Request for follow-up representative training. We are looking for dates. Please include your other building reps in a conversation. Let us know what you are thinking

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President’s Report

March 15, 2011

  1. Reminders: Senior Building Representatives – “Keeper of the Contract”

    1. There has been a request for follow-up representative training. We are looking for dates. Please include your other building reps in a conversation. Let us know what you are thinking .

    2. Please send your monthly building liaison minutes to

Every building should have met with the building administration monthly. The minutes of the meeting must be forwarded to members in the building and a copy sent to WPTA.

  1. Union Business

    1. Union Organization and Elections

This is an election year. All officer and building representative terms expire on June 30, 2011. Please review the WPTA Board of Election Procedures. We will have an election date announced by the April Council meeting.

Any active member in good standing may run for an office. Petitions must be submitted to the Board of elections by April 15, 2011.

Any active member in good standing may run for building rep. The member must submit his/her name to the head building rep no later than April 15.

    1. Board Meeting Attendance

Please remind your building members to attend a specific monthly Board of Education meeting that you previously signed up to attend. Make it a team building experience, dinner and a meeting. This is a great way to get new people involved. It would be great to have a short (1-2 minutes) presentation of something that the teachers in your building are proud of.

March - Ridgeway

April - High School

May - Church Street

June - Eastview

    1. Union Web Site and Facebook Page

Our union website,, is occasionally temperamental. Please let us know when the site is not working.

We have started a Facebook page, White Plains Teachers, and you can become a fan. We have started this as a way to communicate more effectively with our tech savvy members.

    1. Action Committee

This is a very critical time for all public unions. As we watch the effects of Wisconsin’s decisions move around the country, we ALL must be ready to mobilize. This may mean rallies, phone bank, mailings. Please think about what you and your colleagues can do.

Here are some activities:

1. Sound Shore Consortium Rally for Public Education, March 31, 2011 5:00 pm at LM Klein Middle School.

  1. AFT has declared the week of April 4th as We Are One Week campaign for Public Education. By asking us to take a pledge to stand in solidarity and take action during the week of April 4. Randi said it best Sunday night: “Now is the time. Like our colleagues in Wisconsin, we must mobilize our members and our community to show this nation that we will not stand for another injustice like what has happened in Wisconsin.”

  1. April/May phone bank at NYSUT. Making phone calls to our NYSUT colleagues who live in White Plains to come out and vote for the budget.

  1. April/May meet the Board of Education Candidates. This is open to White Plains residents who are teachers in the district. It appears that there may be a contested Board of Education election. Randi Stein and Rosemarie Eller are the incumbents.

  1. Mailings - this includes putting address labels and putting postage on post cards or letters to our 1,500 NYSUT White Plains community members.

  1. Meeting Legislators in their home local offices. We are currently setting up dates and will let people know who we have scheduled and when. There is a conference call with Suzi Oppenheimer scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00 pm here at the WPTA office.

There will be many other fast actions that we may need to take during the next few weeks. If you are willing and able to help with anything, you may contact Glen Setterstrom or the WPTA office,

    1. Budget

This is another very difficult budget year. The district is increasing the budget $1.3 million. This is still a significant cut in funding composed of an estimated $1.8 mill reduction from the state as well as $5 million to hold the budget to 0.71%.

We are now facing major program cuts like Pre-K, Adult Ed, TSAP, Summer School (only 8-12 will happen). We will lose approximately 13 FTE teachers.

    1. Seniority Lists

The updated Seniority list is in our WPTA office. Seniority is based on time worked in the district. This includes substitute teaching work in the tenure area (example leave replacement position becomes a probationary position). Any and all unpaid leaves of absence will reduce seniority in the district. If 2 or more members share the same start date, the tie-breaker is placement on the Board of Education Agenda.

Should any member have a question about their placement on the seniority list, please contact us at

    1. April Vacation

As all of us are aware, there has been a change in the days we will work during April Break. The days are Wednesday 4/20 and Thursday 4/21. Any requests for personal day use must be submitted on the correct form. There are NO guarantees that paid time will be granted. DO NOT CALL IN SICK unless you are truly sick. The sick day could be considered a job action especially if large numbers of teachers or other staff call out on that day. As a result of a job action, you could be docked 2 days for each day of absence (The Taylor Law).

Letter/number days will be decided upon by the district shortly.


  1. Informational Items

    1. Defensive Driving Course

A Defensive Driving Course will be held on Saturday, May 21st at Highlands. Flyer with details will follow shortly.

    1. 2011-2012 School Calendar

The SW BOCES calendar was just released last week. The calendar will be voted on by the Board of Education no earlier than April. When it becomes available, it will be posted on our website at

  1. New Business

    1. Motions

1) The White Plains Teachers Association appoints Mike Salley to the District Staff Development Team for a term of 2 years (2010 - 2012).

2) The White Plains Teachers Association will purchase 2 tickets to the White Plains Library Foundation Gala at a cost of no more than $250.00 and a 1/4 page ad at a cost of no more that $125.00.
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