The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America

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Ted Turner about five companies that control:

Government-Dictated News

Leo Bogart about pressure on journalists:


Robert McChesney on journalists don't ask questions:


George W. Bush on threats to the nation:


Bush and Los Angeles plot: Deb Riechmann, "Bush Says

Cooperation Thwarted 2002 Attack," Associated Press

(February 9, 2006)

Los Angeles mayor blindsided: Michael R. Blood, "L.A. Mayor Blindsided by Bush Announcement," Associated Press (February 9, 2006); bin/article.cgi?

f=/n/a/2006/02/10/national/a023740S10.DTL&type=printable Doug Thompson's blog: Powell's comments: Frank Bruni, "Bush Taps Cheney to Study Antiterrorism Steps," NewYork Times (May 8, 2001)


Representative Ron Paul: Paul on sneak and peek: Ibid.

Kelly O'Meara on Fourth Amendment abrogated: Kelly Patricia O'Meara, "Police State," Insight Magazine (November 9, 2001)

The Enemy Belligerent Act and Glenn Greenwald:

Laser or Taser

David Banach: Wayne Perry, "Man Charged Under PATRIOT Act—Feds Admit Not a Terrorist," Associated Press (January 5, 2005);

Lasers in use by government:

Taser death of Kevin Omas:


Police Tactics and FEMA

Former state trooper Greg Evensen on roadblocks: Obama on intelligence estimates and more troops: context=viewArticle&code=BUR20090329&articleId=12943

Designated Terrorists

Paul Joseph Watson on potential violent domestic terrorist:

Texas terrorist pamphlet: "Terrorism: What the Public

Needs to Know," prepared and distributed by the Texas

Department of Public Safety's Counterterrorism Intelligence

Unit, July 2004. Copy in author's files.

Heavy police response in Oakland:


No more America: fa=PAGE.view&pageId=108307

Obama's School Talk

White House spokesman Tommy Vietor on changing language:



Parents object but Superintendent Tate says no opting out:


Obama song draws mild rebuke: education/


General Jones takes orders from Kissinger:



Nancy Gibbs on Obama's Nobel Prize:,8599,1929395,00.html

Hillary Clinton used missile system as incentive:;


Missile defense system scrapped: _r=2&hp

A Council Cabinet

Council on Foreign Relations members of Obama's

cabinet: Robert Gaylon Ross Sr., Who's Who of the Elite

(Spicewood, TX: RIE, 1995), pp. 15-89

Trilateralists in Obama's administration and Patrick Wood:


Barry Goldwater on Trilateral Commission:


A Comfortable Staff

Obama golf with CEO and Birkenfeld's punishment: Dr. Paul L. Williams lament: Michelle Obama's quote:


White House staffers and salary: Report- Draft12.pdf

2008 White House staff list:; srv/opinions/graphics/2008stafflistsalary_title.html

Helping Hamas Terrorists

Presidential Determination: Mu'ammar Gadhafi:

http ://www.p php?t=96914 Obama's "Civilian Army"

Civilian security force and word softening:

fa=PAGE.view&pageId=80539 ACORN and SEIU

David Brown describes attack on Kenneth Gladney: will_obama_condemn_racist_unio.html ACORN videos and backlash:

mod=googlen ews_wsj

ACORN blocked for HUD grants:


This corrupt organization:

TIPS and Other Snoops

Cuba's Committees for the Defense of the Revolution: Isabel Garcia-Zarza, "Big Brother at 40: Cuba's revolutionary neighborhood watch system," Reuters (October 12, 2000)

ACLU opposition to TIPS: Randolph E. Schmidt, "Postal Service Won't Join TIPS Program," Associated Press (July 17, 2002)

John Whitehead on government snoops: http://www.issues-

Tom Ridge did not want Americans spying on Americans:,2933,57874,00.html

TIPS website changes: changes.htm

Police chiefs endorse iWATCH program: 197785316_x.htm

Asset Forfeiture Fund

Informants pay, regulation, and AFF: Dennis G. Fitzgerald, Informants and Undercover Investigations: A Practical Guide to Law, Policy, and Procedure (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2007), p. 64

Representatives Henry Hyde and Bob Barr on property seizure:


John Holdren on shooting pollutants into the atmosphere:


Paul Crutzen on sending 747s:


also see

Global Swarming

Al Gore's energy investments:

TCPR on Gore home's electricity use:

Al Gore equates warming critics to con man Bernie Madoff:

Sam Kazman and destruction of CRU's temperature data:


Alfred Lambremont Webre on dire news:




Human expiration declared health hazard:


Richard S. Lindzen said CO2 is not a pollutant:


Nancy Pelosi on transformational legislation:

Obama talks to NH students:



Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act: states-healthlaw_x.htm Military-grade anthrax: Government Camps

History of repression in emergencies: Pamela Sebastian Ridge and Milo Geyelin, "Civil Liberties of Ordinary Americans May Erode—Legally—Because of Attacks," New York Times (September 17, 2001) Janet Reno's remarks: Jim Burns, "William Bennett Hopes to Shape Public Opinion of War on Terrorism," Cybercast News Service (March 12, 2002) Durbin's comments on torture: Durbin apologizes: dyn/content/article/2005/06/21/AR2005062101654.html Ashcroft a threat to liberties: KBR contract to build facilities: story/kbr-awarded-homeland-




FEMA plans tent cities:

Detention camps: author's interview with retired Lieutenant

Colonel Craig Roberts, September 22, 2009.

Emergency centers on military installations: -h645/show

Virginia Fair grounds as emergency holding area:


Army internment resettlement specialist:

American Police Force

The American Police Force in Hardin, Montana:; also see http :// 9H0 American Police Force's "virtual office": The American Police Force with Serbian logo: Anonymous Hardin posting: id=149495;article=126560

Paul Joseph Watson on APF connected to Blackwater:



Blogger William N. Grigg on paramilitary organization:


The Posse Comitatus Act

The Phoenix Program: Douglas Valentine, "US Terrorist Attacks: Homeland Insecurity," Disinformation (October 9, 2001); The Third Infantry Division's First Brigade Combat Team deployed in USA: Military as panacea for domestic problems: Matthew Carlton Hammond, "The Posse Comitatus Act: A Principle in Need of Renewal," Washington University LawQuarterly (Summer 1997)

Attack on Kingsville:


101st Airborne in Troy, Tennessee:



Britt Snider and Garden Plot: Ron Ridenhour with Arthur Lubow, "Bringing the War Home," New Times (November

28, 1975);

Cable Splicer and reactions:

Rex-84 testing military use against the civilian population:

Diana Reynolds and William French Smith: Ibid.

Strategic Support Branch: Military recruiters denied, Representative Vitter and Jill Wynns: David Goodman, "No Child Unrecruited," Mother Jones (November-December 2002) Kindergartners disciplined: Editors, "'Gun-Toting' Tot Loses Suspension Suit," Associated Press (May 1, 2002) Ellen Schrecker and Nadine Strossen: Paul Proctor on snooping as un-American: Deficient Border Patrol

Senator John Warner: Representative Tom Tancredo and irrelevance of the PCA: James P. Tucker Jr., "Defend US Borders with US Army Troops," American Free Press (October 21, 2002) John Brinkerhoff on irrelevance of PCA: brinkerhoffpossecomitatus.htm Only 815 of 8,607 miles of U.S. border effectively controlled:

Office of Strategic Influence

The New York Times on Pentagon's credibility:


Office of Strategic Influence closed: Editors, "US Closes 'Disinformation' Unit," BBC News (February 26, 2002) Henny Penny, the sky is going to fall: page=1859&printer_friendly=1

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers: Bob Hanafin on illegality of disobeying orders:


Patrick M. Fahey and the UCMJ:


Oath Keepers will not obey these orders:


Mark Potok and the SPLC: keepers-pledges-to-prevent-dictatorship-in-united-states- 64690232.html

Hate Crimes

SPLC one of most profitable charities:

Minutemen as resurgent antigovernment patriots:


Judy Andreas on wildly flailing SPLC:

Joe Solmonese and Jim DeMint on hate crimes prevention



Jeff Sessions on troubling language: Ibid.


Christopher H. Pyle on army plan to spy on Americans: James Bamford on new databases for the NSA:

Electronic Surveillance

Senator Frank Church: James Bamford, "The Agency That Could Be Big Brother," New York Times (December 25, 2005)

Representative Paul on "Know Your Customer": Ron Paul, "Privacy Busters: Big Bank Is Watching," Ron Paul Newsletter (December 1998)

Walter Soehnge: Bob Kerr, "Pay Too Much and You Could Raise the Alarm," Providence Journal (February 28, 2006) Representative Butch Otter: Editorial comment: Editors, "Another Cave-In on the Patriot Act," New York Times (February 11, 2006) Bruce Fein on unchecked abuse: Liz Halloran, "Everyone's Spinning the Spying," US News & World Report (February 13, 2006)

ACLU's Nadine Strossen: Act used hundreds of times: Mark Mueller, "To Catch a Monster, Using Anti-Terror Law," Star-Ledger (August 14, 2005)

Tucker Bounds comment: bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2008/07/10/MN3H11ME7C.DTL Obama administration supporting the PATRIOT Act: act-surveil_n_295194.html

Kevin Bankston on Obama administration sounding like Bush administration:

Ron Paul quote: Magic Lantern, Fluent, dTective, and Encase

Key logger used by FBI:

ebusiness/31TECH.9.html; Ted Bridis, "Anti-Terror Tools

Include High-Tech," Associated Press (October 28, 2001);

William Newman: Nat Hentoff, "The Sons and Daughters of

Liberty," Village Voice (June 21, 2002)

Appeals court approves no warrant surveillance:


Fluent and Oasis programs:


Video improvement with dTective:

Encase to recover computer disks: Russ Kick's worst-case scenario:

National ID Act

National ID system: Janet Napolitano on repeal of the REAL ID Act:

A Chip in Your Shoulder

NYPD chips: fuseaction=display_arch&article_id=127&issue_id=102003 National ID system:,8599,191857,00.html Comprehensive national ID system: ChipMobile: 6.html and Tommy Thompson: VeriChip stock triple with implantable microchips for swine flu: idUSTRE58K4BZ20090921 Novartis and microchipped pill: patients-fitted-microchips-remi nd -pills.html#ixzz0V3lb7dOd Sheriff Don Eslinger and GPS tracking: Texas representative Larry Phillips: representative-wants-transponders-in-all-cars/ Siemens tracking device and teens: pagewanted=1; also see Court rules GPS tracking legal: sjc_oks_secret_use_of_gps_devices/

Echelon and TEMPEST

Jim Wilson on Echelon and TEMPEST: .html New Cyberspace security plan: Ted Bridis, "US Considers Cybersecurity Plan," Associated Press (September 7, 2002)

The Cybersecurity Act of 2009

Leslie Harris on cybersecurity threat:

Larry Selzer on direct control of the president:


Jennifer Granick on loss of privacy:


Homeland Security

Bush's urgent need: Bush quote on Homeland Security: Editors, "Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill," CNN News (November 25, 2002) James Joyner on dispersion of Homeland Security: dhs_new_hq_in_lunatic_asylum/ Obama releases some Reagan records:

Obama_Opens_Some_Reagan_Records_Kept_Secret_by_Bush_90413 Obama blocks release of White House visitor list: white_house/

Oliver North's martial law plan: Alfonso Chardy, "Plan Called for Martial Law in US," Knight-Ridder News Service (July 5, 1987); also see John Dean's concern: Timothy H. Edgar and ACLU objections to Homeland Security: No-Fly List

Timothy Sparapani and Alberto Gonzales: Walter Pincus and Dan Eggen, "325,000 Names on Terrorism List,"

Washington Post (February 15,2006)

Senator Kennedy and ACLU counsel Shuford:

http :/

2004Aug 19?language=printer

Arizona treasurer Dean Martin:

http :/

a ri zo na_tre a s ure r_d e a n_ma rti n_n oflyji st/

Dr. Robert Johnson:


Michael Chertoff working for body scanner manufacturer:

http :/ .html

Kate Hanni critizes Chertoff:

http :/

g ro up_sl am s_c he rtoff_o n_sc a nn e r_p ro motion/

Ben Wallace on scanners not picking up plastic, chemicals,

and liquids: http:/

n ews/a re-p I an ne d -a i rp ο rt-sc an ne rs -ju st-a -sc a m-


Peeping TSA

Boian Alexandrov and team on DNA damage:

Evidence of damage hard to find:

Office of Transport Security manager Cheryl Johnson:

http :/Avww.p

scanners-provide-crisp-imag e-of-yo ur-genitals.html

Virtual strip-searching:

http :/Avww.g airport

Paul Joseph Watson on high definition and inverted images: image-shows-naked-body-in-full-living-color/ Marc Rotenberg on potential for misuse of scanning machines:"RAVEL/01/11/body.scanners/index.html Security Abuses

Robert Lee Lewis: author's interviews, summer 1999 Library incident: http:/ dyn/content/arti cle/2006/02/16/AR2006021602066.html Rebecca Soloman and bag of white powder: Editors, "Student Falls Victim to TSA Worker's Prank," Austin American-Statesman (January 24,2010)

Photographers Under Fire

Mike Maginnis arrested: camera-confiscated-for-taking-snaps-of-hotel Photography under attack: David Proeber and memory card:

http ://carlosmi Hi noi s-poli ce-had -


Carlos Miller:

SPJ president Clint Brewer


Laura Sennett and DOJ raid:

http :/Λνww.c


You're on Camera

Vehicle surveillance in Medina, Washington:


D.C. mayor Anthony A. Williams:


Internet Eyes instant event notification system:

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