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Paul Girardi 703-779-0257 Page

Paul R. Girardi

18236 Shinniecock Hills Place Leesburg, VA 20176

(703)779-0257 (H) (703)980-0363 (C) PRGIRARDI@AOL.COM

Sales Executive

A sales leader that develops and effectively communicates creative solutions to meet client business goals for innovation, expense reduction, and improvements in business quality. Proven track record in boosting sales and revenue within a start up and large company environments consistently delivering results. Experience developing and introducing new products and services managing growth, profit, and loss. Utilizes keen business and organizational analysis, insights, and a team approach to drive organizational improvements at large technology firms AT&T, Qwest, Lucent, and Sprint. Superior capabilities in recruitment, team selection, organizational training, and development of top performing talents.

Core Competencies

Sales Management:

Established and managed direct and channel sales organizations targeting Federal, Commercial, Carriers, and Systems Integrators customers.

Organization Management:

Team Building, Staff Development, Organizational Change, Restructuring, Process and Procedure Development, Project Planning, Profit and Loss Management

Technology & Engineering:

Unified Communications, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Microsoft Database and Application Environment, Electrical Engineering, IP Convergence, Call Centers, Business Mobility, Security, Data Centers, and eBusiness Solutions

Market Development:

Strategic/Tactical Planning, Competitor Analysis, and Market Strategies

Business Relations:

Seminar Presentations, Contract Negotiations, and Advisor Committee Participation

Professional Experience

AT&T, Vienna, VA ● November 2002 – Present

A leader in telecommunications, mobile solutions, data center, and e-business technology with over 300,000 employees globally.

Vice President Business Development and Capture Management

Promoted to Vice President responsible for new sales, channel development, capture management, and proposals for AT&T Federal business. Established a new organization responsible for all four (4) functions defining organizational process, business review milestone and gates, organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities while growing the business delivering new contracts to AT&T Government Solutions.

Key achievements:

  • 2014 developed and rolled out the new organizational structure, business development process, and new business financial budgeting and tracking.

  • 2014 grew the funnel by 24.3% to 14B TCV in alignment with account growth strategy and AT&T core competencies in IT, mobility, cyber security, cloud computing, and unified communications.

  • 2014 102% new sales attainment delivering $460M and Y-Y growth of 10.8%.

  • 2014 99% attainment delivering $1.7B in revenue.

Executive Director Department of Defense Sales

After effectively restructuring a professional service business development team, I was recruited by the Segment Vice President to restructure the Department of Defense sales team with the purpose of growing a the struggling 1.6B dollar professional service, wire line, and mobility businesses. The goal is to combine the three (3) businesses and leverage the capabilities and contracts of each to grow the entire business.

Key achievements:

  • 2013 101% attainment of new revenue plan and grew the business by 4.2% Y-Y in a year of budget sequestration and Government shut down.

  • 2013 won DISA GSM-O, Navy NGEN, and Army CTS information technology (IT) contracts valued at more than 500M to AT&T.

  • 2012 exceeded new sales plan by 210% delivering 131M of new revenue annually.

  • 2012 98% attainment of a 1.6B dollar revenue plan.

Executive Director Business Development Professional Services

After effectively building and leading a successful engineering team recruited by the Segment Vice President to restructure the sales team with the purpose of growing the professional service business within AT&T’s Federal segment. Assessed and restructured organizational gaps in staff capabilities, processes, metrics, and opportunity pipe line by: recruiting and hiring top sales leadership; developing and instituting a business development process; defining new sales, revenue, and pipe line reporting metrics. Developed executive level relationships with government and industry leadership to effectively position AT&T capabilities on large opportunities.

Key achievements:

  • Increased professional service revenue by 8.1% from 228M in 2009 to over 246M dollars in annual revenue in 2010.

  • Exceeded new sales targets in the 2010 by 118% closing over 110M in new contracts.

  • Restructured team by churning 50% of the existing organization and replacing with new sales leadership within six (6) months.

  • Established new pipeline moving from many small subcontracting opportunities to fewer large prime-contracting opportunities within AT&T’s core telecommunications and information technology areas growing the pipeline by 24% while reducing the number of opportunities by 18%.

  • Developed and instituted a new four (4) step business development process that defined the roles, responsibility, and key deliverables required by the sales professionals in identification, qualification, and progression of opportunities to bid and proposal effectively increasing staff efficiency and productivity

Executive Director Engineering

Externally hired to rebuild the engineering team that had been decimated by layoffs resulting from declining revenues after loosing AT&T’s primary federal government contract FTS 2001. Actively recruited top management and engineering talent while developing organization’s processes, skills, and capabilities. Responsible for all technical aspects of over 1B dollars in client projects that led to growing the federal government business within the following practice areas: IP services and convergence, collaboration, call centers, wireless, security, data centers, and e-business. Spoke at Government conferences on technology topics and is a member of the Intergovernmental Advisory Council.

Key achievements:

  • Technical lead on large complex Government information technology opportunities that resulted in new contracts for AT&T: GSA NETWORX (26B), Treasury TNET (1B), DOT (120M), USDA UTN (150M), OneDHS (300M), US Postal Service UCC (250M), US Courts (120M), and Army IMOD (2B).

  • Built a newly formed integration consulting practice delivering 2M in new revenue and over 25M in pull through revenue for AT&T.

  • Led organizational restructuring effort that introduced new technology disciplines; integrated Bell South, SBC, and AT&T engineering teams; and reduced expense by 11%.

  • Recruited by the Division President to lead an enterprise redesign effort with the Department of Justice that restored customer confidence and retained a 200M-dollar account.

  • Led all activities between product management, AT&T Labs, and our Government customers in supporting and transitioning Government enterprise networks to IPv6.

  • Consistently exceeded revenue plan and received high performance appraisals resulting in being awarded the 2006 Circle of Excellence, 2005 Gold Club, and 2005 Achievers Club.

Qwest, Fairfax, VA ● May 2001 – November 2002

A regional bell operation company that provides telecommunications, data center, and converged IP services within 22 states.

Director Business Development

Challenged to turn around a struggling sales territory by establishing new processes, launching a new business development strategy, team building, and introducing organizational sales discipline. Conducted technology training in managed data network services, professional services, IP Telephony, VPN, disaster recovery, distance learning, e-business, and security to ensure that each sales professional understood the company value proposition. Introduced a funnel management tool that analyzed sales funnel, 30-60-90 day sales close forecast, and funnel and sales trends. Established key sales metrics measuring sales person activity, funnel growth, funnel coverage, and sales close rate. Conducted weekly funnel reviews with sales professionals to ensure accuracy and sales focus.

Key achievements:

  • Grew the sales pipeline from 134M dollar to 457M dollars in 1 year increased sales velocity by over 100%.

  • Transformed the northeast territory from the worst performing region with a 93% attainment in 2000 to the best by achieving 112% of 94M-dollar quota in 2002.

  • Launched market development activities in managed data and managed PBX resulting in new market opportunities.

  • Developed new customer business with marquee customers Ford, the Limited, AMES, Dyncorp, ADP, Department of Energy, and IBM resulting in over 53M in new contracts.

  • Restructured the organization by focusing on core business reducing expense by 13% in 2002.

Lucent, Herndon, VA ● Sept 2000 – May 2001

A high technology research and manufacturing company that provides telecommunications equipment and services globally.

Manager Systems Engineering

Led a team of systems engineers responsible for developing technology solutions for WorldCom’s frame-relay, dial, Internet, and DSL service offerings. Responsible for the following: 1) developing technical solution and sales strategy for capturing DSL, terabit routing, and optical switching business; 2) preparing solution design, proposal responses, and customer presentations; 3) and conducting lab demonstrations of equipment capabilities, performance, and interoperability testing for equipment certification.

Key achievements:

  • Delivered the committed 75M in equipment sales revenue.

  • Led successful NAVISCORE network management system upgrade for MCI/UUNET

Rhythms Netconnections, Vienna, VA ● March 1999 – Sept 2000

An Internet start-up company that deployed a nation wide broadband Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) network, went public in 1999, and offered services to both businesses and residential users.

Manager Systems Engineering

Recruited by the firm to build a new national systems engineering team responsible for selling and delivering broadband service offerings for large ISPs and carriers. Established wholesale sales channel and jointly developed broadband service offerings with key customers AT&T, MCI, and Qwest using Rhythms broadband network. Worked with the partner’s IT staff to develop XML interface to Rhythm’s ordering, provisioning, and ticketing systems for e-business solution to reduce operational costs and cycle time.

Key achievements:

  • Recruited, hired, and trained a nationwide engineering team within 9 months.

  • Developed service offerings that resulted in wholesale contracts with AT&T, MCI, UUNET, Qwest, PSInet, and Intermedia that grew the wholesale business from 500 to 9,000 broadband lines per month.

  • Developed order to bill service processes, service descriptions, and engineering solutions that enabled us to onboard a new wholesale partner in three (3) months of contract signature.

  • Recognized for outstanding performance awarded Sales Engineer Manager of the Year 1999

Sprint, Reston, VA ● April 1996 – March 1999

A long distance telecommunications company the delivers voice and data services globally.

Manager Data Engineering

Managed a team of engineers responsible for capacity planning, network performance, design validation modeling, network support systems design and development, and network testing for Sprint’s frame-relay, Internet (SprintLink), remote dial, and X.25 networks. Developed a yearly capital budget, presented the budget to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and obtained budgetary approval for network projects.

Key achievements:

  • Led the technical assessment of IBM’s Global Network to determine the value of the network, cost to upgrade, and costs to transition customers and presented our findings to senior executives at Sprint, France Telecom, and Deutsche Telekom.

  • Invented the first Internet, dial access, and frame-relay capacity planning and forecasting system for Sprint that enabled engineering to predict capacity short-falls improving delivery time and realization of revenue.

Consulting Engineer

Developed “highly custom” technology solutions using Sprint products and services for large complex customer sales opportunities such as Microsoft, Prudential, Coke, SGI, Deloitte & Touche, Oracle, Chase Manhattan Bank, KPMG, Ernst & Young and HP.

Key achievements:

  • Developed technical solutions, proposal responses, and service level agreements resulting in closing over 100M dollars in service contracts.

  • Recognized for outstanding performance Sprint Values Excellence Award 1st Quarter 1997 and 4th Quarter 1997 and Ambassadors Club 1997


Masters of Business Administration Finance, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061, 2002

Masters of Science, Systems Engineering, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030, 1995

Bachelors of Science, Physics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061, 1990


Buede, Dr. Dennis M., Girardi, Paul R. A Target Identification Comparison of Bayesian and Dempster-Schafer Multisensor Fusion. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, September 1997

Security Clearance

Top Secret (SSBI) (Active)
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