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Student Edition


For the 2018-19 School Year

2018-19 Membership

Edition (Students)

This digital publication is an updated and enhanced version of the free textbook available online and is available only to SCC members. The information contained in this version of the publication contains information current as of August of 2018. This edition features some interactive elements. Please remember that the interactive links will take you to content that SCC does not control so it may be possible that some links are broken or no longer exist.
Copyright © 2018 by Sports Career Consulting, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of any portion of this publication by any mechanical, electronic, or other means is prohibited without written permission of Sports Career Consulting, LLC.


One of the greatest values of an “elective” course like sports and entertainment marketing is its ability to transform the classroom into a dynamic atmosphere where progressive “new age” learning can take place while reinforcing the same academic standards students learn within the confines of a generic business or marketing class. The examples used to support each lesson resonate on a different level for students thanks to course content that most students take a genuine interest in.

Unfortunately, many instructors today wishing to integrate elective studies into the classroom face the inevitable challenge of being handcuffed by severe budget constraints. Sports Career Consulting (SCC) understands the current budget crises and is empathetic to the needs of the school system. And, while we’re all certainly advocates for the adoption of current, up-to-date and effective class resources, the realist in us knows that isn’t always an option. This publication is available to teachers to help ease some of those pressures.
Today the business and marketing world has evolved into a multi-dimensional work- in- progress for companies around the globe. Sports and entertainment companies are no exception. From the NBA and Nike to Paramount Pictures and Geffen Records, organizations pay a premium to remain ahead of the curve in a world of evolving technologies and shifts in trends within the industry. This publication is designed to share those practices with you, and ultimately, your students.
Please note, this publication is not meant to replace the use of any existing textbook, nor is it the goal to be sole provider of instructional material for your class. SCC believes you should find any and all resources that offer the best fit for your teaching style. Just as important, as you know, is to continually search out other supplemental resources for your course. At SCC, we are confidant you will find our program to be an excellent resource for all business or marketing classes in your quest to provide the best classroom experience possible for your students.
So, whether your school offers a sports and entertainment specific marketing class or a general business class with this topic area as a medium for introducing the basic principles of marketing, we believe you’ll find this and other SCC resources to be a cutting-edge provider for enhancing the classroom experience for you and your students.

Chris Lindauer President

Sports Career Consulting


There are so many people I’d like to thank for their constant support, encouragement and contributions to not only this publication, but also all the content SCC produces for our community of sports and entertainment business educators. It would take another lengthy publication altogether to mention everyone who deserves credit in one form or another, but I would like to take a moment here to recognize a few people in particular.

To all the industry professionals who have offered guidance, contributions and continued support, hopefully the progression of this class will continue to help shape an exceptional next generation of sports and entertainment business leaders. Without your efforts, providing top- notch education programs for our high schools would not be possible. Thanks to everyone who has shared their wisdom, insight, advice, time and support. You should all be proud of the profound impact your insight has in guiding the next generation of successful industry professionals. Most of all, thank you all for making the sports and entertainment industry a great place to work and play!
I would also like to thank all our current and past subscribers from around the country...thanks for helping us grow! I am truly blessed to be fortunate enough to work with some of the best educators in the world. Together, we make a great team!
Last but certainly not least, I’d like to give extra special thanks to: My wonderful family and friends, you know who you are.

Tom Garrity, for opening the door. Dan Thompson, for showing the way.

Dr. Bruce Herbert and Gordon Nicholson, for assistance in creating some fantastic case studies. Jeff Wilhelms, for all your hard work, valuable insight, and especially your friendship.

Mom and Dad, for everything.

Especially my wife Kim, for her trust and continued belief in me, and my two amazing daughters for providing all the inspiration a father could ever ask for.

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