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Faculty of Humanities

Research Report 2006

African Gender Institute (AGI)

Research Report 2006

Head of Department: Associate Professor Jane Bennett
Institute Profile
The AGI’s mission is to contribute to the attainment of gender justice in Africa by participating in the transformation of inequitable institutions and social practices. The AGI presents academic and research programmes that engage policy-makers, researchers, and scholars in a dialogue that directs the AGI’s research and intervention strategies. The academic programme focuses on gender studies as a broad area of scholarship and research in and beyond the academy, and has a particular interest in strengthening gender/women’s studies on the African continent. The AGI builds research networks and delivers workshops that link theory-building, research methodologies and the support of scholarship with a serious interest in gender analysis and feminist theories. The AGI's work in 2006 has focused on two areas: in research we have focused on the relationship between urban space, gender, and sexuality (SANPAD project 04/06 Forging Coca Cola Identities and the Ford Race Sex Gender Project supported by the Ford Foundation; both projects co-ordinated by Dr E. Salo). Secondly we have also focused on examining and expanding the epistemological basis for researching and writing about sexuality and gender-based violence in African contexts. The AGI is responsible for the production of the journal Feminist Africa (one issue, FA 6 published in October 2006 and another FA 7 due out in December 2006) and for the development of other information resources on the GWS Africa website. The AGI designed and taught two three-week seminars for African researchers on Sexualities, Gender and Research Methodologies in 2006 (designed by Associate Professor J Bennett and Dr C Pereira visiting scholar from Nigeria). The AGI has also responded to diverse requests for input to policy, training and development, within South Africa, internationally and on the continent. All AGI teaching and research programmes include highly developed uses of information technology, and have gained international acclaim for innovative applications of ICT as a tool for transformation and knowledge building.

Institute Statistics
Permanent and long-term contract staff

Head of Department


Chair of G/WS in Institute


Senior Lecturer


Senior Office Manager


Programme Officer – ICT


Programme Administrator


Academic Programme Assistant


Programme Assistant




Honorary staff

Research Associates















Research Fields and Staff
Professor Amina Mama

Chair of Gender/Women’s Studies; gender analysis; organizational transformation; politics and governance; gender and militarism; civil society and women’s movements

Associate Professor Jane Bennett

Head of Department; gender-based violence and conflict; African feminist epistemology; representation; sexuality

Dr Elaine Salo

Senior Lecturer; gender analysis; sexuality; urban anthropology

Ms Fareeda Jadwat

Programme Officer – ICT

Associate Professor Helen Bradford

Research Associate; feminist historiography in southern Africa; specialism in c19 militarism; millenarianism

Dr Helen Moffett

Research Associate; masculinity and narratives of sexual violence; women’s studies and literary theory

Professor Rhoda Reddock

Research Associate, studies on gender and development in the Caribbean

Contact Details

Postal address: African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701

Telephone: +27 21 650 2970/1

Fax: +27 21 685 2142



Research Output
Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals
Bennett, J. 2006. Rejecting roses: Introductory notes on pedagogies and sexualities. Agenda, 67: 68-79.
Bennett, J. 2006. Treating one another like human beings: South African engendering within the semantics of current femnist discourse. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, 24(4): 425-435.
Moffett, H. 2006. 'These women, they force us to rape them' : Rape as narrative of social control in post Apartheid South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 32(1): 129-144.
Ramtohul, R. 2006. Political power and decision-making in the aftermath of Nairobi: The case of Mauritius. Agenda, 69: 14-25.

Salo-Miller, E. 2006. Mans is ma soe: Ganging practises in Manenberg, South Africa, and the ideologies of masculinity, gender, and generational relations. In E. Bay and D. Donham (eds), States of violence: politics, youth, and memory in contemporary Africa: 148-175. London: University of Virginia Press.

Ismail, S. 2006. A poor women's pedagogy: An exploration of learning in a housing social movement: 1-299. PhD.
Kimonyo, A. 2006. National gender policy for Rwanda: A case study of institutional response to policy recomendation on women in science and technology: 1-127. Masters(Research).
Sengendo, M.C. 2006. Institutions within institutions: Gender relations within horticultural export marketing channels in Uganda: 1-260. PhD.

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