The deadline for all applications is the first day of the workshop

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Lockport Pom Tryouts


The deadline for all applications is the first day of the workshop.

All applicants will be judged on several aspects, not just athletic ability. During tryouts, you will explain your interest in the team, perform the routine taught during the clinic and demonstrate the following skills:

Junior Varsity – Single/double pirouette, Leap, C-jump, Toe touch, and Split

Varsity – Triple pirouette, Turns in Second (straight legs), C-jump, Turning C,

Toe touch, Leap, Switch leap, and Split. Flexibility is important at the varsity level.
Both – Athletes will be asked to show any addition skills/tricks that you can do at the end of the tryout. Show the judges as much as you can.

The workshop will take place in the Main Gym of Lockport East Campus, and the actual tryout will be held in the dance studio. You will be notified of any changes in the following schedule. Any questions please e-mail Coach Elkei -

  • Tuesday May 12th 6:00-8:00pm Workshop Day 1

East Campus Main Gym

  • Wednesday May 13th 6:00-8:00pm Workshop Day 2

East Campus Main Gym

  • Thursday May 14th 6:00-8:00pm Workshop Day 3

East Campus Main Gym

  • Friday May 15th 4:00-8:00pm Tryout Day

East Campus Dance Studio

  • Saturday May 16th 10:00-11:30am Team Meetings

East Campus Community Room

  • Parent Meeting TBA

Please take the time to read the following information.

You may not tryout unless you do the following:

    • COMPLETE and return the Information Sheet

    • COMPLETE and return the Release Form

    • COMPLETE and return Teacher Grade Forms

    • Bring proof of a current physical from this school year. If you have not had a sports or school physical within the past year, then you will need to get one by the first day of the workshop on August 13th. YOU CANNOT TRY OUT WITHOUT A COPY OF A CURRENT PHYSICAL.

Workshop and Tryout Days: Read the following information carefully.

Come dressed and ready to go as if it were a team practice.
On time is seconds away from being late. BE EARLY!
All eligible athletes are to follow the school dress code:

**Please wear a white t-shirt that you can write your number on**

  1. Short sleeve shirt covering the midriff (white t-shirt that you can write your number on each day….use the same shirt)

  2. DO NOT wear extremely short shorts (Wear black dance pants/capris/spandex under short shorts)

  3. Shoes - Wear dance shoes if you have them. If not, then wear gym shoes.

  4. No gum

  5. No watches or jewelry anywhere on the body including belly, tongue, wrist, ankle, neck, ear, fingers, etc. The ONLY exception is a medical medallion or religious charm which must be worn taped to the skin with no chain. New body piercings do not take precedence over safety!

  6. NO visible tattoos.


Dear Parent/Student:
The Lockport Poms teams perform at home football and basketball games. The varsity squad performs during varsity games and the junior varsity squad performs during sophomore games. In addition to their commitment to entertaining the Porter sports fans, both teams will be competing through IHSA.
Poms has an extremely long season that runs from June until the last week in February. Girls may be required to try out again for competition season. Members are not permitted to take part in any other organization/sport that would eliminate them from any practices or performances. (Participation in other organizations/sports are encouraged as long as team members are not missing practices/games/ or competitions to take part in those other organizations/sports.)Spring sports usually do not interfere with the season.
In order to be on the poms team, grades are very important. Squad members are required to keep a “C” average and are responsible for managing their time so that they will remain eligible to perform. Grades will be checked periodically. Any squad member who receives an “F” will be suspended until the grade is brought up to passing. A “D” will put a member on probation until the grade is brought up to a “C.” Consistently poor grades can eventually cause a member to be asked to leave the squad.
Both teams will practice several days per week during the 2015-2016 school year. Both teams will have Saturday practices often, especially from November to February. During football season, the teams perform on Fridays for home games. During basketball season, they perform on designated Fridays, Tuesdays, and some Saturdays. The girls will receive schedules in advance; please plan doctor’s appointments, dance lessons, etc. around the schedule. Attendance at practice, games, and competitions is mandatory unless excused due to illnesses, specific academic situations, and emergencies.
The team members and parents are also responsible for taking part in fundraising to cover team costs. The money raised will be used for various personal items, squad items, activities and/or costumes. All members are expected to participate in all fundraisers.
If you are in agreement with the goals and expectations and will support your daughter’s desire to try out for the LTHS poms team, please sign the permission form and return it by the first workshop day. She will not be able to participate in tryouts without this signed form. Good luck!
Kerri Elkei

Varsity Coach


Cell Phone # ( ) Birthdate

Address City Zip

Current grade level_________________ T-Shirt Size (Unisex adult size) ________________

Parent/Guardian 1 Parent/Guardian 2

Relationship / Home Phone # of

Email for contacts Parent/Guardians

Emergency contact Phone # ( )
1. What is your dance experience?


2. What are your top 3 goals you would like to achieve as an LTHS Pom Member? 1. ______



3. What is the role of an LTHS Pom Member? _______________ ______________ ______________________________________________________

4. What characteristics or abilities do you possess that you feel would make you an asset to the program? (What can you bring to the team, what makes you stand out from others?)







Parent Permission Slip for LTHS POMS

My child, _______________________, has permission to participate in Lockport Township High School Pom tryouts for the 2015-2016 season.

* I understand that all preexisting medical conditions that may affect my child’s participation on the Pom team in tryouts and/ or pom season must be listed below.

Parental/Guardian initials

* I understand that my daughter/son will be evaluated by qualified judges, and we agree to abide by the decision of the judges

Parental/Guardian initials

* I have been made aware that my child’s scores and the scores of other individuals will not be released by the coaching staff at Lockport Township High School.

Parental/Guardian initials

* I understand that this information will be kept private by the coaches and staff at Lockport Township High School to protect the confidentiality of all minor students involved in this process.

Parental/Guardian initials

* I understand that constructive criticism and feedback will be provided for my child, by and at the request of the coaching staff. ____

Parental/Guardian initials

* I understand the costs involved as stated.

Parental/Guardian initials

* I understand that by the very nature of the activity, dancing carries a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the participants and coaches are, the risk cannot be completely eliminated.

Parental/Guardian initials

* I have read, understand and reviewed this information with my son or daughter

Parental/Guardian initials

Please list preexisting medical conditions or conditions that may affect safe participation in pom tryouts and/ or pom season:

Parent(print) ____________________ Parent (sign) ______________________Date _________

If qualified to become an LTHS Pom Member, I realize that my dedication to the team is of the utmost importance and that PRACTICES AND GAMES will be my #1 extracurricular priority!

Student’s initials

IF selected, I promise to abide by the expectations of the coach or risk being removed from the team.

Student’s initials

I understand that as a sport, my actions and grades will be checked by my coach and the athletic department. Academic ineligibility will keep me from dancing.

Student’s initials

By not dancing, I may earn consequences that may be cause for removal from the team without a refund of the financial investment made by my family.

Student’s initials

I understand that the judges’ decisions are final! _______

Student’s initials

I understand that all forms must be completed in order to tryout for LTHS Poms.

Student’s initials

Student (print) Student (sign) Date___________



  1. Insurance Information:

    • Company:_______________________________________________

    • Policy#:_________________________________________________

  1. Special/Emergency Contact

  1. Medical

List any medical situations the coach should be aware of for the safety of your son/daughter and other athletes on the team. This could be major or mild conditions and please include warning signs if applicable

  1. Medical Aid Provisions

We/I do hereby give permission for the Coach to secure whatever emergency medical treatment my child needs at any given time during practice, games or competitions.

Parent Signature Date

Student Signature Date

Teacher Recommendation Form-Lockport Poms

Name:______________________ Current Year in School:__________________



3rd Quarter Grade



(Please make sure this form is attached to all materials being turned in to the coaches during the workshop)

  1. ______ Information Sheet

  1. ______ Physical

  1. ______ Permission Slip

  1. ______ Release Form

  1. ______ Teacher Recommendation Sheet


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