Tuesday, 19 September 1995, Vol

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Tuesday, 19 September 1995, Vol. 1 2

Session L1a: Magnetics 2

Session L1b: Modulation Techniques 2

Session L1c: Drives, Reliability Aspects 2

Session L1d: HVDC 3

Session L2a: New Components 3

Session L2b: Control (I) 5

Session L2c: Converters for traction 5

Session L2d: Active Filters 6

Session D1a: Devices, Components and Materials 6

Session D1b: Control (I) 8

Session D1c: Adjustable speed drives 9

Session D1d: HVDC, Transmission and Generator systems 10

Session D2a: Devices, Components and Materials (II) 10

Session D2b: Control (II) 11

Session D2c: Converters 13

Session D2d: Active filters 13

Wednesday, 20 September 1995, Vol. 2 15

Session L3a: MCT, New Developments 15

Session L3b: Sinusoidal Power Supplies 15

Session L3c: Traction (I) 16

Session L3d: Reactive Power Compensation and Power Factor Correction 16

Session L4a: High Efficiency Converters 17

Session L4b: Special Power Supplies 17

Session L4c: Traction (II) 18

Session L4d: FACTS 19

Session D3a: Devices, Components and Materials (III) 19

Session D3b: Electronic Power Supply Systems (I) 21

Session D3c: Traction Drives 22

Session D3d: Reactive Power Compensation 22

Session D4a: Converters (II) 23

Session D4b: Electronic Power Supply Systems (II) 25

Session D4c: Electric Vehicles Drives 26

Session D4d: FACTS 26

Thursday, 21 September 1995, Vol. 3 27

Session L5a: Drive Control 27

Session L5b: System Engineering 27

Session L5c: Industrial Drives 28

Session L5d: Converters for Renewable Energies 28

Session L6a: Special Drives 29

Session L6b: Control (II) 29

Session L6c: Drives, Special aspects 30

Session L6d: Servo Drives and Actuators 30

Session D5a: Machine/Converter Interactions 32

Session D5b: System Engineering 32

Session D5c: Industrial Drives 33

Session D5d: Harmonics, Renewable Energy Systems, Simulation 36

Session D6a: Drives: Simulation and User/Application Experiences 36

Session D6b: Control (III) 37

Session D6c: Special drives 38

Session D6d: Servo Drives and Actuators, Education 39

Tuesday, 19 September 1995, Vol. 1

Session L1a: Magnetics

Session Chairmen: J. B. Klaassens

Technical University of Delft

J. L. Van Eck

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Hysteresis modeling taking into account the temperature 1.001

P. Tenant, J.J. Rousseau, L. Zegadi, Centre de Génie Electrique de Lyon (France)

Optimal design of transformers for high-power high-frequency applications 1.007

O. Apeldoorn, K.Kriegel, Inst for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, Aachen University of Technology (Germany)

Session L1b: Modulation Techniques

Session Chairmen: W.Schumacher

Technische Universität Braunschweig


University of Padova

Features of adaptive PWM explored by the theory of chaos 1.013

I. Nagy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Z. Süto,Technical University of Budapest (Hungary), L. Matakas Jr, E. Masada, University of Tokyo (Japan)

Optimized and non-optimized random modulation techniques for VSI drives 1.019

F. Blaabjerg, J.K. Pedersen, L. Oestergaard, Aalborg University, (Denmark)

R.L. Kirlin, University of Victoria (Canada)

A.M. Trzynadlowski, University of Nevada, S. Legowski, University of Wyoming, (USA)

Session L1c: Drives, Reliability Aspects

Session Chairmen: R. Nilsen

ABB Corporate Research

R. M. Davis

Power Electronics Measurements

Detection of induction machine incipient failures using knowledge based techniques 1.027

M. F. Cabanas, J. G. Aleixandre, M. A. Sanz, A. Neira, A. Otero, J. S. Sariego, Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)

A survey of the reliability with an analysis of faults on variable frequency drives in industry 1.033

O. Vaag Thorsen, Bergen College of Engineering, M. Dalva, Stavanger College (Norway)

Session L1d: HVDC

Session Chairmen: G.R. Clark

GEC Alsthom

E. Olias

Universidad de Carlos III

The harmonic impedance of an HVDC convertor 1.039

A.R. Wood, B.C. Smith, J. Arrillaga, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

Design control and behaviour of a forced commutated current source inverter used in a HVDC transmission system 1.045

G. Lipphardt, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (Germany)

Session L2a: New Components

Session Chairmen: P.Spirito

University of Napoli

J. M. Peter


A 1000 A 2500 V pressure mount RC-IGBT 1.051

M. Hiyoshi, S. Yanagisawa, K. Nishitani, K. Kotake, H. Matsuda, Y. Baba, S. Teramae, Toshiba Corp (Japan)

3300V IGBT-module for traction application 1.056

H. Brunner, M. Hierholzer, R. Spanke, eupec, T. Laska, A. Porst, Siemens (Germany)

Reliability of the 400 A IGBT modules for traction converters. Contribution on the power thermal fatigue influence on life expancy 1.060

G. Coquery, R. Lallemand, INRETS, D. Wagner, P. Gibard, GEC Alsthom (France)

High power IGBT converters with new gate drive and protection circuit 1.066

S. Gediga, R. Marquardt, R. Sommer, Siemens AG (Germany)

Session L2b: Control (I)

Session Chairmen: W. F. Ray

University of Nottingham

A.J. Torralba

Universidad de Sevilla

State-oriented control of optimized pulse patterns applied to a PWM current source inverter 1.071

R. Vogel, Siemens AG (Germany)

Multivariable robust control of a synchronous servomotor associated to a PWM inverter 1.077

Y. Bonnassieux, M. Fadli, B. Le Pioufle, LESiR-ENS Cachan, F. Aioun, LURPA-ENS Cachan (France)

Rotor time constant identification in sensorless vector control drives using rotor slot harmonics 1.083

R. Blasco-Gimenez, G.M. Asher, M. Sumner, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Robust speed and parameter estimation in induction motors 1.089

H. Børsting, Aalborg University, P. Vadstrup, Grundfos International a/s (Denmark)

Session L2c: Converters for traction

Session Chairmen: P.Grumbrecht

Daimler Benz A.G.

L. G. Franquelo

Universidad de Sevilla

A bi-directional rectifier for use with a voltage fed inverter in a high performance variable speed AC motor drive system 1.095

P. W. Wheeler, J. C. Clare, M. Sumner, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

A magnetically coupled regenerative turn-off snubber 1.101

D. Simonetti, F. Libano, V. Canalli, J. Uceda, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, J. Sebastián, Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)

4000 V-300 A eight-level IGBT inverter leg 1.106

P. Carrere, J.P. Lavieville, Alcatel Alsthom Recherche, T.A. Meynard, Lab. d'Electrotechnique et d'Electronique Industrielle, Toulouse (France)

GTO-PWM Inverter without brake chopper for the Taegu subway cars in South Korea 1.112

A. Lipp, Siemens AG (Germany)

Session L2d: Active Filters

Session Chairmen: H.Stemmler

P.E. and Electrometry Lab. ETH

H. Akagi

Okayama University

Active current filter for MV/HV network 1.129

T. Meynard, Y. Cheron, Lab. d'Electrotechnique et d'Electronique Industrielle, Toulouse,

S. Loudot, H. Pouliquen, EDF - DER (France)

Damping harmonics in the power system with active filters 1.123

M. Pereira, K. Sadek, Siemens AG (Germany)

Voltage harmonics source compensation using a shunt active filter 1.117

H. Pouliquen, P. Lemerle, E. Plantive , EDF - DER (France)

A new control strategy of combined system of series active and shunt passive filters for minimising passive filter number 1.135

E. Bettega, M-X Wang, Schneider Electric SA, H. Pouliquen, EDF-DER (France)

Session D1a: Devices, Components and Materials

IGBT model for power electronics simulation 1.141

T. Bonafé, CREEBEL, S. El Baroudi, F. Bernot, A. Berthon, Institut de Génie Energétique (France)

A precise analytical model for diffused power diodes 1.146

T. Kern, R. Kraus, K. Hoffmann, University of Bundeswehr Munich (Germany)

Understanding wire heatings near magnetic component air gap 1.151

B. Cogitore, J.P. Keradec , Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble, B. Krafft, MicroSpire (France)

The short-circuit behavior of IGBTs based on different technologies 1.157

R. Kraus, M. Reddig, K. Hoffmann, University of Bundeswehr Munich (Germany)

Temperature dependence of avalanche coefficients for Si in simulation and measurements 1.162

H. Brunner, H.-J. Schulze, Siemens AG (Germany)

IGBT cell optimization with simulation and comparison with measurements 1.167

H. Brunner, T. Laska, A. Porst, Siemens AG (Germany)

Core losses in transformers with an arbitrary shape of the magnetizing current 1.171

T. Duerbaum, M.Albach, Philips (Germany)

PMCM conception methodology: development of a 3D electrothermal simulation tool 1.177

S. Raël, E. Clavel, Y. Maréchal, Ch. Schaeffer, Laboratoire d'électrotechnique de Grenoble (France)

Experimental and numerical investigations on a hard GTO turn-on process 1.183

Z. Khatir, R. Lallemand, INRETS-LTN (France)

Small-geometry power BJT: numerical simulation and experimental results 1.189

G.V. Persiano, A.G.M. Strollo, P. Spirito, University of Naples, A. Patti, S. Sapienza, Co. Ri.Mme (Italy)

The influence of the epitaxial doping on the turn-on losses in power bipolar-mode FET (BMFET) 1.195

G.V. Persiano, A.G.M. Strollo, P. Spirito, University of Naples (Italy)

Determination of static and dynamic performance of silicon carbide power MOSFET devices 1.201

B. Beydoun, H. Tranduc, P. Rossel, G. Charitat, F. Morancho, Lab. d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes du CNRS (France)

Power semiconductor resistor design and technology 1.207

S. S. Asina, E. V. Gorkin, All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute (Russia)

DISCO: a computer aided design program for the single capacitor snubber in inverter applications 1.210

J.C. Regidor, V. M. Guzman, M.I. Gimenez de Guzman, Universidad Simon Bolívar (Venezuela)

A modified J3 model for GTO simulation with SPICE 1.216

V. M. Guzmán, M.I. Gimenez de Guzmán, Universidad Simon Bolívar (Venezuela)

Bipolar semiconductor device models for C.A.D. in power electronics 1.222

Ph. Leturcq, O. Berraies, J.L. Debrie, P. Gillet, M. A. Kallala, J.L. Massol, Lab. d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes du CNRS (France)

Modelling low- and high-frequency magnetic cores with a generalised dynamic circuit 1.228

S.Y.R. Hui, University of Sydney, J.G. Zhu, V.S. Ramsden, University of Technology (Australia)

Analysis of the IGBT dV/dt in hard switching mode 1.234

F. Calmon, J P Chante, INSA Lyon, B. Reymond, A. Senes, Schneider Electric (France)

Influence of the IGBT emitter-ground wiring inductance in a power inductive load converter 1.240

F. Sarrus, P.J. Viverge, J.P. Chante, Centre de Génie Electrique de Lyon (CEGELY), B. Hennevin, M. Piton GEC - Alsthom (France)

Experimental thermal parameter extraction using non-destructive tests 1.245

E. Farjah, Shiraz University (Iran), Ch. Schaeffer, R. Perret, Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble (France)

Short circuit behaviour for PT and NPT IGBT devices - Protection against explosion of the case by fuses 1.249

S. Duong, S. Raël, C. Schaeffer, Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble, J.F. De Palma, Société FERRAZ (France)

A new CAD system to evaluate IGBT losses on inductive load 1.255

F. Profumo, A. Tenconi, G. Griva, S. Facelli, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Modeling of irradiated buffer-layer IGBTs 1.262

W. Fragale, F. Robb, V. Venkatesan, Motorola Inc. (USA)

A method for determining the parameters of power MOSFET and IGBT transistor models applied in the PSPICE program 1.268

J. Pilacinski, Poznan University of Technology (Poland)

Parameter calculation of a planar transformer by 3D finite element method 1.273

L. Pierrat, EDF, S. Tabaga, F. Blache, Lab. d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble (France)

Session D1b: Control (I)

Series resonant converter: general design of an IP regulator with state feedback switching 1.277

C. Collomb, P. Bidan, M. Valentin, Lab. d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes (France)

Fuzzy selftuning system for induction motor controllers 1.283

F. Barrero, E. Galvan , A. Torralba, L.G. Franquelo, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

The development of a fuzzy controller for tractive effort of a resistor technology locomotive 1.286

W. Mörs, I. Shaw, J.D. van Wyk, Rand Afrikaans University (South Africa)

Application of direct torque control modulation technology to line converter 1.292

V. Manninen, ABB Industry Oy (Finland)

Modulation of inverter output voltages in sliding mode control of AC motors 1.297

Z. Cucej, University of Maribor (Slovenia), S. Hiti, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. (USA)

Investigation and comparison of neural network applications to the control of electrical machines 1.303

G. Henneberger, B. Otto, A. Brösse, University of Technology (RWTH) Aachen (Germany)

Self-tuned fuzzy PI current controller for PWM-VSI 1.308

M. A. Dzieniakowski, M. P. Kazmierkowski, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

A systematic approach to state feedback controller design for dc/dc line-side traction converters 1.314

J. Böcker, S. Liu, Daimler Benz AG Research and Technology, C. Endrikat, AEG Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH (Germany)

Digital transient torque or force measurement for rotating or linear AC machines 1.319

M.T. Nguyen, M. Tu Xuan, J.J. Simond, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)

Reduction of narrow band harmonics in the line current of AC-locomotives 1.322

C. Endrikat, AEG Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH (Germany)

Fuzzy control of a rectifier with sinusoidal waveforms 1.327

M. Bonnet, A. Farjon, B. Durand, Université d'Aix-Marseille III (France)

Non-invasive rotor position and speed sensing of asynchronous motors 1.333

D. Holliday, University of Bristol, J. E. Fletcher, B.W. Williams, Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom)

Sliding mode control of dc-to-dc converters with input filter based on the Lyapunov-function approach 1.338

B. Nicolas, M. Fadel, Y. Cheron, Lab. d'Electrotechnique et d'Electronique Ind. (France)

A neural network controller for power converters based on a computational optimal control surface 1.344

J. M. Carrasco, J.M. Quero, F.P. Ridao, L. G. Franquelo, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

General purpose PWM nonlinear controller for bidirectional switching converters 1.350

C. Garcia-Deza, A. Poveda, F. Guinjoan, UPC, L. Martinez-Salamero, University Rovira i Virgilii, J. Font, UPC (Spain)

A time-domain simulator for power electronic converters based on discrete-time modeling of switches 1.355

J. M. Burdio, A. Martinez, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Characteristics of the PWM-controlled quasi-resonant converter 1.361

R. Petkov, L. Hobson, University of Glamorgan (United Kingdom)

Inverter and motor model adaptation at stand-still using reference voltages and measured currents 1.367

H. Rasmussen, M. Knudsen, Aalborg University, M. Tønnes, Danfoss A/S (Denmark)

Study of fuzzy current-controlled inverter drives 1.373

Bor - Ren Lin, National Yunlin Institute of Technology (Taiwan R.O.C.)

Fuzzy tuning for servo control: a double ratio approach 1.379

W. Hofmann, T. Thanh Tung, Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany)

An analog neural network controller for an active power filter based on the instantaneous reactive power theory 1.385

J.M. Carrasco, J.M. Quero, R. Gomez, L. G. Franquelo, Univ. de Sevilla


Neural network-based parameter adaption for field oriented AC-drives 1.391

W. Hofmann, Q. Liang, Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany)

Position control of PM synchronous motor drive by 3D fuzzy controller 1.397

V. Racek, Slovak Technical University Bratislava, P. Kucer, B. Dobrucky, F. Chaloupka, University of Transport and Communication, (Slovak Republic)

PWM converter using instantaneous current detection for linear generator of maglev vehicle 1.403

T. Watanabe, N. Takeuchi, H. Ueno, Railway Technical Research Institute, S. Nagabuchi, H. Hayashi, Y. Saitou, Tokyo Denki Seizo K.K. (Japan)

Neural model predictive control of an induction motor 1.409

L. Krüger, D. Naunin, A. Hidiroglu, TU - Berlin, D. Neumerkel, J. Franz, Daimler-Benz AG (Germany)

Neural network current control of VS-PWM inverters 1.415

M. P. Kazmierkowski, D. L. Sobczuk, M. A. Dzieniakowski, Warsaw University of Technology, (Poland)

Multi-motor drives for textile machines 1.421

P. K. Budig, EAAT GmbH Chemnitz (Germany)

Session D1c: Adjustable speed drives

Two phase switched reluctance drive with new power electronic controller for low cost applications 1.427

M. Barnes, C. Pollock, University of Warwick (United Kingdom)

Rotor time constant compensation of an induction motor in indirect vector controlled drives 1.431

A.A. Ganji, Ph. Lataire , Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)

On line tuning of rotor flux observers for field oriented drives using improved stator-based flux estimator for low speeds 1.437

E.K.K. Sng, A.C. Liew, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

IGBT drive for container stacking cranes with bidirectional supply 1.443

W.A.G. de Jager, G.H. Tubbing, Holec Ridderkerk (The Netherlands)

Intelligent models for Electromechanical systems 1.448

P.J. Costa Branco, J.A. Dente, Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)

Parameters and volt-ampere ratings of a synchronous motor for flux-weakening applications 1.454

N. Bianchi, S. Bolognani, University of Padova (Italy)

Investigations on a high-speed switched reluctance drive incorporating amorphous iron 1.460

K. Backhaus, L. Link, J. Reinert, Aachen University of Technology (Germany)

Voltage peaks of low voltage induction motors due to PWM inverter supply 1.465

B. Kawkabani, J.J. Simond, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, F. Kehtari, ABB SA (Ivory Coast)

Elastic fuzzy controller and sliding mode power inverter for electromechanical positioners 1.470

J.C. Quadrado, ISEL, J. F. Silva, IST (Portugal)

Inverter propulsion equipment for ground transportation systems 1.476

G. Bocchetti, G. Giannini, Ansaldo Trasporti S.p.A. (Italy)

DSP control of a synchronous reluctance motor 1.480

J.E. Fletcher, B.W. Williams, T.C. Green, Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom)

The development of a brushless DC drive system with and without sensors for washing machines 1.486

L. Tezduyar, ARCELIK A.S., R.N. Tuncay, M.E. Tacer, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)

Production of harmonics in converter traction drives 1.491

G. Skarpetowski, ABB Verkehrssysteme AG (Switzerland)

Parameter and speed estimation for induction machines based on dynamic models 1.496

L.A.S. Ribeiro, Centro Federal de Educaçao Tecnologica, São Luis, C.B. Jacobina, A.M.N. Lima, Universidade Federal de Paraiba (Brasil)

Comparative study of inverter-fed drives with different motor types 1.502

U. Schäfer, Daimler Benz Research & Technology (Germany)

Four quadrant, large power, IGBT vector controlled adjustable speed drive. Design and test 1.508

R. Numeroli, E. Gatti, G. Torri, R. Kranenburg, Ansaldo Industria (Italy)

Harmonic distortion caused by electric traction vehicles with a.c. motors fed by DC supply system - CAD analysis 1.513

A. Szelag, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), W. Zajac, Cracow University of Technology (Poland), P. M. Martinez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)

Stability problems of asynchronous machines for railways purposes 1.519

K.S. Kim, M. Poloujadoff, G. Mfonkeu, Université Paris VI, J. Bavard, GEC-Alsthom Transport (France)

Application of fuzzy control for PWM voltage source inverter fed permanent magnet synchronous motor 1.524

S. Grundmann, M. Krause, V. Müller, Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) B.S.R. Iyengar, Indian Institute of Science (India)

Sliding mode control of induction motor phase currents 1.530

R.B. Hansen, T. Hattel, J. Bork, H. Rasmussen, Aalborg University (Denmark)

Use of LC filters in hard switching PWM inverter drives 1.536

H. van der Broeck, Chr. Loef, , Philips Forschungslaboratorien Aachen (Germany)

Improvements for induction machine vector control 1.542

S. Wade, M.W. Dunnigan, B.W. Williams, Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom)

Session D1d: HVDC, Transmission and Generator systems

Low order harmonic instability of HVDC systems using describing function 1.547

A.I. Taalab, Menofia University (Egypt)

Novel control strategy for double-fed induction machines 1.553

S. Tnani, CREEBEL, S. Diop, S.R. Jones, CEGELEC, A. Berthon, Institut de Génie Energétique (France)

Real-time intelligent control of a multi-terminal direct current transmission system 1.559

V. Shyam, H.S. Chandrasekharaiah, Indian Institute of Science (India), L.L. Lai, City University (United Kingdom)

Session D2a: Devices, Components and Materials (II)

Thermal behaviour of power modules in PWM-inverters 1.565

S. Konrad, Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany)

The dynamic behaviour of power transistors at impressed di/dt in ZVS applications 1.571

T. Reimann, Technical University of Ilmenau, J. Petzoldt, University of Rostock (Germany)

Effects of temperature, forward current, and commutating di/dt on the reverse recovery behaviour of fast power diodes 1.577

N Y A Shammas, M T Rahimo, P T Hoban, Staffordshire University, (United Kingdom)

Short circuit ruggedness, switching and stationary behaviour of new high voltage IGBT in measurement and simulation 1.583

Y. C. Gerstenmaier, G.J.E. Scheller, Siemens AG, M. Hierholzer, eupec GmbH (Germany)

Fast power diodes fabricated on silicon to silicon direct bonded (SDB) - material 1.588

R. Wiget, M. Tzvetkova, E.P. Burte, Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen (Germany)

A critical evaluation of modern IGBT-modules 1.594

F. Blaabjerg, J. K. Pedersen, Aalborg University, U. Jaeger, Danfoss A/S (Denmark)

The influence of device parameters on load configurations on the turn-on performance of Gate Turn-off Thyristors 1.602

M. J. Evans, F. J. Wakeman, Westcode semiconductors ltd, P.A. Mawby, University College of Swansea (United Kingdom)

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Family 1.608

P. Aloisi, Motorola Semiconductors (France)

Latch-up mechanism at turn-on induced by the subthreshold current in MOS thyristor and MCT devices 1.614

J.L. Sanchez, G. Charitat, H. Tranduc, P. Rossel, P. Austin, F. Rossel, Lab. d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes du CNRS (France), F.H. Behrens, Centro Tecnológico para Informática (Brazil)

Vertical GaAs MESFET for smart power switching applications 1.620

N.G. Wright, C.M. Johnson , A.G. O'Neill, M. Hossin, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)

Causes and mechanisms of semiconductor device failures in power converter service conditions 1.625

S. Januszewski, M. Kociszewska, H. Swiatek, Electrotechnical Inst., G. Swiatek, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

A new test bench for high power turn-off semiconductor devices 1.631

A. Steimel, J. Teigelkötter, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)

New high voltage switches: spontaneously fired MOS-thyristor devices 1.637

J-L. Sanchez, J. Rios, R. Berriane, J. Jalade, P. Austin, Lab. d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes du CNRS (France)

Transit-time oscillations during inductive turn-off of power BJT 1.643

G. Vitale, L. Fratelli, University of Napoli 'Federico II' (Italy)

Experimental results and modelling about thermal instability prediction and current gain in power transistors 1.649

S. Pica, G. Scarpetta, University of Naples (Italy)

Session D2b: Control (II)

Theory and characteristics on novel variable reluctance resolver 1.655

A. Ishizaki, K. Takasaki, Tokyo Denki University, S. Shimomura, The Polytechnic University, K. Masaki, K. Kitazawa, Tamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd (Japan)

An oversampled high accuracy current transducer for low frequency current measurement 1.661

C.P. Lewis, T.G. Hesketh, S.J. Crump, Coventry University (United Kingdom)

A DSP-based interference current filter for asynchronous traction drives 1.665

A. Duym, E.K.H. van der Pols, HOLEC Ridderkerk (The Netherlands)

AC motor drive system for cold strip mill 1.671

F. Ben Ammar, H. Godfroid, J.C. Lebrun, J. Schwedt, CEGELEC-DEI (France)

Least squares high-voltage modulation strategy for PWM inverters 1.677

A. Dell'Aquila, V. Giliberti, E. Montaruli, P. Zanchetta, Politecnico di Bari (Italy)

A DSP control of a soft switching inverter for an electromagnetic damper of vibrations 1.683

Ch. Lombard, M. Mazaudier, A. Berthon, IGE-Université de Franche - Comté (France)

A new method of stator resistance estimation for enhanced dynamic performance of sensorless vector control drives 1.689

R. Blasco-Gimenez, G.M. Asher, M. Sumner, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Voltage-source inverter fed asynchronous machine with hysteresis control of rectified motor currents 1.695

C. Tuttas, Universität Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Measurement of losses of fast power switches - Impact of typical causes of inaccuracy 1.701

Y. Lembeye, J.P. Keradec, Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble, D. Lafore, ESIM - IMT (France)

Microprocessor based mathematical and logical random PWM methods for power inverters 1.707

S.Y.R. Hui, I. Oppermann, F. Pasalic, S. Sathiakumar, University of Sydney (Australia)

Electrovalves driver unit with integrated state machine based control circuit 1.713

R. Groppo, U. Panizza, FIAT Research Centre (Italy)

PWM voltage vector control with predictive pulse generation for low-switching inverters 1.718

W. Hofmann, Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany)

Position detection for cylindrical linear switched-reluctance actuator 1.724

J. Corda, P. Slater, University of Leeds (United Kingdom) J. Breiland (Norway)

Vector PWM modulator with continuous transition to the six-step mode 1.729

A. Haras, Technical University of Gdansk, D. Roye, Lab. d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble (Poland)

Combined speed and temperature estimation in brushed DC drives 1.735

PP Acarnley, JK Al-Tayie, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)

A speed sensorless digitally controlled induction motor drive estimating rotor resistance variation 1.741

C. Attaianese, University of Cassino, I. Marongiu, University of Cagliari, A. Perfetto, University of Napoli (Italy)

MOS gate driver circuit with extremely high galvanic isolation 1.747

M. A. E. Andersen, Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)

Speed sensorless drive with induction machine based on natural field orientation 1.752

J. Zdenkovic, Z. Kuljic, Drives & Control, N. Pasalic, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

The influence of optimal programmed Pulse Width Modulation on the static and dynamic output behaviour of a digital controlled DC/DC-converter 1.758

S. Huth, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (Germany)

The parallel resonant converter - A dynamical system approach 1.764

E. Fossas, R. Piqué, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)

Modelling of voltage and current mode controlled PWM converters using SIMULINK 1.770

P. R. Holme, C.D. Manning, Loughborough University of Technology (United Kingdom)

Prototype drive and modulation concepts for DSP-controlled ultrasonic motors powered by resonant converters 1.777

J. Maas, N. Fröhleke, P. Krafka, H. Grotstollen, University of Paderborn (Germany)

An object-oriented approach to computer aided analysis of power electronics systems 1.783

A. Méndez, J. Bordonau, J. Peracaula, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)

A neural fuzzy control with stator resistance estimator for IM drive with DSC 1.789

B. Dobrucky, F. Chaloupka, P. Kucer, Univ. of Transport and Communication, V. Racek, Slovak Technical University Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

Pulse width modulation with extended modulation depth range for three-phase voltage converters 1.795

N. Pop, A. Kelemen, Technical University of Cluj Napoca (Romania)

Current transformers performance on asymmetrical triggered thyristorized circuit 1.801

L. Pierrat, EDF, T. Tran-Quoc, Lab. d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble (France)

Comparison of a space-vector modulation strategy for a three phase standard and a component minimized voltage source inverter 1.806

F. Blaabjerg, S. Freysson, H. H. Henrik, S. Hansen, Aalborg University (Denmark)

Standstill estimation of electrical parameters in induction motors using an optimal input signal 1.814

H. Børsting, M. Knudsen, Aalborg University, P. Vadstrup, Grundfos International a/s (Denmark)

Non-linear field oriented control in a rotor reference frame 1.820

P. J. Coussens, A. P. Van den Bossche, J. A. Melkebeek, University of Gent (Belgium)

Averaged modelling for AC converters working under discontinuous conduction mode. Application to thyristors controlled series compensators 1.826

S. Bacha, JP Rognon, N. Hadj Said, Lab. d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble (France)

Improving IGBT behaviour on short circuit condition 1.831

A.S. Carvalho, A.P. Martins, A.S. Araujo, Universidade do Porto, (Portugal)

Indirect sensors for electric drives 1.836

M. Jufer, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology (Switzerland)

Characteristics of electric drive with three-phase asynchronous motor operated from one-phase supply line via thyristor switch in frequency-step mode 1.842

A.L. Pisarev, Yu. T. Portnoy, NPP VNIIEM (Russia)

Session D2c: Converters

High power water cooled three-level GTO-modules for the static frequency converter Muldenstein 1.847

P. G. Kamp, Siemens AG (Germany)

Current control method for a novel single-phase sinusoidal PWM voltage source inverter 1.852

S. Nonaka, Kinki University (Japan)

Current ripple analysis of hysteresis-controlled inverters introducing concept of conduction probability 1.858

T. Kataoka, P.A. Dahono, Y. Sato, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

High current low voltage power supplies with high power factor, low harmonics and low costs 1.862

D. Pratmarty, N. Buccheit, H. Pouliquen, EDF-DER (France), O. Apeldoorn, Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, Aachen University of Technology (Germany)

Session D2d: Active filters

Active symmetrical lattice filter for harmonic current reduction 1.869

Z.D. Koozehkanani, P. Mehta, M.K. Darwish, Brunel University (United Kingdom)

A 3-phase 4-wire shunt active filter using 6 IGBT's 1.874

M. Aredes, J. Häfner, K. Heumann, Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)

Vector control of shunt active filter 1.880

H. Pouliquen, P. Rioual, EDF-DER (France)

Section hybrid filter for current harmonics in a test stand to regenerative braking of internal combustion locomotives 1.886

R. Strzelecki, G. Benysek, Higher College of Engineering in Zielona Gora,L. Frackowiak, Poznan University of Technology, J. Zyborski, Technical University of Gdansk (Poland)

Wide-band filter with actively reduced losses for power-systems 1.892

G. Vaupel, Siemens AG (Germany)

Line filter for high power inverter locomotive using active circuit for harmonic reduction - Prototype tests results 1.898

M. Carpita, E. Gilardi, Ansaldo Ricerche, Giuseppe Giannini, Ansaldo Trasporti P. Leonardelli, Ansaldo Industria (Italy)

A control method of active power filter in unsymmetrical voltage system 1.904

Y. Komatsu, T. Kawabata, Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

High power voltage source PWM active filter with low switching effect 1.908

C. Lott, O. Lapierre, CEGELEC-DEI, H. Pouliquen, EDF-DER (France)

New control method for active power filter needing line current measurement only 1.914

P. Delarue, R. Bausiere, L2EP - Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (France)

AC/AC three phase converter operating with unity power factor and sinusoidal input current 1.920

W. Koczara, Warsaw University of Technology, (Poland), B. Dakyo, L. Protin, Université du Havre (France)

A new approach to harmonic compensation with hybrid active filters 1.925

A. A. Bayod Rujula, M. Sanz Badia, Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)

An active power filter and unbalanced current compensator control circuit 1.929

P. Verdelho, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, G.D. Marques, ISLA-Santarém (Portugal)

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