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Deliverable Review Summary

Doc. Identifier:


Date: 22/01/2002


Deliverable Review Summary: D10.2


Moderator: F Harris


PTB list

Deliverable Title: Grid-aware Biomedical Applications for Datagrid Testbed assessment


Moderator: WP8 Frank Harris

Reviewers: WP2 Ben Segal, WP3 Peter Hobson, WP8 Eric van Herwijnen

Comments received from other collaborators:

Initial due date: M12 2001

Date of submission to reviewers: Dec 20, 2001

Date of submission to PTB review: Jan 21, 2002

Abstract of the deliverable:

The goal of the DataGrid biomedical work package is to explore how the grid concept can meet the emerging needs of the biomedical community. This document describes how biomedical applications will take advantage of the grid services developed during the lifetime of DataGrid. Three families of users/applications are identified:

  • users wishing to design distributed algorithms on the grid

  • actual service providers taking advantage of the grid’s computational power and data storage capacity

  • users of the grid as a framework in order to promote standards and build collaborations.

The document describes how applications of the three families will be deployed in the next 2 years on the DataGrid testbed.

Moderator summary: The first version was available for review just before Christmas, and the reviewers first comments were available on Jan 7th. WP10 responded very quickly to these comments, and two other iterations took place before the document was acceptable for submission to the PTB on Jan 18. Throughout this review period WP10 were very efficient in responding to review comments.

The document is very interesting, and provides clear planning for WP10 applications use of the Datagrid testbed. This includes details of their requirements for middleware services, both short and long term, and also roadmaps are provided for the various application uses of the testbed. Planning is also provided for the organisation of the WP10 testbed.

Detailed descriptions of applications are given. Some reviewers felt perhaps too much, but it was decided to leave the detail in the document, since it can thus serve as an interesting source of information on biomedical applications to the particle physics and earth space communities.

Overall the reviewers and moderator recommend the acceptance of this document by the PTB as a deliverable to the EU.

References (or past and cut) of Dialog Form or mail comments:

The dialogue history of the review can be found at




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