Model Exam a a-language functions

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A-The speed gauge is not working properly.


Speaker A:

Speaker B:


B-What about the temperature gauge?

A-It's perfect.

B-I will have to take it in a half-minute drive to see myself.

B-Vocabulary and structures:

3 Choose the correct answer from a,b,c or d:(8m)

1-I was advised............... by a doctor, but it was not possible.

(a)seeing (b) to be seen (c) to seen (d) being seen

2-The space station resembles a huge wheel with……

(a) spots (b) spears (c) spikes (d) spokes

3-The diamonds are so much……that you cannot tell the difference.

(a) like (b) look like (c) alike (d) unlike

4-You……the door. It was open when I came back home.

(a) can't lock (b) can't have locked (c) can have locked(d) can lock

5-Injuries to the head, caused by accident, can lead to……

(a) amnesty (b) anemia (c) memory (d) amnesia

6-In the 400-meter freestyle swimming, ……the gold medal has surprised us all.

(a) Mona got (b) Mona is getting (c) Mona's getting (d) Mona's got

7-Being…… means that when you get a new idea, you go immediately with it and don't stick to the same routine.

(a)conventional (b) traditional (c) courageous (d) spontaneous

8-Movies are a form of……for many people because they can take them away from their worries.

(a) classicism (b) criticism (c) escapism (d) enthusiasm

9-No sooner……the noise, we rushed to the spot.

(a) we had heard (b) we did hear (c) we heard (d)did we hear

0-As the famous man is illiterate, a journalist is writing his……

(a) autobiography(b) autography (c) biography (d) biochemistry

1-I don't know with……about the loan.

(a) who I should speak (b)who should I speak(c) whom I should speak(d) whom should I speak

2-After working for ten hours, I feel as I have……nothing.

(a) achieved (b) launched (c) succeeded (d) acknowledged

3……writing his own novels, Haqqi translated French and Italian literature into Arabic.

(a) As well as (b) In spite of (c) Because of (d) In addition

4-I always……a severe headache if I spend much time on the internet.

(a) will get (b) am getting (c) got (d) get

5-At the wedding party yesterday, the bride said……the happiest day of her life

(a) today was (b) that day was (c) yesterday was (d) that day had

6-The police think the man, with a scar in his face, committed the crime. He's the main….

(a) witness (b) suspect (c) accuser (d) fiancé

4 Find the mistakes in the following sentences then write them correctly:(6m)

1-Four years are a long time to spend away from family and friends. 2-Nasser Lake, one of the largest man-made lake, is approximately 310 miles in length.

3-Nuclear power stations produce dangerous waist.

4-By 2020, eco-friendly cars run on water and sunshine.

5-The actress who killed Cleopatra did not look right for the part.

6-Scientists agree that it's difficult to change our humane nature.

C- Reading:

5 Read the following passage then answer the questions:(5m)

Most students find university very different from school. One of the biggest differences is that university students are expected to manage their time themselves. Although staff will help, it is the students' responsibility to be in the right place at the right time and to hand homework in on time. The way teaching is organized is also very different from school.

At university, lectures teach classes that may last two or three hours and can include 300 – 400 students. There are usually other smaller classes where students can discuss subjects they find difficult, and from time to time lectures spend time with individual students, talking about work they have done. If students are not living at home while they are at university, there are many ordinary things they may have to do for themselves, such as cooking.

A) Answer the following questions:

1. What two places does this passage compare?

2. How many students can be in a university class?

3. Why are smaller groups sometimes necessary at university?

B) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d:

4. Who does they refer to in talking about work they have done?

a) lecturers b) classes c) students d) subjects

5. What does the writer suggest students should be prepared to do when they go to university?

a) Be organized b) Read many books c) Find a job d) Discuss ideas

6. The Reader (The Prisoner of Zenda)

a. Answer the following questions:

1-Why did Hentzau go from the castle to the mansion without using the drawbridge?

2-Rose was disappointed for two reasons when Rudolf came back home. Explain.

3-Rudolf's thought of the social position changed at the end of the story. Explain

4-Why was the King carried to the mansion with his face covered?

b. Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:

"That's for you Johann."

1-What does "that" refer to?

2-What was the speaker doing at the same time?

3-What happened just after that?

c. Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it:

1-Killing Detchard was important for rescuing the King because he had the keys.

2-But for the guard, the princess would not have known about the pretend king game.

D- Writing:

7 Write a paragraph of 100 words about: (6m)" a special day outdoors"


a Translate into Arabic:(3)

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is causedby reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicolored arc. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun.

b Translate into English:(2m)

-توفير القدوة و البيئة الايجابية هما أفضل طريفة لتربية الأطفال.–الأدوية العشبية ليس لها لثار جانبية ولكنها لا تغنى عن استشارة الطبيب.

The prisoner of Zenda

1-What did Rassendyll remember while he was leaving Princess Flavia after his first visit? Why?

-He remembered Rose's words about responsibilities as Flavia asked him to take care of himself: his life was important to the people of Ruritania.

2-What responsibilities did Rudolf Rassendyll have, as a pretend king?

-To run the country, to pretend to be King and to rescue the real King.

3-Why was Sapt sure the King is in the castle of Zenda?

-Three of Michael's men are always in the castle. The drawbridge is always kept up and no one gets into the castle without permission from the Duke or Hentzau.

4-Why was Sapt sure Michael will not kill the King?

-Michael knows that if he kills the King, Rassendyll might stay King forever.

5-Why was Rassendyll followed by six men wherever he went in Strelsau?

-Sapt ordered six men to follow Rassendyll and protect him from Michael and his men.

6-What did Sapt mean when he said, "If you go to Zenda, you'll probably stay there forever."?

-Michael will either kill Rassendyll or imprison him.

7-What did Sapt mean when he told Rassendyll, "If you disappear, the game is over."?

-If Rassendyll disappears, Michael will kill the king, marry Flavia and become King himself.

8-How did Sapt know the letter to Rassendyll (the King) was from a woman?

-From the writing.

9-What was Antoinette's first letter to Rassendyll (the King)?

-She asked him to come to the summer house to know important information for the King's life.

0-What instructions did she give Rassendyll to reach her in the summer house?

-To turn left at the statue of the horse and walk for 20 meters.

1-What information did she give Rassendyll in the summer house?

-Michael's plan to kill him, Sapt, Fritz and the King. Then to become King.

2-What didSapt and Rassendyll think of Antoinette's letter?

-It was a trap from Duke Michael.

3-How did Rassendyll force Sapt to let him meet Antoinette?

-He threatened to go back to England.

4-Why did Antoinette work against Michael if she was in love with him?

-She knows that, to become King, Michael must marry Flavia.

5-How did Rassendyll escape death in the summer house? How did Antoinette help him?

-He used the iron table as a shield and a weapon. She showed him another way at the back of the house.

6-What was the offer Rassendyll received in the summer house? Why?

-A safe journey to the border and 50,000 English pounds to give up his adventure. (Detchard)

7-What was the offer Rassendyll received in the Tarlenheim house? Why?

-A safe journey to the border and a million gold pieces. To give up his adventure. (Hentzau)

8-What was the result of the fight in the summer house?

-Rassendyll escaped death and shot Detchard.

9-How did Rassendyll know that one of his shots in the summer house was good?

-From the report of the Chief of Police.

0-What did the report of the Chief of Police say?

-The Duke left Strelsau in the early morning and he was followed by De Gautet, Bersonin and Detchard who was injured in his arm. The people are not happy because the King has not yet married the Princess. They hope he will ask to marry her in the ball.

1-Who arranged for the ball? Why?

-Fritz and Sapt. They wanted Rassendyll to ask the Princess to marry her.

2-What was Rassendyll's reply when they wanted him to ask the Princess to marry her? Why?

-He refused the idea because it was unfair to the Princess.

3-What was Rassendyll's opinion of his pretending to be King?

-It is unfair to the people of Ruritania and unfair to the Princess.

4-How can Rassendyll continue to be King forever?

-He can kill the King and the Duke.

5-Why did Rassendyll visit the Princess for the second time?

-To warn her that the situation in Ruritania is not safe.

6-What did Flavia show the pretend King when he visited her the second time?

-A letter from the Duke and another letter from an unknown person.

7-What did the two letters Princess Flavia received say?

-Michael invites her to the castle. Antoinette warns her not to go anywhere without guards.

8-Why did Michael invite Flavia to the castle?

-To make sure he can marry her and become King after killing the King and Rassendyll.

9-What did Flavia wonder about the letter from Antoinette?

-Antoinette asked her to show the letter to the "leader" of Ruritania and she didn’t say "King".

0-Why did Antoinette say the "leader' not the "King"?

-She knows that Rassendyll is not the King and she thinks that Flavia knows this.

1-What would the Marshal do if he didn't receive a message from the "King' for three days?

-He must say he is the head of Strelsau and ask Michael to see the King.

2-What would the Marshal do if he didn't see the King in 24 hours?

-He must tell people the King is dead and Flavia is the new ruler.

3-Why did Rassendyll write the order to the Marshal?

In case he didn't come back from Zenda.

1-What did Rassendyll (the King) point out when he wrote the order to the Marshal? Why?

-His finger still hurts. To give reason why his writing is different than usual.

2-Why can't Michael become King unless he marries Flavia?

-Because his mother is not royal.

3-What did the Marshal hope when he saw the royal order? Why?

-He hoped people would believe it's a real order because the handwriting is different.

3-Why did the pretend King visit Flavia for the third time?

-To tell her he was going to Zenda to hunt a big animal: Michael.

4-What did Rassendyll(the King) ask Flavia to do before he went to Zenda?

-To become Queen if he didn't come back.

5-The people, Flavia, Rassendyll's men and Michael knew he was going to Zenda for differ reasons. Explain.

-For the people, he was going to Zenda for hunting. For Flavia, he was going to Zenda to hunt a big animal: Michael. For his men, he was going to Zenda to rescue the King's friend. For Michael, he was going to Zenda to rescue the real King.

6-Describe the Tarlenheim house.

-It's a modern country house on top of a hill. It belongs to a relative of Fritz.

7-Who did Rassendyll accompany to the Tarlenheim house?

-Sapt, Fritz, ten strong men and a large group of servants.

8-Who visited the Tarlenheim house an hour after Rassendyll's arrival? Explain.

-Hentzau, Lauengram and Krafstein. To tell Rassendyll that Duke Michael is sorry because he can't invite them to the mansion: the Duke and many of his servants have a dangerous illness.

9-Did Michael really want to apologize for not inviting them? Explain.

-No, he wanted to threaten them that if they tried to attack the castle, he would kill them.

0-Why did Hentzau visit the Tarlenheim house for the second time?

-To offer Rassendyll a safe journey to the border and a million gold pieces if he gives up his adventure.

1-At the Tarlenheim house, Rassendyll was sad at letting himself fall for such a trick. Explain.

-Hentzau asked Rassendyll to shake hands and then stabbed him.

2-Why did Rassendyll visit the inn for the second tome? Who did he accompany?

-To meet Johann to ask him to be a spy. Fritz.

3-Who did Rassendyll talk to in the inn. What did the addressee think? What did he ask him/her for?

-The innkeeper's daughter. He was the King. To bring Johann to the Tarlenheim house.

4-Why was Sapt relieved when Rassendyll and Fritz came back from the inn?

-One of their men, Bernenstein, was shot in his arm when he went in the woods.

5-What isBernenstein? What is Krafstein?

-One of Rassendyll's men. One of Michael's men.

6-Why was Johann pleased to help Rassendyll though, he, his mother and his brother worked for the Duke?

-Johann knows that if Michael becomes King, he will kill everyone who knows the secret of the prisoner.

7-What did Johann say about the reason he works for the Duke?

-He works for the Duke because he is afraid of him not because he likes him.

8-What information did Johann give Rassendyll the first time he visited Tarlenheim?

-The place where the King is imprisoned in the castle and Michael's plan if the castle is attacked.

9-Where is the Kingin the castle?

-Two rooms under the ground, There is a pipe goingfrom the window to the moat. It was guarded by 3 men.

0-Who put up the pipe to the window of the King's room? - Max.

1-What would Michael's men do to the King if the castle is attacked?

-They would drop the body into the pipe. The weight of the chains would keep the body under water.

2-How would Michael's men escape if the castle is attacked by a small group?

-Through the pipe, then across the moat and the Duke's horses would take then to a safe place.

3-What would the three men do if the castle was attacked by a large group?

-One of them would sleep in the King's bed.

4-Why would Michael's men not escape through the pipe in case the castle was attacked by a large group?

-The moat around the castle would be surrounded by soldiers.

5-What was Sapt's opinion when Johann explained Michael's plan? Why?

-It's a clever plan because the King will be killed in both cases.

6-What did Sapt mean when he said, " I think that this time next year, you’ll still be King"

-It's a impossible to rescue the King with this clever plan.

7-What did Rassendyll think when he heard Michael's plan from Johann?

-There are only two ways to rescue the King: a miracle or one of the Duke's men betrays him.


1-What news did Johann bring to the Tarlenheim house after Rassendyll was stabbed by Hentzau?

-The people heard the King (Rassendyll) was hurt while hunting and the Duke assured that.

2-What news did the Marshal report the King (Rassendyll)after he was stabbed by Hentzau?

-The Princess ordered him to take her to Tarlenheim to see the King.

3-Why did Rassendyll go to the castle the first time? Who did he accompany?

-To see the castle, the moat and the pipe and make a plan. Sapt, Fritz and seven of his men.

4-How did Rassendyll get down the moat? Why?

-By using a rope. He didn't want anyone to see or hear him. (he didn't want to attract attention)

5-Did the seven men go to the moat with Rassendyll? Why?

-No, to guard the horses and protect his back in case anyone attacked.

6-Who did Rassendyll kill in the moat? Why?

-Max.If he didn't kill Max, Max would kill him.

7-What did Rassendyll hear while he was close to the pipe?

-The King asks Detchard why the Duke doesn't kill him and Detchard asks the King to sleep.

8-What were the results of the fight the first time Rassendyll went to the castle?

-Rassendyll killed Max and his men killed Lauengram and Krafstein. Michael's men killed three of Rassendyll's men.

9-Why did the Chief of Police visit the King(Rassendyll) in the Tarlenheim house?

-To tell the King that the British ambassador reported the disappearance of an English young man called MrRassendyll. They also found his bags in a small station near Zenda.

0-What did Rassendyll tell the Chief of Police in the Tarlenheim house? Why?

-To return in two weeks and he would tell him what he found out. He didn't want the Chief of Police to investigate the case lest he discover the pretend king game.

1-What was the betrayal plan Hentzau offered Rassendyll?

-Rassendyll kills Sapt and Fritz. Hentzau kills the King and the Duke. Rassendyll stays King and Hentzau

gets a reward.

2-What did Antoinette say in the message she sent to Rassendyll with Johann?

-Michael discovered that she helped Rassendyll in the summer house and he is keeping her prisoner in his mansion. She asks Rassendyll to rescue her.

3-What did the pretend king ask the messengers to announce to make people happy?

-The messengers tell people the King and the Princess arranged a date for the wedding.

4-How did the Duke react when he heard that the King (Rassendyll) and the Princess arranged a date for the wedding? Why?

-He was very angry (furious) because the he wouldn't become King ever if he didn't marry the Princess. Also, Rassendyll is not the King.

5-What did the doctor tell Michael after he examined the King? What was Michael's reaction?

-To set the King free. Michael imprisoned the doctor with the King until the King got better or died.

6-Why did Michael imprison the doctor in the castle?

-Not to tell people the King was a prisoner in the castle.

7-How did Rassendyll prepare for the attack on the castle to rescue the King?

-He asked Johann to open the door to the mansion at 2 a.m and Antoinette to cry at the same time.

8-Why did he ask Antoinette to cry at 2 a.m? –To trap Michael.

9-Did Antoinette cry at 2 a.m? Explain.

-No, she cried an hour earlier because Hentzau attacked her.

0-What was the message Rassendyll sent to Antoinette? –To cry at 2 a.m.

1-How would the Tarlenheim house be while Rassendyll and his men were attacking the castle? Why?

-The house will be filled with lights and music so that people don't know about the attack.

2-What would the Marshal do if Rassendyll's attack on the castle failed?

-He would take the Princess to the capital to announce her Queen.

3-What strange event did Rassendyll see while waiting beside the drawbridge in the cool water?

-Hentzau goes from the castle to the mansion without using the drawbridge.

4-Why did Hentzau go from the castle to the mansion without using the drawbridge? –To trap Antoinette.


5-What did Hentzau mean by, "That's for you, Johann!"?

-He stabbed Johann because he was Rassendyll's spy.

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