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18, Insadong 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel +82.2.6262.8282 Fax +82.2.6262.8383


Special offer for ISB – ISCH 2015
Thank you for choosing to stay at Fraser Suites Insadong, we are pleased to be able to have you as our guest.

Should you wish to make a reservation, please complete this form and return directly by email to us at no later than Apr 30, 2015 to ensure room availability with special rate.

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Airport pick up service
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Room Type

Special Rate (KRW)/Daily

Maximum Capacity

One Bedroom

(1 King bed, 52-62sqm)

  • KRW 176,000

Two persons

One Bedroom Deluxe

(1 King bed, 63-89sqm)

  • KRW 198,000

Two persons

Three Bedroom Deluxe

(1 King bed & 2 Sing bed, 98-107sqm)

  • KRW 308,000

Four persons

This rate includes:
- Complimentary use of facilities
- Complimentary shuttle bus services to business and shopping districts 
- Daily housekeeping services* (except Sat. Sun. & Public Holidays, does not include dish washing service) 
- Daily Breakfasts and 1 internet ID

I hereby accept the reservation terms & conditions, and confirm my booking request.

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Yüklə 26,61 Kb.

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