Mudasir Ahmad Shagoo

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Mudasir Ahmad Shagoo


Department of Food Science and Technology

University of Kashmir, Srinagar

I am a PhD Scholar/SRF in the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Kashmir, India. Initially, I worked as Research Fellow for three years on the project entitled “Nutraceutical potential of β- glucan, its utilization for making functional foods and as an encapsulating material for target delivery of probiotics”. I have also worked in United Arab Emirates University, UAE as Visiting PhD Scholar for the period of 7 months. Currently, I am working on “synthesis of starch based nanoparticles and their utilization as nano carrier for bioactive compounds”. So far, I have published 39 peer reviewed international publications including 25 in Scopus indexed journals. I was honoured with Young Investigator Award and Young Scientist award by IUFoST (International Union of Food Science and Technology) at South Korea, Seoul 2015 and ICFP (International Conference on Food Properties) Sharjah 2018, respectively. I was also selected for Young Investigator award in Germany. Recently, I am selected for Aufau 2018 International Young Scientist award and Excellence in Research Award by organizing society namely National Agriculture Development Cooperative Ltd. Besides this, one of my publication in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, Springer has received the Best Paper Award in 2015. I have also received the Travel Grant Award for attending an International Conference in Korea by DST, Government of India and Senior Research fellowship by ICMR, Government of India. I have also received the Best Oral Presentation award and Poster Presentation award in several national conferences. I am serving as editorial board member and reviewer for several International Journals and also as life member of AFST(I) (Association of Food Scientists and Technologists of India). I believe in hard work and dedication that is the ultimate secret of success in every field of life. Thank you!

Yüklə 4,89 Kb.

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