Physical Education

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Weight Training
Course Information: Course Title: Weight Training. Course Number: PHY302.

Credit Hours: .5credit hours per semester. This class goes towards PE credit.
Instructor Information: Name: Mr. Jeremy Arnhart. Title: Physical Education &

Weight Training Instructor, and Boys Basketball Coach.

Office Location: Gym. Office Phone Number: 852-8950 ext. 2107.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00
Materials: All students will be required to dress appropriate for class.

Shorts/Sweet-pants, t-shirt, and gym shoes. Students that are not dressed out for two days during a week will receive lunch detention. Each student needs a towel for his or her locker.

Course Descriptions/Objectives: This course provides basic conditioning, which includes weight training, circuit training and, cardiovascular training.

-Students will be able to create and implement different training strategies.

Course Calendar/Schedule: August 13, 2015 – December 18, 2015

*Dynamic Warm-up, speed, and agility training will be incorporated every day.

– First Day for students. Introduction to Weight Training/Rules and Expectations

– Lockers and class routine.

- 5 Components of Fitness – Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Strength, Muscle

Endurance, Flexibility, Body Composition

– SST (Speed Strength Training) – Cross-Fit Training

– PPP Testing (Physical Performance Profile) & Presidential Fitness Testing

– Familiarization/Circuit Training/CORE/Measurements

– Nutrition and Your Health/Managing Weight and Body Composition

– Muscle Groups – Laying out an effective workout program.

– Following workout program and monitoring gains.

– Sport Specific Training – Functional Lifts

– Putting Muscles with different exercises. Heart Rate Monitoring

– New Training Techniques – T25, Insanity, P90X, Yoga, ect…

– Aquatics – Water Training

– Body Weight Training – Military (Running, Push-ups, Sit-ups, ect)

– Create workout and workout plan.

– Finals Week
Outcomes: In each of the above listed training areas we will use the basic format that will include but is not limited to the following:

*Equipment, Rules, and Strategies

*Specific exercises, stretches, and calisthenics.

*Familiarization of the body and different training techniques.

*Nutrition of the body, related to exercise.

Course Policies: Below will be a brief discussion of my course policies.
Attendance, lateness: Attendance is very important in class. Each student will be given a participation grade every day (specifics will be discussed later in the grading section). Arriving late to class is a disruption to me and other students. Each student is expected to be in class and on time every day. The attendance policy and the make-up procedures are located in the “Student Handbook”, pages 15 – 18.
Class Participation: Weight Training is a hands-on learning environment, so participation is very important. Every student is expected to participate in class every day.
Make-up Policies: Students will be given the opportunity to make up schoolwork missed because of an absent. This policy is located in the “Student Handbook”, page 18.

How do I make up a day missed in class? You must pick up a “make-up form” from Coach Arnhart. This must be filled out, completed, and turned in within the appropriate time frame. Any school sponsored trip will not count against your daily participation, and you will not need to make up those days missed.

Grading: Each student will earn up to 20 points daily. If the student is not dressed out the maximum points earned will be 18 out of 20. Grade scale below.
Daily Participation/Dress 60%

Fitness Test 10%

Classroom Work 10%

Written Tests 10%

Final Examination 10%

Total 100%

Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

U 59 and below

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