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ames L. Deal

545 Shipley Road

Linthicum, MD 21090

Objective: Seeking a challenging position where I can continue to build upon my tactical and strategic space/ground network experiences. Acquire new technical skills to increase my knowledge across deep space networks and various ground network infrastructures. This includes satellite planning, scheduling, collection, analysis, and dissemination operations, as well as the field of Electronics, Data Exploitation, RF Footprint, and Cross Access Collection Strategy development.
Security clearance: TS/SCI with CI poly (08/15/14) and Full-Scope poly (01/25/15)
Real-Time Collection and Reporting Multi-Site Operations

SIGINT/IMINT Collection Management Training and Outreach

Weapons & Space Technical Lead International Partnering

Radio Frequency Senior Mission Auditor Team Management Facilitator

Satellite Cross Access Team Lead Adjunct Faculty Instructor

RF Mission Director - NSOC Operations NRO Space Launch Technical Lead

SIGINT/IMINT Mission Management Special Collection Services

RF Spectrum Services Tailored Access Services

Related Technical Skills


STK - Satellite Tool Kit

Mission Collaboration Allocation

Payload Allocation Resources

Satellite Eclipse Resources

Satellite Time Management Systems


Systems Knowledge

Data Routing & Control Bus

Micro Cats processing Subsystems

On Board Computer Processing Subsystems

Satellite Component and Subsystems

Orbital Mechanics

Payload Data Management Subsystems

DCL – Basic Digital Command Language VAX/VMS/WAN Systems

SAS/PEARL – Basic Programming UNIX Based Systems

STOL – System Test Operating Language RMS – Resource Management Systems

OH Tasking Management Systems Mission Distribution Systems

Professional experience
2013 – Present

National Security Agency Civilian – Assigned Fort G. Meade Headquarters (NSA)

Counterterrorism Organization

  • Counterterrorism Senior Division Access Manager

    • Proactively create and implement appropriate collection postures and tasking strategies to bring counterterrorism analysts data that answers time sensitive mission needs. Responsible for facilitating engagement across all branches of the organization in order to capture, record, and solve collection, tasking, reporting and outage issues. Work closely with internal and external organizations, to include military and second party affiliates to best exploit collection access opportunities against targets.

Targeting Strategy and Mission Integration Organization

  • COSMIC Project Lead

  • COSMIC is the next generation for the NSA collection requirement system. System designed to capture all NSA requirements that are to be prioritized, planned, scheduled, and tasked against various collection platforms. Responsibilities include developing function requirements to support all design and implementation phases of product. System will provide enhanced capabilities when creating collection requirements to include posture and strategy visualization toward various target sets.

Combined Military Planning and Targeting Division

  • Senior Tactical Access Manager

    • Integrate and synchronize enterprise wide data acquisition operations. Gauge the health and welfare of the collection enterprise and adjust collection postures in response to target environments, requirements and collection capabilities. Execute enterprise level collection management authority in order to integrate the capabilities of NSA collection domains into one coherent capability against our adversary’s communication systems. Maintain oversight and management of the NSA Search & Survey Working Group and Executive Committee and the Data Acquisition even management process. Manage the Resource Outage Center (ROCC) which produces daily situation reports to the Director of NSA.

2008 - 2013

United States Air Force Civilian – Assigned to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

Integrated RF Operations / Overhead Collection Management Center (NSA)

  • Radio Frequency Mission Director (NSOC)

  • Real-time Collection Management Authority (CMA) for Integrated RF SIGINT tasking-related issues and serves as the Senior IRFO/OCMC Representative on the National Security Operations Center floor. Assign RF collection assets and priorities in response to real-time requirements. Collaborate with Primary and Secondary Party Customers, Crypto Logic Centers, Military Commands, Field Stations in order to manage and optimize RF SIGINT collection tasking. Coordinate GEOINT requests, and ensure their accurate and timely enter into the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency collection management systems for efficient cross agency collaboration.

Integrated RF Operations / Overhead Collection Management Center (NSA)

  • Data Acquisition Directorate Chief, Weapons and Space

    • Manage various teams compromised of civilian and military personnel. Plan, coordinate & execute critical support to war fighter engaged in US military operators. Represent office at high level interagency conferences, tasking groups, and special projects. Provide technical expertise and advice for on-site system databases and SIGINT reporting tools. Oversee numerous tasks for US & International Partners; ensuring global situational awareness. Coordinate collection postures against foreign weapons programs across multiple intelligence organizations. Create guidance for US Space Launches. Draft presentations on potential threats to U.S.; data used to brief congressional members.

Integrated RF Operations / Overhead Collection Management Center (NSA)

  • Senior Mission Manager (OVERHEAD/FORNSAT/FIXED GROUND)

    • Responsible for mission management activities related to the execution across all NSA RF collection requirements and exercise Collection Management Authority. In coordination with the Offices of Primary Concern (OPCs), will review and evaluate all relevant requirements and validate all resulting tasking. Monitor the use of resources to execute diverse worldwide RF mission requirements. Provide oversight and support to field site operations to include development of Signal Information Files (SIFs), Target Information Files (TIFs), and associated special capabilities for signal recognition and collection. Allocate collection resources for search and detection efforts, management of remote collection facilities (RCF) antenna resources, and maintaining sustain mission environment awareness.

Integrated RF Operations / Overhead Collection Management Center (NSA)

  • National SIGINT Committee/Information Needs Council Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

    • Provide oversight, management, coordination, integration, and allocation of intelligence Community resources for the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of SIGINT. Provide support managing the IC process for the articulation and validation of consumer SIGINT information Needs and assist with assigning, where appropriate, priorities for the satisfaction of the needs in accordance with national intelligence priorities and objectives. Provide support to the SIGINT Information Need (IN) framework which manages customers’ requests from inception to satisfaction.

Overhead Collection Management Center – NSA, Fort Meade, MD

NRO Operations Squadron – NOPS – Colorado Spring, CO

  • NRO Domestic Space Launch Technical Lead

    • Responsible for the coordination, planning, and execution of SIGINT Overhead resources in support of high priority telemetry collection against US domestic space launches, close approach warnings, and de-orbit activities. Single point of contact for event tasking, planning, and collection across the entire intelligence community. Responsible to perform end to end link margin analysis to determine resource allocation, if applicable.

1996 - 2008

ITT Corporation Advanced Engineering & Sciences – National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

Assigned to the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington D.C.

  • Technical Payload Manager & Mission Planning Specialist

    • Leads a group that delivers unique data to intelligence communities.

    • Expert in coordination/integration of tasking requirements from military and intelligence groups into specific missions and the translation of those objectives into sets of commands for upload directly to satellites.

    • As a technical collaborator with other satellite-based intelligence gathering programs, helps maximize the efficient use of overhead assets to cover all spectrums of data to meet needs of a variety of intelligence customers. 

    • Monitors specific missions, ensures completion, verifies data quality and routs data packages to specific customers.

    • Interacts personally with military, congressional, and intelligence personnel to formulate and modify specific mission plans on a daily basis.

    • Conducts satellite power system management calculations to maximize effectiveness of missions.

    • Develops and implements payload tasking scenarios required for reduced or restricted Electrical Power Subsystems

    • Develops UNIX based tools that automate data evaluation processes

    • Responsible for providing management activities for the Payload Support Group (PSG) organization to include 24/7 shift work coordination.

    • Responsible to provide management and test engineering support to the Command Generation (CGS), Mission Planning (MPS), and Task Group Definition (TGD) software systems to include various external programs.

    • Provide quality assurance to meet military & government requirements as well as briefing internal and external organizations on product satisfaction prior to and after mission execution.

    • Responsible for payload management and Mission Planning expertise to manage internal spacecraft subsystems, generate payload tasking directives, creative anomaly solving solutions, and coordinate all payload related activities.

    • Conducts daily interaction and coordination with tasking activities of a program operations coordination group, a mission support facility, tracking facilities and field sites.


Arundel High School – Graduated 1989

Howard Community College - Completed Electronic, Literature, and Computer Courses - Associates Degree

Value Based Six Sigma Greenbelt - 2010

Currently transferring credits to NRO University – BA, Electrical Engineering

Adjunct Faculty Certification, National Cryptologic School (NCS) - 2012

3000+ hours’ specialized training, National Cryptologic School, Military War College 1993 - 2016
Computer Courses: Access, Excel, Desktop publishing, Motif, Comet, Word Perfect, File maker Pro, Frame maker, Power Point, TCP/IP, Next Systems, Unix fundamentals, VAX/VMS/WAN operating course including Digital Command Language (DCL) programming.
Awards and Recognition

  • Certificate of excellence for exceptional work involving covert rescue operations, Senior Operations Officer to the Director of the National Security Agency. (2015)

  • National Intelligence Professional Award. NRO/DNI – Outstanding professionalism shown toward the true intent of the joint and multi-national organizations. (2014)

  • NRO Employee of the year. Award Chain – NRO/MOD/NROC/OD-7/OCMC. (2013)

  • National Intelligence Meritorious Award. Department of National Intelligence – Producing the most timely, highest quality, and best intelligence data to U.S. policy makers on the events which transpired in a target nation. (2011)

  • National Intelligence Meritorious Award. Department of National Intelligence – Recognition of collective performance that has resulted in accomplishments of a clearly superior nature and significant benefit to the I.C. Community. (2009)

  • Letter of Commendation, Captain Jeff Graham, U.S. Navy for superb performance, can-do attitude, and dedicated professionalism in support of the Naval Space Technology Program. (2007)

  • ITT Corporation Advanced Engineering & Sciences Peer Recognition Award received from peers for continued innovative support to the Payload Support Group. (2007)

  • Certificate of Recognition for exceptional performance and outstanding contribution to the mission of the National Reconnaissance Office (2005)

  • Certificate of Appreciation for superior accomplishment, Director of Central Intelligence Agency. (2003)

  • Mission Operation Division 6-SIGMA performance award for 1,500,000 plus minutes of no data loss (1995)

  • Award of recognition for contributions made in the successful operation of the Hitchhiker Project/Space Shuttle Glow experiment and cryogenic heat pipe experiment aboard the space shuttle Endeavor SIS-53 mission. (1992)

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