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the Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Sfax




Biomedical department



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Sfax tunisia


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1. Member electronic research unit in ENIS-Sfax-Tunisia


Major field

Electrical engineering

Specialization field

Electronics – industrial data -

Current Research Interests(English)

Biomedical electronic system, arduino and raspberry applications, Averaged modeling of electronic circuit, Circuit design for PV systems...

Any additional information to be added

Thesis Supervision and publications

Between 2005-2016

* Supervision of 60 Final year project (Licence, engineer)

* Supervision of 10 Masters

* Supervision of 5 PhD Theses

* More than 40 publications in journals and conferences.

Presentation of some projects:
* Study and realization of a solar tracker using Arduino and Labview

* Realization of an electronic card for street lighting

* Study and maintenance of electrical equipment

*Some applications based in Arduino and raspberry.

*Realization and development of a Biomedical control system

*Study and realization of an ultrasonic transceiver

*Remote monitoring system for a baby incubator

*Realization of a pulse ox meter

*Management of an electronic system under Android.

*Remote control and control via the XBEE module.

*Acquisition card and display of an ECG under Labview.

*Control of the speed of a DC motor by DSPACE.

*Application for the teaching of embedded systems based on FPGA circuit.

Selection of publications in Journals
[1] Kaiçar Ammous et al. “Thermal modeling of semiconductor devices in power modules” Journal of Microelectronics International Volume 24, Number 3, 2007, pp. 46-54(9)

[2] Kaiçar Ammous et al.“Losses Evaluation in Converters Using the calorimetric technique”, Journal of thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Volume 90, pp. 307-314, 2007.

[3] Kaiçar Ammous et al. Analysis Of Power Switching Losses accounting Probe Modeling.IEEE Transactions on Instrumentations and Measurement , Vol. 59, Volume 59, Issue No. 6 or 7, 2010.

[4] Kaiçar Ammous et al. « Averaged Modeling of Multilevel Converters», The international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering, Volume 29, Issue 3, 2010.

[5] Kaiçar Ammous et al.«Switching cell as converter core representation for analysis » Society for Computer Simulation, Simulation serie, January 19-23, 2003, pp. 72-78.

[6] Kaiçar Ammous « Méthodologie de mesure avec les sondes de tension » Techniques de l’ingénieur 05-2006, D3080 , pp.1-12.

[7] Kaiçar Ammous et al. Inverse models of voltage and current probes. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentations and Measurement. . (accepté en attente de la décision finale de l’éditeur).

[10] Moez Ayadi, Kaicar Ammous, Slim Abid, Anis Ammous, « Modélisation thermique simplifiée des structures multipuces », RS-RIGE volume 9- n°6/2006, pages 657 à 691

[11] Hatem Garrab,Tarek ben Salah, Bruno Allard, Senior Member, IEEE,Herve Morel, Member IEEE, Kaiçar Ammous, Kamel Besbes “On the Role of the N-N+ junction doping profile of a PIN Diode on its turn-off

transient behaviour”, IEEE transactions on power electronics, Vol.23, No.1, January 2008

[12] Hatem Garrab, Bruno Allard, Herv´e Morel, Kaiçar Ammous, Sami Ghedira ,Adel Amimi, Kamel Besbes, Jean-Michel Guichon “On the extraction of PiN diode design parameters for validation of integrated power converter design” IEEE transactions on power electronics, Vol.20, No.3, May 2005

[13]: H. Morel, Kaiçar Ammous, B. Allard  « Transmission line and Bond Graphs ». Society for Computer Simulation, Simulation serie, January 19-23, 2003.

[14]: Hervé Morel, Kaiçar Ammous, Anis ammous, B. Allard, Mi Wei, Dominique Bergone « Skin Effect And Bond Graphs » Society for Computer Simulation, Simulation serie, January 19-23,2003, pp. 308-312.

[15] Kaiçar Ammous et al. Inverse models of voltage and current probes. Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on  (Volume:60 ,  Issue: 12 ), Page(s): 3898 - 3906. Date of Publication 30 juin 2011

[16] B.OMRI,, K.AMMOUS, A.AMMOUS“Using Averaged Modeling for Capacitors Voltages Observer in NPC Inverter Hindawi Publishing Corporation” Advances in Power Electronics Volume 2012, Article ID 176876, 11 pages doi:10.1155/2012/176876 

[17] Hanen Mejbri, Kaiçar Ammous, Hervé Morel, Anis Ammous “Optimal Design of Power Converter Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm” International Review on Modelling and Simulations (I.RE.MO.S.), Vol. 5, N. 2 ISSN 1974-9821 April 2012

Note: The CV should be in English and should not exceed 3 pages.

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