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  • Technological:

  • Ecological: economic biomimicry / ecosystem model of development

  • Social: creativity base: human-scale

  • Localization

protection / eco-efficiency / politics of limits

  • protection / eco-efficiency / politics of limits

  • involves: controls on profit-motive and/or engineering incentives and disincentives to spin-off social & enviro benefits from profit motive

  • no fundamental changes in economic and political power

  • no fundamental change in industrialism’s labour / resources relationship

Early industrial capitalism:

  • Early industrial capitalism:

    • Unconscious-decentralized / focus on material needs / subordination of state to markets: Invisible Hand / focus on production / unbridled exploitation of nature / theoretical democracy
  • Fordist & state-socialist industrialism:

    • Conscious-centralized / new (and disguised) focus on non-material needs / Need for more planning: political intervention / More concern with consumption & (quantitative) demand / managed exploitation of nature / representative democracy
  • Postindustrial Potentials (today):

    • Conscious-decentralized / direct focus on non-material needs / integration & transformation of state & markets / integration with nature / direct democracy
    • Super-industrialism: Post-Fordist globalization: avoidance, suppression or channeling of the above. Crisis.

End-of-pipe control and cleanup : 70s

  • End-of-pipe control and cleanup : 70s

  • Point Source Prevention : 80s

  • Consumption Patterns and Product & System Design : today

resources: Life cycle approach

  • resources: Life cycle approach

  • human need: end-use approach

  • EPR and design for environment

  • is industrial capitalism a form of quantitative development or accumulation?

    • explains why efficiency or even profit isn't enough: question of self interest
  • Stahel: issue of liability

  • Beyond Capitalism & Socialism:

  • What forms of Ownership support

  • Stewardship?

Industrial ecostructure: Reuse-based Manufacturing

  • Industrial ecostructure: Reuse-based Manufacturing

  • entails new levels of producer liability

  • reduces both the flow of resources and their speed through the economy

  • encourages local/regional economies, and

  • facilitates high skill levels

Production contributes to Qualitative Wealth

  • Production contributes to Qualitative Wealth

  • Waste Equals Food

  • Dematerialization of Production and Higher Resource Efficiency

  • Reduction of the Speed of Resource Flow through the Economy

  • Appropriate Scale

  • Regenerative Work is Created

  • New Rules & Closed Loops: LCA and EPR

Craft: money and the economy of labour time

  • Craft: money and the economy of labour time

  • Eco-infrastructure and food, energy and water

  • Eco-industrial Parks and Networks

  • industrial ecosystems

  • biorefineries

  • eco-Flexible Manufacturing Networks

plant matter as the original source of synthetics & plastics

  • plant matter as the original source of synthetics & plastics

    • biological revolution & genetic engineering: make possible cheaper & more prolific creation of enzymes.
    • biochemicals: less toxic & degrade more quickly than petrochemicals.
    • detergents, paints, dyes, inks, adhesives, fabrics, building materials, etc.
  • zero discharge and industrial clusters

    • complete use of plant materials
    • plantations, biorefineries and green cities

  • “The industrial age replaced the natural processes of the landscape with the global machine…while regenerative design seeks now to replace the machine with landscape.”

  • …John Tillman Lyle

A flexible diverse mix of energy supply

  • A flexible diverse mix of energy supply

  • Primacy of Renewable energy sources

  • Focus on End-use, on Conservation, and on efficiency of use

  • Energy matched to the task at hand in both QUALITY and SCALE

  • Participation-oriented structure--in both production and consumption

  • People-intensive development and Job-creation

Energy & the Landscape

  • Energy & the Landscape

  • Eco-infrastructure: going with nature

  • The Eco-system Model: eco-infill

  • Integrating the Divided Economy

  • Every place a locus of eco-production

  • Buildings as producers not just

  • consumers of energy

Green Building Certification

  • Green Building Certification

  • --new construction

  • --retrofit

  • --neighbourhoods

  • Natural Building & eco-community design


  • LOIS vs. TINA

  • Local First not “buy local”

  • Multipliers

  • Employment

  • Stability / security

  • Quality of Life

  • Efficiency

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