1 mark each)


  1. Life membership (Beyond five years) – (Maximum 5 marks)

One mark for each year beyond five years of life membership

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