Unisa executive Golden Key Meeting

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UniSA Executive Golden Key Meeting
Monday 3 May 2010

Prepared by Stas Kosmadopoulos: General Secretary
Members present: Erin Gold, Stas Kosmadopoulos, Simone Genovese, Prerna Ashok, Nigel Koop, Azid Foondun, Jenna Bishop, Audrey Linn.
Apologies: Christopher Bean, Mary Avina, Lauren Mullinder, Tracey Tolari
Meeting Location:

Cafe Amore, Cnr of Pultney and Pirie St.

Meeting opened at 7:10pm

Flinders’ Induction Ceremony

1.1 Azid and Simone attending to help, May 11

Our Induction Ceremony – New Member Reception – Wednesday 12th May

2.1 Location: Brookman Hall, City East Campus

2.2 Registration opens 5.30pm, with official open at 7pm

2.3 Simone and Mary unable to attend

2.4 Action: Committee members (who are able) to arrive at 4pm for rehearsal – Especially those appearing on stage. Eg. Lauren, Tracy, Erin

2.5 “Information Table” – Action: Bring T-shirts, brochures, photographs, pens, laptop to show website, GK Chapter Newsletter. Bring an extension cord.

2.6 Action: Buy gifts for Stephen Forbes and Lauren – wine, maximum $20 per bottle

2.7 The “Post-New Member Reception debrief” – to be held before AGM

New Member function – Thursday 20th May (1 week after NMR)

3.1 Location: Duke of Brunswick

3.2 Official start: 7pm

3.3 Action: Jenna to ring Duke of Brunswick before 13th May to choose a menu (can see on website) – Booking under “Golden Key”

AGM – Sunday 30th May

4.1 Location: Magill Campus, Room H2-18 (Same room as planning session)

4.2 Official start: 1.30pm – however, Committee Members arrive 12.30pm (see 2.7 above)

4.3 Action: Jenna/Tracy to arrange ordering of pizza from Firle Dominos at least 1 hour prior to AGM start time to give time to cook. Pizza is to be delivered to the room.

International Conferences

5.1 Regarding members who have attended previous International conferences, the Committee voted to issue a policy that in future:

GK Chapter members who have previously been subsidised by the Chapter to attend the International Conference must fund themselves if they intend to go again, unless no one else shows interest in going”

5.2 With regard to funding members:

Conference attendees must pay the Chapter 10% of the costs (flight, accommodation) funded by the Chapter”

High School Visits

6.1 LorettoPrerna has contacted them, and preferred visiting dates are sometime around the end of this semester and the beginning of next semester. Action: Prerna to work out the dates.

6.2 Brighton SchoolAction: Jenna will work out a date sometime in June/July to go with Audrey, and will put together a presentation for the high school kids.

6.3 Action: School visitors must report back to Erin and committee about what happened.

Writing Competition

7.1 Lainie Anderson has been contacted and will judge

7.2 Winning article to be 800-1500 words, in order to be published in the Globalist.

7.3 Action: Simone to send Erin the end results of everything, and the due dates for submissions.

Tri-Uni Quiz Night/Amazing Race/Honorary Member Function

8.1 Tri-Uni Quiz Night – Action: Simone to contact other GK Chapters to arrange a date – for a Friday in September (Possibly go out for drinks afterwards)

8.2 Flinders Social Officer: Alyce – alycebolton@hotmail.com

8.3 Adelaide President: Ying – tzu.yap@student.adelaide.edu.au

8.4 Need to get sponsors for Quiz Night

8.5 Choose charity – Youth Jet is a probable, but open to other suggestions

8.6 Other social events to be organised and discussed.

Blood Drive

9.1 Simone made further enquiries, and can register group online, get a donor ID

9.2 FAQ could go on website

9.3 Action: Simone to set this up, possibly some time in July – “competition” over 4 months

Applied Community Service

10.1 Helping kids, tutoring immigrants in council programs

10.2 Other suggestions welcome

Name Badges

11.1 Azid found out that there is an initial cost plus $10.65 per badge

11.2 Badge design will have GK Logo, and “First Name Last Name” format

11.3 Committee members who wanted a badge put their names on a list

Treasury Change-over

12.1 Azid wants to transfer into an advisory position.

12.2 Nigel to take over position as treasurer.


13.1 Erin has got non-Golden Key recipients of the newsletter!!!

13.2 Nigel now has web access and can assist Chris.

Meeting adjourned at 8.15pm

Next Meeting:

AGM – Sunday 30th May – 1.30pm @ Magill Campus (Room H2-18)

(12.30pm for Post-NMR Debrief)

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