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1 What does furue deen means name them with meanings

Branches of Islam

Sala : Daily Prayers

Saum : Fasting

Hajj : Pilgrimage to Mecca

Zakaat: Charity

Khums : give away one fifth of your earning

Jihad : To struggle in the way of Allah

amr bil ma’roof: guide others to good

nahy anil munkar stop others from doing evil

Tawalla :To love and follow teachings of Allah, Rasool and Ahlulbayt

Tabarra : To keep away from those who do not love Allah, Rasool and Ahlul bayt

Fill in the Blank:

2 A Sin is what a person gets for doing _______ deeds


3 ,_____________ Allah will see how many blessings or sins a person has got

On the day of judgment

4 __________means asking Allah swt for forgiveness


5 On the day of judgment people with more blessings than sin will go into ________

6 Allah is the most __________ and merciful.


7 A compulsory act is
Wajib (Ans)




8 A forbidden act is:




9 _____________ means to want more than what someone else has


10 _____________person is always worried about himself

A selfish

11 Which attribute is cause of first disobedience to Allah ?

Pride of Shaitan .

12 Imam Alis a.s. has said “Jealousy eats up the good deeds like a fire consumes wood”
.13 which attribute is cause of first murder .

jealousy of Qabeel

14 The biggest advantage person gets by watching tv is




15 Television makes us
Lazy (Ans)


16 We can learn by watching:

Science, History, Astronomy and Nature programs (Ana)

Cartoons and dramas

Music videos

17 What does As Sadiq mean?
Truthful one
18What should you say to greet people?
Asslam Alaikum
19 If someone is rude to you what should you do?
Forgive them
20 What do Jazakallah , Alhamdulillah and Shukranlillah mean?
God gives his rewards , all the praise is for Allah and all thanks to Allah
21 Why do we thank Allah swt?
Because of all the lovely things he has given us
22 The holy Prophet saw has said “I have been sent by Allah swt to teach people good manners”
24 Cleanliness is half our faith. True
25 Allah swt says in the Quran: that he loves those who keep themselves clean.
26 Give the names of our 12 imams

Imam Ali a.s Imam Hassan a.s. Imam Hussain a.s. Imam Zainulabideen a.s. Imam Mohamad Baqir a.s Imam Jaffar Sadiq a.s. Imam Musa Kazim a.s. Imam Ali Raza a.s. Imam Mohammad at Taqi a.s. Imam Ali an Naqi a.s. Imam Hassan al Askari a.s.Imam Mahdi a.j.

27 What is the name of the first moque built

Masjid Quba

28 What does Masjid Qiblatayn mean?

Mosque of two Qiblas

29 In what city is Imam Ali a.s burried?

30 _______ is made from Fire

Answer: Jin

31 Shaitan was thrown out of the Heaven and He will be put into Hell fire because ________________

Answer: He disobeyed Allah and did not perform Sajdah to Adam (a.s) as commanded by Allah

32 What are the titles of Imam (a.s) of our time


Mahdi AJ

Muntazir AJ

Hujjat AJ

Sahibuz Zaman AJ

33 What we say when we take the name of our Beloved Imam Mahdi (a.s)

Answer: Ajjalalaahu Farajah

34 What is the meaning of Muntazar

Answer: One who is awaited

35 The one who awaits the Order of Allah is called _______________

Answer: Muntazir

36 _______ is not eating or drinking from Fajr till Maghrib time

Answer: Fasting

37 It is _______ to fast in the month of Ramadhan

Answer: Wajib

38 The place chosen by Allah is known as __________

Answer: Kabah

38 _______ is visiting the Kabah in the month of Dhul Hajja

Answer: Hajj

39 What should we say before we begin anything

Answer: Bismillah

40 What should we say when we plan to do something

Answer: Insha’Allah

41 Alhamdullilah means _____________

Answer: All Praise to Allah

42 When you Sneeze you should say _____________ and When some one else sneezes you should say _______________

Answers: Alhamdullilah and Yarhamukallah

43 What does Islam tell us to say when we take the name of Prophet SAW and his progeny?

Answer: Salawaat

44 What Allah Says in Quran about the people who keep themselves clean?

Answer: Allah says “He loves those who keep themselves clean”

45 What do we say when we start and stop drinking

Answers: When we start we say Bismillahir Rahman Nir Rahim and when we stop we say Alhamdullilah

46 While do we drink water what should we remember

Answer: The Thirst of Imam Hussain (a.s) and their companions and his family in the desert of Kerbala

47 What should we do when we finish drinking water?

Answer: Ask Allah to send his blessings on Imam Hussein (a.s) and companions and curse on his murderers and enemies

48 Honesty means __________________

Answer: truthfulness in your words and actions

49 How many sajdas are there in the Quran,and how many are wajib?

Answer: 14 sajdas all together but only 4 are wajib.

50 Name the largest, smallest, first and last surah, also name the famous ayyat.

Answer: largest: baqara, smallest: Qausar, first: Fatiha, last: Nass, famous ayyat: Ayyat 'ul Kursi.

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