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Effective Term: Full Academic Year 2017/18
DAR 254 Interactive Design II
Credit Hours: 4.00 Lecture Periods: 3.00 Lab Periods: 2.00


Continuation of DAR 252. Introduction to the theory, survey, and practice of designing and developing advanced interactive applications. Includes current multimedia formats and funding options, storyboarding interactive projects, advanced online design concepts of Animate, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 5 concepts, and advanced application development. Also includes simple graphics and animations, advanced visual aesthetics, business and legal considerations; and publishing, marketing, and distribution.

Prerequisite(s): DAR 252.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe current multimedia formats and funding options available.

  2. Analyze and conceptualize storyboards for interactive projects.

  3. Utilize advanced Animate concepts and associated components.

  4. Demonstrate the use of advanced Animate online software design concepts.

  5. Employ advanced HTML 5 concepts for interactive projects.

  6. Use advanced application development testing and validating of elements to create a project.

  7. Develop simple two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) graphics and animations.

  8. Design visual aesthetics at the advanced level with consideration of both form and function.

  9. Describe best practices for business and legal considerations when creating interactive design applications.

  10. Explain what must be considered when publishing, marketing, and distributing design projects.


  1. Current Multimedia Formats and Funding Options

    1. Web-based

    2. Mobile

    3. Crowdsourcing and other funding

  2. Conceptualize and Storyboard Interactive Projects

    1. Identify need and/or market

    2. Conceptualize

    3. Storyboard

  3. Animate: Advanced Concepts

    1. Actions and event handlers

    2. JavaScript code functions, and arrays

    3. Buttons, controlling movie clips, and creating games

  4. Animate: Advanced Online Design Concepts

    1. Advanced Java Script usage

    2. Creating touch interfaces

    3. Advanced HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) formatting

  5. HTML 5: Advanced Concepts

    1. Modern browser support for applications

    2. Advanced formatting tags

    3. Advanced animations

  1. Application Development: Advanced Concepts

    1. Budgeting and time lines

    2. Coding the application

    3. Testing and validating

  2. Develop Simple 2D and 3D Graphics and Animations

    1. 2D graphic creation

    2. 3D graphic creation

    3. Animating graphics

  3. Advanced Visual Aesthetics

    1. Balancing form with functional design

    2. Advanced layout considerations

    3. Interactive graphics

  4. Business and Legal Considerations

    1. Copyright issues

    2. Resource acquisition

    3. Resource legalities

  5. Publishing, Marketing, and Distribution

    1. Publishing to online stores

    2. Using social media marketing

    3. Online distribution

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