Why Gökser Company?

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Why Gökser Company?

  • Why Gökser Company?

  • The Company’s History, Development And Growth (1982-1987)

  • The most essential development in today business (1987-2008)

  • Gökser’s Products and Applications

  • The activities of the firm (functional competencies and main lines of business)

  • It’Sectors And Dynamics

  • Intellectual Capital Of GM

  • Human Capital-Organizational Capital-Relational Capital (customer, competitor, supplier, Communication With Research Foundations)

  • Some of the Problems

  • Questions

  • Results and proposed solutions

Why Gökser Company?

  • The company applied for moving to the Ankara University Technopark.

  • The company is not only well-known in OSTİM but in Turkey as well. Gokser’s aim is developing Food Drying System and they are the first small business company that takes the TUBİTAKs support. First coordinator in the EU Framework programme.

  • Being aware of the importance of R&D, the firm has adopted constant renovation as a principle and in doing so it has never compromised quality.

  • Establish long-term and reliable relations with customers, focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Company’s History, Development And Growth

  • Company’s products, strategy, sector dynamics

  • Why technopark?

  • Related to Structural Capital:

  • Analysis ability about sector, competitors, market research, quality control, support staff (%), number of automated machine, ICT staff (%), investments in ICT; patent, ISO, R&D department, following scientific magazin, technology investment, organisation structure


  • Related to Human Capital:

  • Number of employees, number of productive employees, number of years with the company, level of education, average age, seniority, experience, engineer number, competence level, computer, language knowledge, application number, training programs, employee turnover, employee satisfaction, social activities, investments in education, R&D

  • Related to relational capital:

  • Number of customers, stock holders, distribution channels, competitors, suppliers, goverment, related peole, customer relationship, and loyalty, number of new products, patents, repeat orders.

Contact Person  Mr. Hilmi Ünal(R&D), Ms. Hilal Unal - Trade Manager, Mr.Serhat Ünal

  • Contact Person  Mr. Hilmi Ünal(R&D), Ms. Hilal Unal - Trade Manager, Mr.Serhat Ünal

  • Business Type  Manufacturer

  • Founded in  1982 (Ünal Teknik)

  • Launched its first branded product in 1987 (Gökser Machine Ltd)

  • Improved and computerised the machine with the support of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) and automation of the flexible duct machine was completed in April 2008

  • Number of Employees   7 (very small sized enterprises)

  • Turnover (2006): Under 1 million TRL

  • City:Ostim - Ankara – Turkey

  • Address:57. Sokak No. 96, 06370

  • Phone:0090 312/3857041Fax:0090 312/3857042

  • Website:www.gokser.com

  • Mail:serhat@gokser.com

  • Main Market: Turkish Armed Forces, TİGEM. Production in the defense industry has always been a source of pride for the company.

  • Export: Bulgaria, Dubai, Kosovo, Holland and Germany , Middle East.

especially designs and manufactures Flexible Air Ducts having different diameter and material.

  • especially designs and manufactures Flexible Air Ducts having different diameter and material.

  • These ducts can be used in various types of applications because they are produced by different materails.

  • Flexible Air Transfer Ducts

  • Radial Fans

  • Mobile heating and cooling systems

  • Industrial Food Drying Systems

  • Mushroom Production Plants and Kompast

Hot air transfer, air conditioning

  • Hot air transfer, air conditioning

  • Defense industries machines

  • Glass factory

  • Aircraft ground s

  • Constructions

  • Tents

  • Green Houses

  • Depod Shed

  • Factories

  • Meeting Halls

  • Hazelnut Drying Rooms

  • Huge Working Machines



  • In the past, Hilmi Unal was working at the Ministry of National Education and teaches electric classes at high schools.

  • After getting retired, he established “Ünal Teknik” firm in 1982. The firm was repairing the radio-television and winding as a small establishment of 10 m2 at Ankara, Tandogan. In that period they have ultimate customers.

  • Mr.Ünal can produce the machines he sees. He saw the gap in the market, shifted to another area other than radio TV maintenance.

  • Since 1987, the establishement of Gokser Machine Ind.Ltd. , they have been producing varius kinds of heaters with burners and their equipments (modern multi-purpose mobile heating systems ).

  • Mr. Ünal move to Organized Indusstrial Region (OSTIM) and penetrated to heating systems market. He saw the need in the local heating market and preferred to product for defense industry.

  • Gökser Ltd. has created its own unique design rather than imitating the presents systems. The firm has increased its product range to 6.

The most essential development in today business (1987-2008)

  • Gokser firm remains to be the first and only producer of flexible heat transmission bellows in Turkey.

  • In April 2008 they improved and computterised the machine with the support of the Scientific and Technological Resarch (STRCT) and the automoation of the flexible duct machine was completed.

The Present Strategy of the company;

  • is to give more importance to R&D, work with possible future partners, keep up the product quality, embrace developments and technology, increase capacity and export another countries.

The Present Strategy of the Company; EU Framework Program

  • The new activity of Gökser Machine is “food drying systems” The firm is the coordinator of the project in EU framework Program.

  • Gökser Machine is the coordinator of a two year project which brings companies together 8 different countries. The aim of the project is to raise R&D capacities of the companies and food drying systems. It’s the first time a Turkish company is in charge of project coordinator among the firms in Turkey joining all the framework programs.

The majority of machinery manufacturers in Turkey are small or medium enterprises like many other countries. This makes possible a rapid and flexible adaptation to changing economic conditions and technological developments.

  • The majority of machinery manufacturers in Turkey are small or medium enterprises like many other countries. This makes possible a rapid and flexible adaptation to changing economic conditions and technological developments.

  • GM is a family business. There are 3 company owners. Mr. Hilmi Ünal, his son Serhat Ünal and his daughter Hilal Ünal. In the past there were 11 employees but some retired and other emigrated. Today there are 7 employees.

  • Hilmi Ünal deals with the R&D knowledge, production after examining the machinery in the international exhibitions or according to the demands of the customers.

  • Hilal Unal was graduated from METU in 1993 and started his masters degree on “city policy planning”. 6 years, she worked on foreign trade in different companies and interested in EU projects. She does market research bu using internet, writes projects also for other companies in OSTİM. She has ability to participate in networks.

  • Serhat Ünal is mechanical engineer and follws up the companies outside business and prepared automated software.

  • The average age of the employees 30-35 (Young and dynamic).

Human Capital

  • Hilmi Ünal does not work with a team of engineers. One employee Apprentice school graduate and others are technicians.They learn all the details of the job at the company. The workers do not need foreign language; the secretary, Miss Hilal and Mr.Serhat Ünal knows English and use computer.

  • The workers are trained 1 or 2 times a week. Since Mr.Ünal is at work all the time there is no outside training. They are being trained by actually working on their own machinery and by Mr.Ünal. This supports their motivation.

Human Capital

  • The workers are well paid enough.

  • New ideas, suggestions can easily be shared and supported. The employees like being part of the management.

  • They are going to employ a qualified employee for marketing.

Organizational (Structure) Capital

  • R&D process: Mr.Hilmi Ünal is following the developments from magazines and printed media.

  • GM has patents.

  • The company is not only well-known in OSTİM but in Turkey as well.

  • Production and assembly : Serhat Ünal is preparing otomation programs, follows up the companys outside business and works as a coordinator in EU projects.

  • They give great importance to quality control and investments in information technology. They have spent 600 000 TL on technology.

  • They have customer database. Hilal Ünal is dealing with sector analysis, market research using the computer and internet resources, İGEME, embassies and IPAD.

Organizational Capital

  • The catalogues and brochures both in English and in Turkish were prepared. Hilal and Serhat Ünal participated in the fairs abroad. In fairs there is a huge participation of the machine technologies The main reason for GM growth is that they have competitive products.

  • The company import heater to Bulgaria, Dubai, Kosovo, Holland and Germany , Middle East.

  • The company has automation, they have 8 machinery with automation.

  • They applied for moving to the technopark and near future they will continue their R&D activities in the technopark.

Organizational Capital

  • Quality control systems is important. GM has Turkish Standards Institude Quality Document. GM has also this Certificates:

  • Nato Manufacturıng Company Code Document (Ncage: T 2735)

  • Nato Stock Document (Nsn:4520270093410)

  • Manufacturıng Certıfıcate Mınıstry Of Trade & Commerce Republıc Of Turkey

  • Regıstratıon Certıfıcate Mınıstry Of Trade & Commerce  Republıc Of Turey

  • Qualıty Certıfıcate Of Turkısh Standards Of Instıtute (Tse)

Relational Capital

  • The company has regular customers and customers finds them since they are well known. The name of the company is well known and the product is high quality.

  • GM lists the names and adresses of present customers on their web site as reference, the customers can demand from their web site. Most important customers are;

  • Turkish Armed Forces,

  • TİGEM (General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises )

  • Security General Management, Land and Air Forces,

  • Soldier Education Brigadier Command Headquarters

  • Air Force Command Headquarters

  • Security Brigadier Command

  • Purveyance Command Headquarters

Relational Capital

  • Agricultural Enterprise

  • Ankara Police Office

  • Ankara University Ankara University Veterinary Faculty

  • The management of Ankara Construction

  • Aselsan

  • Security General Directorate

  • Turkish Air Force Command Headquarters

  • SME Development Association

Relational Capital

  • The products have been introduced in the brochures and on the web site.The products have been exported to Kosova, Holland and Germany online.

GM is being aware of the it’s rivals. There is no rival company in the country. The unique design of the machine makes the company powerful.

    • GM is being aware of the it’s rivals. There is no rival company in the country. The unique design of the machine makes the company powerful.
    • There are 2 producers in Germany and Holland that can be rivals for GM. GM has the power to compete with the companies regarding quality and price. But when it comes to brand name, Germany can get more buyers.
    • Various companies make cheap productions in the country.


  • GM has been working with foreign suppliers. There is no long term relationship. The target is to increase export to Middle East and Russia that have no such products and to stop working through suppliers. Orders can be given online. The suppliers have been provided with regular information flow.

Communication With Research Foundations

  • May be a project partnership is being planned with an academic from Ankara University.

  • The company participation in exhibitions in Romania, Germany, Dubai, İtaly, Moscow. By that way the company can get in touch with other companies, follow the technological innovations and can find new markets.

Some of the Problems Confronted with:

  • Capital, rent amount, credit refusal by the bank.

  • Production capacity increase, production size

  • Intensity research-development possibilities.

  • Brand reputation-country image: There is a foreign country admiration in Turkey. The quality of foreign manufactured machines is perceived as higher quality, a misperception that has forced the local manufacturers to seek new markets. Companies are preferring to purchase from Germany, China instead of Turkey due to negative conditions they’ve had during previous commercial business with Turkey.

  • The owner works as only research development employee at the company, he spends more time on research development.

  • Location(need additional space , move to a new and bigger location) High rate of rent

  • Employment costs

  • Economic crise

  • Marketing of products

What are the reasons of GM’s success?

  • What are the reasons of GM’s success?

  • Is it required to have another research and development dept. other conducting research than Mr.Unal? Why?

  • What are the elements that form the intellectual capital of GM?


  • According to you, what kind of benefits would Ankara Technopark provide GM with?

  • In the long run, what is your recommendation to improve customer relationship for GM that has diverse customer profile?

  • Why do you think that the product sales of GM are less than that of German and US products?

  • What are the possible ways to improve the product sales?

Result and Proposed Solutions

  • Mr.Ünal has a great role in making GM succesful.He was aware of the opportunities and requirements. He has a good relationship with employees and customers.He is handling the R&D on his own, there may be some problems about “innovation” in the future. Mr.Ünal should provide the required background and should educate the newcomers on R&D. In this respect moving to technopark will enlarge the company’s vision. Another R&D department will be established that would conduct researchers other than Mr.Unal.

(a cluster of technologically advanced companies and research institutions. )

  • (a cluster of technologically advanced companies and research institutions. )

  • There’ll be the opportunity of working in a larger area, the capacity, innovative activities will be increased. More people will be hired in R&D.

  • Having a good reputation in sector, this can move on to the national dimension.

  • Planning to product a new version of the automated machine.

  • The increase in the sinergy between universities, research organisations and industry.

  • Consulting services from the university on issues like finance, law, marketing, trade marking, human resources.

  • Increased employment of qualified staff (engineers,

  • researchers)

  • to decrease the costs of production

  • Companies in technopark won’t pay corporate profits tax until 2013.

Result and Proposed Solutions

  • Well educated employees can hire to use personal sales methods. Customer satisfaction can be followed up, inform them on the presentation of each new product.

  • GM has been applying Niche marketing strategy. They divide the market small segmegnts and prefer dealing with some parts. GM has entered the field of manufacturing heat producer systems. (close the customer, less rival amount, high profit margins)

Result and Proposed Solutions

  • GM has been using relational marketing while applying niche marketing. For example GM has been focusing TİGEM, defense industry to establish close, long term relation and to provide customer attendance for the product design.

  • GM’s expertize in EU7.Frame project can develop company’s intellectual capital, R&D capability, entering foreign markets. GM should lead other companies at technopark, to attend the frame programs.

GM can use their built up brand names in comm. tools as much as possible. (İnternet, advertisements, brochures, billboards, exhibitions, logo, packaging, labelling)

  • GM can use their built up brand names in comm. tools as much as possible. (İnternet, advertisements, brochures, billboards, exhibitions, logo, packaging, labelling)

Result and Proposed Solutions

  • According to Aaker, the brand is not only a physical product, but also the association of the country culture, symbols, brand consumer relation, customer profil. The country origin is the consumers perceptions for the country that production takes place. Development levels of the countries can cause diffrentiation in perception. There ise a common belief that products of developed countries are high quality, the products of developing and less developed countries are low quality.

  • There are various factors affecting a country to be brand. Such as foreign affairs policy, cultural diplomacy, tourizm, international conferences, seminars, exhibitions, sports games. Therefore to be a brand not only company but everone should have great duties.

GM has capital insufficiency.

  • GM has capital insufficiency.

  • Recently, banks are working with SME’s in good intention. GM can loan good deal of money from banks.

  • Gokser company can enter into a joint-venture with another company to increase their output. As a result of this alliance, the company can become a major player.


  • Thanks for your attention!

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