Sharon has over 19 years of a wide-range of development experiences for corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations

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Sharon has over 19 years of a wide-range of development experiences for corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations.

  • Sharon has over 19 years of a wide-range of development experiences for corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations.

  • During that time she has acquired research, writing, strategic planning, solicitation, management, and stewardship skills she applies to seeking and managing grants. Other specialized development skills such as high-profile international event and sponsorship management and European grant seeking, complement these fundamental skills.

  • The slides that follow are selected experiences that highlight her particular capabilities when both seeking and managing grants from governments, corporations, and foundations.

Foundation Center classes on International Foundations & Corporate/Foundation Grant Seeking

  • Foundation Center classes on International Foundations & Corporate/Foundation Grant Seeking

  • The Grantsmanship Center, Grant Proposal Writing Workshop

  • Foundations & Public Policy class, Georgetown University

  • M.A. Organizational Leadership

September 2009 – June 2011

  • September 2009 – June 2011

Strategic Development Planning

    • Strategic Development Planning
      • Creation of Individually Crafted “Opportunities Portfolio” highlighting specific inter-organizational congruencies for corporate and foundation solicitations
      • Proposal Review and Advice – e.g., United States Institute of Peace, CSIS
      • Sponsorship Proposal Review – e.g., collaborative event proposal with INSA
    • Board Engagement
      • Utilization of Board Members’ Circles of Influence for Corporate & Foundation Solicitations
    • International Prospecting
      • Creation of database of European Foundations with Peace and International Security Focus
      • Marketing Survey of National & European Organizations on women’s leadership for WIIS Montreal Center

August 2007 – June 2009

  • August 2007 – June 2009

Prospect Research

    • Prospect Research
      • Support to Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
      • Utilization of Grants Databases
        • Foundation Search
        • Foundation Center Online
        • Other smaller, e.g., Grant Select
      • Prospecting grants for
        • University’s special programs, e.g., National Security Summer School
        • Targeted Solicitations
        • Meeting Briefings with Foundation Executives

Staff Engagement

    • Staff Engagement
      • Mapping Circles of Influence
        • Relationship Links to Foundations
        • Trustee Circles
      • Training for proactively assessing grant prospects
        • Deans
        • Academic Project Managers
        • Development Staff
        • Trustees
        • Executives/Chancellor

Volunteer: March 2006 – February 2008

  • Volunteer: March 2006 – February 2008

White House Faith-Based Community Initiative

    • White House Faith-Based Community Initiative
      • Represented local congregation in Washington meetings
    • Washington, DC & NY City Introductions
      • High-Profile Individuals: e.g. Margaret Tyler, Gates Millennium Scholars Foundation
      • USAID: American Hospitals Abroad
      • USAID: Desk Officer for Liberia
      • Academy for Educational Development
      • Liberian Embassy
    • Multi-sector Collaborative Fundraising
      • Multi-sector Collaborative Proposal Development
        • Sand , Filter Company, Coca-Cola, and Former Youth Soldiers
      • Collaboration Meetings
        • University, Corporate, Foundation, Faith-Based Representatives
      • US Chamber of Commerce, Business Civic Leadership Center – Washington & New York CSR Meetings

March 2006 – June 2007

  • March 2006 – June 2007

    • Events Coordinator for Commonwealth Scholars
      • Virginia state rendition of State Scholars Initiative
      • Sponsorship Paradigm for Launch Event with Governor & Cabinet
      • Solicitations of Corporations
      • Presentation to Annual Meeting of Virginia Chambers of Commerce
    • Federal Grant Management
      • WICHE Summit for State Scholars Initiative
        • Grant Proposal Workshop
        • Sole Non-Director- Level Employee to Participate
      • Administration of Budget for Launch Event
      • Stewardship of Corporate Sponsors

  • Virginia Career Education Foundation

    • Strategic Fundraising Plan
      • Presentation to Board of Directors
      • Concept and Presentation to Virginia Chamber of Commerce for state-wide Career Day
    • Board Development
      • Participation/Sponsorship from Directors’ Corporations

Recognition Benefits

  • Recognition Benefits

    • Product & Category Exclusivity
    • Organization logo as Auditorium and Luncheon Sponsor
    • Logo on Card with Guest Gift (Lapel Pin)
    • Sponsorship recognition on the following materials:
      • Logo on auditorium signage onstage
      • Logo on event signage in entryway
      • Logo & website link on VCEF’s webpage
      • Logo tag on video archive of video conference
      • Logo in program book with full page acknowledgment
      • Name in media releases
      • Name in VCEF’s annual report
      • Recognition at VCEF’s annual business/education conference including program reference

August 2004 – July 2005

  • August 2004 – July 2005

Grant Solicitation & Management

    • Grant Solicitation & Management
      • Grants Management - 1st six months
        • Creation of Database/Spreadsheet to Review Outstanding Grants
        • Renewals and Revisions
        • Stewardship of Existing Grant Relationships
          • Ronald McDonald House Charities
          • Westwind Foundation
          • International Foundation
        • Work with Program Managers/Directors to establish proposal priorities and scope of work
        • Coordinating event invitation lists with executives from prospect foundations, e.g. UN event
      • Oversight of Grants Manager – 2nd six months
        • Review status of grant proposals
        • Edit and review proposals
        • Prioritize grant solicitations

Strategic Fundraising Strategy

    • Strategic Fundraising Strategy
      • Created annual Gala event
        • Introduction to and involvement of Jeffrey Sachs & Millennium Villages
        • President Clinton awardee in subsequent years
      • Developed Sponsorship Paradigm/Corporate Solicitations incorporating Millennium Development Goals
    • Corporate Grant/Sponsorship Solicitations
      • Initiated Relationships through Chairman’s Office of Major Corporations
        • Example: Abbott Laboratories, Director of Global Citizenship
        • Example: Oscar de la Renta
        • Example: Sumner Redstone, Viacom
      • Created Solicitation Package for Corporate Sponsorship of BOT-led event
        • Secured Presenting Sponsorship ($5K) from local banking leader

February 2003 – September 2004

  • February 2003 – September 2004

Introduction to Corporate Foundation Grant Making

  • Introduction to Corporate Foundation Grant Making

    • Grants Management
    • (Community Relations Department)
      • Participation in Cyber Grants Implementation and Training
      • Document Retention Management (included Grants Office)
      • Emergency Contingency Plan & Readiness (included Grants Office)
      • Organizational Environment (included Grants Office)
      • Liaison between Executive Office and Grants Office
    • Grantmaking (Assisted CEO & COO)
      • Helping Hand Emergency Fund: FM assisted over 45 non-profit organizations in 2004 with over $2M
      • Washington Business Journal Award for Grantmaker with Largest $ Contribution in Washington, DC region 2004
      • Numerous Other Organizational Awards
      • 9/11 Fund – Speech to victims/grant recipients on behalf of CEO

Grant Making Related Organizational Activities

  • Grant Making Related Organizational Activities

    • Human Resources Management
      • Administrative Assistance Needs Review
      • Led Administrative Assistants Committee
      • Training for New Managers & Corporate-wide Management Retreat with new CEO
      • Training in Retention Management
    • Foundation Operational Management
      • Change Management (assist new COO – inaugural and staff meetings)
      • Chief of Staff – attended Executive Meetings with four Directors
      • Managers Committee Member (Assisted Director of Communications)
      • CEO’s Strategy Committee Member (Assisted Director of the Foundation)
      • Developing Roles & Responsibilities & Job Descriptions
      • Coordinating Department Employee Performance Reviews
      • Strategic Financial Management (Spending/Investing Endowment) – assist COO
      • Planning/Budgeting – assist COO
      • Reporting to CEO and Freddie Mac corporation – assist COO
      • Benchmarking with other Foundations (research and reporting)
      • Liaison with Consultants for Organizational Efficiency

Initiated Grantmaking in COS Capacity

    • Initiated Grantmaking in COS Capacity
      • Presented to & Funded by the Foundation Executive Office
      • Inter-Departmental Corporate Sponsorship Initiative – Herndon Housing Festival
      • Do Something: to open Washington Office (100K)
      • Grant Funded Research: e.g., Johns Hopkins – The Impact of Homeownership on the Outcomes of Children (50K for two years)
    • Board Relations
      • Sarbanes-Oxley Briefing Book on the application of SO to non-profit organizations

October 2000 – September 2001

  • October 2000 – September 2001

Subcontract Administration

    • Subcontract Administration
      • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Training
      • Contracts/Subcontracts Training
      • World Bank Systems Training
      • Modification Agreements
      • Sustainable Tourism
      • Educational Exchange
      • Infrastructure Development – Energy, Water
    • Home Office Administration
    • Report/Communications Development
      • Proposed Newsletter for Global Development Projects
        • Presentation to Senior Executive Staff
        • Approved and Funded by CEO
        • Presentations to invite participation by Staff
        • Survey of Staff in Global Foreign Offices

Volunteer: 1992 – 1997;

  • Volunteer: 1992 – 1997;

  • Contract Employee: 1997 -1998

    • Introduction to Grantseeking & Prospecting
      • Developed a list of prospective donors with a focus on corporate sponsorship
    • Fundraising Solicitations
      • Coca-Cola: $25,000 for International MOAS in Buenos Aires, Argentina
      • Inter-American Development Bank Working Group on Youth Development
    • Proposal Development
      • Proposal for Televised, Multi-site Live and Interactive MOAS
        • Approved for solicitation by the Director of External Relations and the Secretary General

Prospective Ph.D. Organizational Leadership

  • Prospective Ph.D. Organizational Leadership

Research Committee Member, “Nonprofit Resources for Children and Youth in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Region,” An Urban Institute Study, April 2004. Available at:

  • Research Committee Member, “Nonprofit Resources for Children and Youth in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Region,” An Urban Institute Study, April 2004. Available at:

  • Chair and Discussant of “NGOs and Aid Policies” in Porto, Portugal, August 17-20, 2011 at WISC Third Global International Studies Conference on “World Crisis: Revolution or Evolution in the International Community?”

  • Participant in first ever meeting of NGO’s of ECOSOC affiliation with Member States at the United Nations

  • Participant in 7th Annual UN Summit on Reinventing Government, Vienna, Austria, June 2007.

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