Proposed position in the project

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Curriculum vitae

Proposed position in the project:


  2. FIRST NAMES: Ľuba (Ľuboslava)

  3. DATE OF BIRTH: September 18, 1954

  4. NATIONALITY: Slovak

  5. CIVIL STATUS: Widow


    Institution [ Date from - Date to ]

    Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

    Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University Bratislava [1974 – 1979]

    Philosophy/ PhDr. /Master of Philosophy with exam on Pedagogy

    Comenius University, Bratislava [1980/1985]

    PhD in Macroeconomics (CSc.), postgraduate

  7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)






    mother tongue









    Other Slavic languages




  8. Membership of professional bodies:

Association of Municipal Finance Officers of Slovakia, Honorary member since 1999, providing support on international cooperation, education, institutional development and networking

International City/County Management Association – member, ICMA – member of the International Committee 2000 – 2008, now as the Friend of the Committee, 2012- to date member of the ICMA Award Panel

Association of City Managers of Slovakia, honorary member since 1999, 2000-2008 responsible partner/supporter on international cooperation, education, institutional development and networking

Member of the Intergovernmental Committee for Public Administration Education managed by Ministry of Interior Slovak Republic (2003/2013)

Change Facilitation Associates Network (CFAN), member 2009.

  1. Other skills: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Mind Master, On-line conferences software, Web2 social networks; Driving license

  2. Present position: Executive Director of NGO Local Government Development Centre, freelance Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Project Manager, External University Teacher, local government councilor 2010-2014.

  3. Years within the firm: 16

  4. Key qualifications: (Relevant to the project)

Has about 19 years of experience as Senior Advisor (first under USAID 3 year project), Project Manager, Trainer, Coach and Trainer of Trainers, expert on vocational training and education in a variety of transitional settings with a particular focus on the training and development of public administration institutions and officials. She has the international experience as the CoE International Advisor. Has experience as Lead Local Consultant under project managed through the Office of Government in Slovakia (2 years) with the focus on Public Administration Reform – support to the Ministry of Labor HR strategies and training, preparation of grant schemes and their implementation, need analysis, action plans, strategies; cooperation with the Office of Procurement on setting new approaches and systems. LV has successful project management experience with partners from CEE/ENI countries, USA, UK, France, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Serbia. She is focused for last 19 years on public administration and general vocational training and education development to support effective strategies for improving the skills of public administration institutions/representatives impacted also the whole range of social inclusion issues. Experience as local councilor (2010/2014), leading social and health committee.

Since 1996 she worked on setting-up training system for Public administration – training pool of trainers for wide range of PA topics, setting training and professional institutions, supporting development of professional managers of training institutions, preparation of new know how based training materials on design, impact evaluation, about 50 manuals were prepared (15 on soft skills for Public Administration professionals – training need analysis, training delivery, impact assessment, policy making, decision making, facilitation, negotiation, overseeing.. in cooperation and with support of the UN HABITAT, and/or translated, printed under USAID/ICMA project; 4 under LGDC projects – focused on economic development, internal and external communication; 7, under project managed for the Association of Municipal Finance Officers in cooperation with CIPFA, LGI funded. Likes new inspiring projects, people-oriented, concerned with people’s personal growth, identity and authenticity, able to see broader perspectives. Great results on institution and vocational training and education system development. E-learning and e-management of project teams.

Study Tours organised for Public Administration key leaders from Kazakhstan 2x, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Romania, Montenegro 2x, Serbia, USA, Tajikistan, and Lithuania to Slovakia and several for Slovak PA Experts to the USA, France and UK. For last 9 years managing one-to-one exchange of City Managers between USA and Slovakia. She has organised/supported two ICMA International Committee meetings in Slovakia, Bratislava, and last one with 40 participants (City Managers) from about 12 countries in April 2009. She has several years of experience in organizing local and international conferences.

  1. Specific experience in the region:


    Date from - Date to


    2000 and 2006


    2000, 2012-2013


    2005 - 2006


    2005 - 2007


    1979-to date

  2. Professional experience






    2014 up to date

    Slovakia in cooperation with the US partners

    Local Government Development Centre in cooperation with the ICMA

    Project Manager

    Setting the ICMA Student Chapter at the Comenius University Bratislava to Introduce and integrate students to the local government management profession; to familiarize students with ICMA, the premier local government management association, its’ members, resources, and policies; to establish connections between local government management theories, practices, and applications through tangible and actual examples.



    Foundation for Kids of Slovakia

    LG Expert

    Project Kids' Friendly Community with the aim to search and create tools to support broad communication of all stakeholders for the full benefit of kids and their newly evolved needs

    2012 – up to date



    LG Expert,

    ICMA Award Pannel – member of the committee to select the best LG projects and experts to be awarded at the ICMA Annual Conference



    Local Government Development Centre as affiliate partner


    MAFIS cross border project (SK/Hungary)- training of trainers, translations of parts of the FM for LG the UN Habitat series with their approval and support, team work, consultations, pilot trainings

    2011 - 2013


    Local Government Development Centre

    Project Manager

    Improving Financial Management of Local Governments in Slovakia (IFiMa) – translation of parts of the FM for LG the UN Habitat series with their approval and support (Mr. Raf Tuts), team work, consultations

    2012 - 2013

    Montenegro, Slovakia


    Lead Consultant, Trainer

    „Supporting Reform of Municipal

    Financing in Montenegro through Experience Exchange“ focused on Revenue Maximizations and Intermunicipal cooperation, local best practices, study tour and presentation at the Conference



    Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava, Institute of European Studies and International Relations

    Project Team member responsible for Curricula design on Human rights in relation to self-government

    Research and Education Center in the area of Human Rights – partial task with the focus on local self-government



    Institute of Public Policy and Economics, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava

    Project team member

    Project team member responsible for dissemination phase of the Project „The Creation of a Software Prototype for Online Education of Public Administration, the Support of the Dissemination of the Applied Research Results”

    2010 - 2011


    Paneuropean University Bratislava, Masmedia Faculty

    University teacher (external)

    Teaching Communication Strategies for Regions

    2010 - 2012

    Slovakia and related countries

    Change Facilitation s.r.o.

    Project member

    Local team member of Leonardo Partnership project Blended Collaboration with partners from Netherlands, Germany, Czech Rep and Finland / tools and support for international project teams

    2009 - 2014


    Institute of Public Policy and Economics Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava

    University teacher (external)

    Teaching Regional and Local Policy, leading several thesis preparations. Setting international exchange program for Public Administration students and PA PhD students

    January – June, July 2008 – Jan 2009


    Change Facilitation s.r.o, and Change Facilitation Associates Network (CFAN) - NGO

    Business Development

    Responsible for headquarter office management; support on setting NGO – Change Facilitation Associates Network – CFAN, CFAN Executive Director responsible for the headquarter office, preparation of Global and Regional meetings, networking


    - December 2008


    ING Bank, Slovak branch

    External Coach

    Coaching experts on implementing new client oriented approach (HRD)

    May 27 – June 1 2008

    Hungary - Budapest

    OSI and InWent Local government and Public Service Reform Initiative

    Speaker - presentation of Financial Management Projects, LG Training system and Impact Evaluation

    Study tour of Indonesian Local Government Policy Makers from Government and Universities. Project under which we presented Slovak experience on training and education projects, local self-government professional institution’s development and intergovernmental cooperation of NGOs, government and universities.


    Kazakhstan - Slovakia

    LGDC, Slovak Aid funded project Support –

    Project Manager, Trainer of Trainers

    Strengthening and Upgrading Partners and Professionals on Relevant Training Competencies Essential for the Development of Democratic Institutions Slovak Aid funded project

    Training of Trainers, know how transfer and experience exchange, study tour to Slovakia for 16 local experts on Relevant Training Competencies Essential for the Development of Democratic Institutions, training of trainers (HRD), two week study tour to Slovakia focused on Slovak cases and on lessons learned within the process of decentralization – focused on Elected Leadership, Citizen Participation on extending labor market assessable for all kind of social groups in rural area, Management of Change, Economic Development topics. Need Assessment, Impact evaluation. Partner – Local Government Development Centre - NGO from Ust Kamenogorsk, involves also other NGO’s partners from Astana, Almaty, Petropavlovsk, Pavlodar, Taraz, Semipalatinsk, Taldykorgan, and Ust-Kamenogorsk.


    Vranie, Southern Serbia

    UNDP in partnership with European Agency for Reconstruction

    Project Consultant

    Consultancy regarding starting activities, sustainability tools, partnership and local capacity (also HR) building based also on Training of Trainers. Municipal Improvement and Revival Programme (MIR) – second phase MIR II based on UNDP/UN regulations, rules, policies, procedures and practices



    NISPA CEE project funded by Slovak Aid


    Project with Serbian Partner CESID on setting new position of City Manager

    Trainer of Trainers and Coach. Project support consultancy

    Project Manager on Slovak side, Trainer,

    Training of Trainers for Policy Advisors Trainer and Coach for newly trained trainer’s first delivery of training on Policy Advising. Two Training of Trainers workshops and 3 Ws coaching for newly trained trainers - young faculties at the Faculty of Political Sciences, members of government institutions and NGOs.

    Also related ToT on How to be a better Policy Advisor, UNDP funded project managed by NISPACee2001, 2004, Human resource development focused project based on UNDP/UN regulations, rules and policies.

    Training and consultancy, study tour for Serbian LG experts to Slovakia for partners from local NGO CeSID, Changes on LG HR structure in Serbia reflecting needs on experts focused on overall office management (also HR) – setting a position of City Manager with the same job description as in other countries.

    2005 - 2007


    Council of Europe and European Commition joint program

    CoE International Expert

    2 projects: National Training Strategy and Best Practices both focused on public administration. Technical Assistance provided to the Government of Moldova, newly set ministry for LG – based on Training Need Analysis, interviews, support to HRD within partner organizations, local NGOs, Action Plans and Strategies.

    Also on Council of Europe Task Force for Local Governance Training Quality Assurance, participated on preparation of CoE Toolkit 1 Capacity Building for Local Government. In cooperation with local experts and Steering Committee work on setting first National Training Strategy for Public administration and new Best Practice Program both to support Governance and Training Quality Assurance with. experience on monitoring and evaluation



    Foundation SOCIA and Association for LG Education, EU Equal Project

    Expert responsible for training and education part

    Enhancing Prospects of Disadvantage groups of citizens through cooperation of municipalities and NGOs, improving labor market in rural areas, social inclusion for disadvantage groups, unemployed people, preparation of experts, network, and training and education system. Changes on LG HR structure reflecting needs on experts focused on support to disadvantaged groups of citizens, experience on monitoring and evaluation



    Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Pittsburgh University (GSPIA)

    Technical Advisor, Consultant

    Consultancy, networking, presentation on local government training and education experience - to support creation of new local government HR development’ focused department at the Faculty of Political Sciences University of Belgrade – expert work, Alumni Conference, presentation for GSPIA Internships alumni



    CIPFA funded by WB, DFID, OSF

    Project Manager

    Responsibility to create two years, CIPFA certified distance learning course with 7 modules in cooperation with the Association of Municipal Finance Officers - currently delivered by University of Matej Bel, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. Modules prepared and translated into Slovak, work with local expert team and University – Management, Information Systems Management, and Accounting for Decision Making, Financial Reporting, Audit, Financial Management, Tax and Law. Project focused on new distance learning as a prerequisite for LG human resources to deal with new EU financial management requirements, also as a condition for EU grants

    2000 -2003


    PAI (Public Administration International Co. UK) DFID funded

    Lead Local Advisor

    Project Support to Public Administration Reform in Slovakia under the auspice of the Deputy Prime Minister of SR ( currently available only on CD based on request) Focused on 1. Modernizing State Administration – with subprojects on Budget Reform (at the Ministry of Finance), Policy Analysis (office of Government), Performance Audit (reps from several ministries), Cabinet Procedures (Office of Government), Public Procurement (Office of Public Procurement) and 2. Developing the Civil Service – with subprojects on Personal Performance Appraisal (series of trainings and consultancies delivered at the Ministry of Labor), Human Resource Strategy (prepared for the Civil Service Office), Support to the Civil Service Office (e.g. Assessment Centers prepared, experts trained, system setting, policy advice, involvement into initial drafting on new policies), Civil Service Fast Stream (new system of human resource development prepared, presented and demo project delivered), European Projects – scheme and consultancy set at the Ministry of Labor. The overall project was focused on new know how and related human resources trained on it.



    UN Habitat

    Member of international team of experts

    Team work on updates of the Financial Management for Local Government based on FM series prepared within 1996/99 in Slovakia for Slovakia by US and Slovak experts team, 4 volume comprehensive teaching and training material prepared based on expert’s suggestions (1. Creating Financial Framework 2. Managing the Operating Budget 3. Managing the Capital Investment Plan 4. Managing Performance

    2001 - 2003


    PAI (Public Administration International Co. UK) DFID funded

    Logistic and Policy Advisor

    Project Strengthening Parliamentary Processes, DFID funded Project DFID funded project that involved Slovak National Parliament, Westminster and Scottish Parliament based on experience of other European Parliaments the Project looked for ways to improve parliamentary processes, human resources needed and how to train them in Slovakia - beginning with creating effective legislation, through audit mechanisms, all the way to effective utilization of parliament resources and the relation of parliament to the public. Project was directed mostly towards Members of Parliament and their assistants and employees of the Office of the National Council. Activities within the Project - six roundtables led by British and Slovak professionals, six study tours to Parliaments in London and Edinburgh. Individual consultancies during the project as needed.

    2000 - 2008



    LG Expert

    Member of the ICMA International Committee and later Friend of the Committee


    Kazakhstan Slovakia

    LGDC/ICMA project USAID “Local Government Initiative” (LGI) in Kazakhstan

    Project Manager, Trainer of Trainers

    The project was focused on improvement of effectiveness, responsiveness and accountability of public institutions at the sub-national level and promote whole scale of sub-national reforms. Responsible for:

    • Training of Trainers for Local Government Specialists from Kazakhstan and Kirghizstan,

    • Tailoring of LG focused training materials for local conditions

    • Action Planning on follow up professional development, support to new pool of local human resources, experts on local self-government, some of them university teachers

    1999- Sept. 2015/2016


    LGDC – Local Government Development Centre

    Executive Director, Project Manager, Trainer of Trainers, Consultant, Coach

    Managing NGO focused on training, lobbying, professional development and institution building. Support for local institutions and partner on dealing with pre-accession programs, donor meetings managed, with the support of the Canadian CIDA leaders involved also on preparation of initial meetings to set AID programs for V4 countries and Baltic states. Number of Training of Trainers and technical projects prepared and managed - focused on government, local and regional government, public administration training, lobbying, professional development and international cooperation of Slovak LG associations, municipalities and experts. Managing one-to-one exchanges between Slovak and US City Managers. Support and consultancy provided to the Association of City Managers, Finance Officers, LG Controllers on education, professional and institution development, support to several activities to strengthen university programs on PA – Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences – Institute of Public Policy, broad international cooperation. Project delivered with the UK partners focused on Regional Self-Government ability to deal with EU funds and partners.

    1996 -1999


    LSGAC – USAID/ICMA democracy building program

    Senior Projects Advisor, Projects Manager

    Senior Project Advisor for Trainings of Trainers, Projects Management and Institution Building - HR focused Projects under USAID Municipal Management and Governance Program: More Effective, Responsive and Accountable Local Government. Focus on improvement of Capacity to Deliver Services and Manage Human Resources, Effective Strengthening/setting of Local Government Professional Associations and Training Institutions, made contributions to: Improved administrative – decentralization, local economic development, urban planning, civic participation, conflict resolution, and performance management. Institutional and human resources strengthening using training, consultancy and effective cooperation with indigenous NGOs and citizen groups. Managed several TOTs with the whole competencies. All together about 150 local government trainers were trained, 50 manuals prepared and printed, 15 projects delivered and about 10 000 PTDs. Responsible for overall projects design based on Training Needs Analysis, delivering, overseeing, interviews, trainers, expert teams setting and managing, professional development planning, monitoring, reporting, consultations, evaluation, institution building for sustainability. Preparation of partner institutions – LG associations, NGO to understand, prepare and manage pre-accession programs



    National Bank of Slovakia

    Training Manager

    Responsible for searching, interviewing, ToT organizing with the US experts on Problem Loans, Assets and Liabilities, Capital Markets, Financial Management and other topics – setting new teams of local experts on banking and financial management



    Comenius University, Slovakia

    University teacher

    Responsible for teaching, curricula preparation, research, professional development support of university students

  3. Other relevant information: (e.g., Publications)

Other relevant information – other training and education

2008-2010 Core Competencies, Coaching as an integral part of Culture of Modern Society, 10 CCE credited units, 2008 – Transpersonal Coaching – J. Whitmore Ws and 2 follow up workshops under ICF

  1. University of Virginia, Business School – participant on the Senior Executive Institute Program focused on Human Recourse Management newest knowledge, skills and ability on changes needed in approaches to HR in local self-government and related institutions, summer course, Internship: High Performance Organization for 21century.

2007 Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals, 20 accredited training hours, Hartford Personnel Development,

2000 European Studies – AI NOVA, one trimester and study visit in Maastricht and Brussels, with certificate.

1997 Training of Trainers for Consulting skills, LSGAC project with Design Learning USA; Management of Change – two week training, Cranfield University UK

1994 – 1997 British Know-How Fund Project - Training of Management Trainers and Trainers of Trainers, including study for ITD certificate. Long lasting and deeply focused on broad range of training of trainers skills – training need analysis, impact evaluation, presentation skills, communication skills, case writing, training design, techniques and know how delivered by experts from Nottingham Trent University and Roffey Park Management Institute in Slovakia and UK.

1992 Management of Change, Canadian Bureau for International Development. Being at the UNDP vetted Roster Public Finance for Development: Strengthening Public Finance Capacities in the Western Balkans and the Commonwealth of Independent States (

Study tours managed and attended: Training system setting – USA 1996, Citizen Participation and Intergovernmental cooperation 1997, Training Institution Building 1998. ICMA Annual Conferences attended – Cincinnati, San Diego, San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Phoenix, Seattle; SOLACE, CIPFA conference attendedfocus on international cooperation and Public Administration Training and Education. NISPA CEE Conferences Varna 2011 PA Future and Ohrid 2012 "PA East and West: Twenty Years of Development"


MAFIS responsible for two chapters 2013

Bruce, Raymon R., Alexander Fehér, Luba Vavrova. (2010), “The convergence of capacity building and sustainable development: public administration’s role in change transition continuity,” (ed.) Lech Zacher, Transformacje (Transformations); An Interdisciplinary Journal, Special Issue 2010. The Educational Foundation Transitions and the Center for Impact Assessment Studies, and Forecasting of the Kozminski University: Warsaw, Poland, pp. 138-156.

The Nature of Sustainable Development; The Convergence of capacity and Ecological Development into a Holistic Approach (5th Annual International Conference for Public Administration, October 23-25, 2009 Chengdu, China, article prepared in team with Mr. Raymon R. Bruce and Mr. Alexander Feher)

Managerial skills, article for Publisher RAABE, series for LG management 2007, 45 pages

Why benchmarking, article for Publisher RAABE, series for LG management 2006, 13 pages

Developing managerial skills for local government leadership, three articles for Publisher RAABE, series for LG management 2006, each of 13 pages

Communication skills and PR for LG - article for a manual, LGDC 2004

Training and consultation for LG, Municipal newspaper, article, Slovakia 2005

References on internet

Key Competencies for Improving Local Governance

Promoting Local Economic Development through Strategic Planning

Transparency International Slovakia evaluation of government steps against corruption



Council of Europe Expert Moldova Practice Best Programme

20. years of the Regional Training Center Martin

Rural Development



Mobile phone: +421 905 923 612


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