Sno nrp steering Committee Notes

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SNO NRP Steering Committee Notes

Meeting Mon. 08/15/05

SNO Office
Attended: John Akre, Susan Kulstad, Kirsten Rome, Stacy Sorenson

CURA Intern for Streetlights Research Project
The proposal that Jenny & Chris wrote has been accepted by CURA for 260 hrs. – 20 hrs/wk! So far, we have 2 applicants, one who on paper looks like an excellent fit (a senior in architecture & urban studies, who has done a number of urban projects, including one that looked at pedestrian paths and lighting). Decided to move ahead with this candidate, John will try to arrange an interview – Stacy & maybe Susan will participate. Tie to his senior project?

At the July meeting we agreed on the following assignments to research and write sections of the plan. We also decided to schedule upcoming meetings for plan portions, inviting interested and expert people to participate in committee group plan development. We are shooting to have a draft that can be circulated and posted by Winter / March ‘06.
At the last meeting, we agreed we need a summary of the survey results to use along with the March SNO 2015 Neighborhood Meeting results that we all have. Stacy volunteered to have NRP work this up within the next 2 weeks, and will send to all.
How to format your section: When writing your plan section, here are the components that NRP will be looking for and that we should each include (suggest looking at SNO Phase I plan, other plans we reviewed, & John’s summary report of Phase I):
. Overall Strategy Discussion – include why neighborhood picked it.

. Goal(s) – propose the SNO 10-yr goal(s) for your topic

. Objectives – leave broad & nonspecific enough so SNO has room to adapt without formal plan amendment, include why selected, budget & discussion of how SNO will get there. (You can always capture & propose specific actions separately, e.g., in a draft annual action plan for SNO’s consideration outside the formal plan submission.) For each objective, make sure to include time schedule /when, who including partners & their role, and costs /budget.

. Measure(s) – Choose one or a small # that will tell SNO & NRP whether we’ve achieved the objective.

The assignments (folks at the meeting volunteered) are:

Plan Goal Area

Who to Research & Write

Business & Crime & Safety


Community Building & Youth


Arts District & Public Art






We hope and expect that meetings on specific topics will cultivate ideas across other topics. Here’s the schedule we roughed out for our upcoming Mon. 7p committee meetings at SNO Office:


Meeting Date


Invited Guests (Partial)

Sept. 19

City plans, maps & data for Sheridan

Jennifer Bever-Jordan, CPED Community Planner for NE & SE

Oct. 17

Community Planning & Youth

Michael Romens, CHP (mural too) &

& other partner(s)- Kirsten invite

Nov. 21

Business & Art District (set mtg w/ bz)

Holly, Easel St.; Heather Beal,

RSP; City Arts office

Dec. 12

Crime & Safety?

Carol Osterhuis

Jan. 16

Strengthen Cross-Pollination of

Strategies for All Topics

Youth & Community Building (Kirsten): Kirsten has jump-started outreach, brainstormed with Jay at community planning workshop. Her youth focus is ages 14-17. In works or exploring:

. Eastside Youth Employment Grant Proposal – needs SNO letter of support.

. Somali soccer, job searching, youth programming – Eastside sr. aide + volunteer

. Ecuadorian volleyball

. Chess club – found volunteer

. Maybe basketball


. Neighborhood Volunteer Days: Art fence ‘barn raising’ project, pocket gardens /spots of green in concrete jungle, mural (Mike R. at CHP environ. Health mural project), Marcy-Holmes bought trash cans & painted them to get litter off sidewalks /yards; anti-art day for graffiti cleaning.

. Create partnerships: Holland neighborhood, Y

. Okay to fund a grant writer

Art District & Public Art (Susan): Susan has barely started online research on public art (Barcelona, Spain, others). Once research & ideas drafted, would like to sound out w/ a few knowledgeable people, e.g., Heather Beal, RSP, City Arts office maybe.

. Invite Holly at Easel St. who has organized arts bz on 13th. Combine business outreach mtg with outreach on partners for Arts District strategizing.

. Maybe NE Bank, NE Clinic as bz partners?

. Jacob’s bus stop offer w/ public art? How about Public Works in Arts District such as bus shelters /bench w/ street light at stops along S. route of 2nd St. w/ metro transit, manhole covers like downtown w/ PW. Involve street lights project.

. Grey line on NRP funding: while can’t fund sculpture, maybe fund gateway art.

. Art housing development – storefront w/ living space, e.g., Grainbelt Office plaza

River Update from last SNO Mtg: UMN Design Center came up with 3 plans for Sheridan Park up to RR tracks by river. Neighborhood input should result in a hybrid, being worked up to give final to Park & Walt Dziedzic, who are behind this approach & ready to go. May be done before Phase II.

GIS TRAINING & NEIGHBORHOOD MAPPING: Susan shared info from Jenny’s e-mail. Stacy suggested MNIS as alternative – will train neighborhoods & help w/ GIS maps, whereas Portland co. offering one-day training probably couldn’t support afterward. NRP has large map printer, and maybe a computer station w/ ARCGIS that maybe neighborhood could use. She’ll check status on this and on MNIS offer, and get back to Susan.

Our next meeting is Monday September 19th.

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