Request for the collection and recycling of Toyota / Lexus industrial batteries

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for the collection and recycling of Toyota / Lexus industrial batteries

We have industrial high voltage batteries (HVB) in stock, coming from Toyota / Lexus hybrid and electric vehicles, and we want to proceed with the request for collection and recycling.
Order request follow-up number (to be filled-out by SNAM):

Battery Owner (name):

Contact :
Name :
Email :
Tel :
Fax :
BANK-account number (IBAN):

Recycling company: SNAM

ZI Chesnes Tharabie

35 rue de la Garenne


Contact :
Name : SNAM Team
Email :
Tel.: +33 5 65 43 77 30
Fax : +33 5 65 43 03 95


  • If the number of Toyota NiMH Batteries collected by SNAM, per pick-up, is higher than 2 units from the ATF (Authorized end-of-life vehicles Treatment Facility), SNAM shall reimburse the ATF concerned the amount of 0,50 EUR per kg of net weight (see next page).

  • The other chemistries as Lead-Acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium-Ion aren’t concerned: no payment will be done.

  • SNAM will ask the ATF to provide evidences (photos, serial number…) before any payment.

  • In case the HVB is not present when being picked-up by one of SNAM’s sub-contracted carriers, the logistic costs will be charged to the battery owner (5.00 €/kg of battery net weight + packaging).

The undersigned requester (battery owner):

Certifies that they understand the commitment of their liability under the environmental code – Book V – Title IV and agree to obtain all the information useful to the proper treatment of their waste.

Certifies that all the information required for handling during the treatment of this waste is given on this sheet.

Agrees to deliver a product in compliance with the specifications of this sheet.

Agrees to notify their partners of the treatment circuit of any change that may occur on the waste modifying the information stated on the identification sheet

Ensures that the packaging and labeling of the waste is according to all EU & national legislative requirements.

Ensures that the transportation of the waste is performed according to the safety regulations and conditions in force (insurance, driver qualification for transporting dangerous substances, etc.)

Yüklə 86,63 Kb.

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