Wiesbaden Community Spouse's Club Thrift Shop Consignment Contract

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Wiesbaden Community Spouse's Club Thrift Shop

Consignment Contract

Store Hours:

Tuesdays: 10:00 - 16:00

Thursdays: 12:00 - 19:00

Two Saturdays per Month: 10:00 - 16:00

Consignments end 1 hour prior to the store closing.

Located in Mainz Kastel Station Bldg 4013

across the street from the Shoppette

Phone: 06134-188-838


Become a Thrift Shop Volunteer!

All volunteers receive first choice of newly donated items.

A Volunteer commitment of just 12 hours per month can earn you:

"Thrift Store Dollars"

Reduced Consignment fees

50% off on donated clothing items every shift

See the Thrift Shop manager for a Volunteer Packet today!

Items Not Accepted at WCSC Thrift Shop

  • Automobile Tires

  • Gas Cans

  • Food Products

  • Liquids of any kind (flammables, paint, craft paint, aerosol sprays, propane tanks, lighters)

  • Wigs, hairpieces, scrunches, hair bands etc.

  • Razors of any kind

  • Helmets of any kind

  • Breast Pumps

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Used sippy cups

  • Used baby bottles and nipples

  • Non-Original CD's & DVD's

  • Mattresses

  • X-rated Material

  • Pet litter boxes

  • Used toilet bowl brushes

  • Electronics w/frayed cords

  • Potty Chairs

  • Car Seats

  • Any item put in mouth - Recorder, straws

  • TV's (other than flat screen)

  • Computer Monitors (other than flat screen)

  • Computer Printers (other than wireless)

  • Cribs

* Note: Used items are identified as those NOT in original packaging or without original manufacturer tags.

Wiesbaden Community Spouses’ Club

Thrift Shop Consignment Contract

  1. Eligibility

  1. Only valid ID card holders (U.S. Military, Civilian, DOD, & NATO) 18 years of age or older may consign at the WCSC Thrift Shop. Valid card holders are those with active SOFA status.

  2. Only one account number will be issued per family.

  3. Consignment privileges will be revoked if the consigner: 1) sells any item to the public while on the WCSC Thrift Shop premises (including the parking lot), 2)Uses the WCSC Thrift Shop as a continuous resale (a home based business). Doing so is in violation of Army Regulation 215-1 and USAREUR Regulation 210-70.

The privilege to sell items in the WCSC Thrift Shop does not permit the operation of a business enterprise by individuals. Individuals may not repeatedly purchase or manufacture goods and use the Thrift Shop as a proxy to resell those goods, nor should they take goods from the Reuse/Recycle Center for the purpose of reselling them. Those who do so are violating Army Regulation 215-1 and USAREUR Regulation 210-70 by engaging in a commercial enterprise on a military installation and will lose all Thrift Shop privileges. The regulations are clear that such commercial enterprise is not allowed. The USA Garrison Wiesbaden has the authority to view our records concerning this matter.


  1. Consigning Items

  1. All withdrawn items are subject to a 5% fee of the original price.

  2. Consignments will be accepted during business hours until 1 hour prior to closing.

  3. A total of 12 items may be consigned per day. A limit of 6 daily items may be clothing, and a limit of 3 daily items may be shoes. (Clothing and shoes will not be accepted starting September 1.)

  4. Consigners with PCS orders have sixty (60) days to consign 24 items per day. Only 12 items per day may be clothing items. (PCS orders must be presented to the Consignment Clerk).

  5. Items are consigned for a period of 8 weeks, expiration date to be determined by WCSC Thrift Shop.

  6. Holiday and seasonal items such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. are only accepted during specific periods and must be withdrawn no later than the business day PRIOR to the holiday. You will also be liable to pay the 5% withdrawal fee of the original price. (8 week consignment does not apply to Holiday items).

  7. Consignment inventory sheets must be completely filled out before proceeding to the consignment desk. Consignors may also email list ahead of time to wcscthriftshop@yahoo.com. Consigners may be asked to tag their own items in a separate area if necessary to facilitate service to other consigners.

  8. All items offered for consignment must be clean, free of stains, rips, and tears and in good working condition. CD's and DVD's must be in original packaging. The Thrift Shop will post acceptance dates for seasonal clothing in the consignment office.

  9. The Thrift Shop may reject any item offered for consignment if deemed unsuitable or due to space constraints. Only those consigners with PCS orders are exempt from this list.

  10. The Consigner agrees that all mechanical, electrical, or other items that cannot be properly tested in the store will be released to the purchasing customer on a HOME HOLD. Items will be sold and refunded per Thrift Store policy.


  1. Large furniture and appliances must be approved by management. Management reserves the right to deny large items due to space constraints or items in poor condition.

  2. Consigners are authorized to post an advertisement on the Thrift Shop “for sale” bulletin board. 5% of the sales price will be charged as a non-refundable fee at the time the ad is placed. Ads must be no larger than 8 1/2” x 11”, be approved by the manager, and can remain on the board for a period of eight (8) weeks.

  3. Consigners are not notified when items are sold, rejected or expire. The consigner is responsible for monitoring all account activity.



  1. Pricing and Markdowns

  1. Prices for items must be set in increments of $ 0.50. The minimum asking price per item is $3.00.

  2. Consigners may reduce the asking price once during the eight (8) week consignment period. However, this does NOT extend the consignment period or expiration date. All price reductions must be brought to the Consignment Clerk for documentation.

  3. Consigners may withdraw items any time during the eight (8) week consignment period by paying a handling charge of 5% per item of the ORIGINAL asking price. All withdrawals are processed by the Consignment Clerk and withdrawal fees paid to the cashier. All items not withdrawn by the close of business on the expiration date will become the property of the Thrift Shop. Withdrawn items cannot be re-consigned for a period of 30 days.


  1. Proceeds of Sales

  1. The Thrift Shop will retain 30% of the sales price of each item as its commission.

  2. Net Profit above the operating budget will be transferred to the WCSC Welfare Account and Administrative Accounts in accordance with USAREUR AR 210-1. All profits are returned to the community through scholarships, welfare contributions, and donations.

  3. Consignment sales checks will generally be available by the second Tuesday of each month for the preceeding month’s sales. This schedule is subject to change depending on store schedule. Checks may only be claimed by the individual whose name is on the check unless another individual has been specified on the signature page of the consignment contract. Check pick-up will be available with the cashier.

  4. Consigners who are PCSing may receive their check via mail after they have moved. A “Request to Mail Checks” form with forwarding information must be completed accompanied by a $15.00 ($5.00 per month that each check is to be processed) handling fee. This fee covers CERTIFIED MAIL. The WCSC Thrift Shop is not responsible for inaccurate address information. Consignors are responsible to notify the Thrift Shop within 30 days if they have not received their consignment check in the month the check should have been issued.

  5. Deployed or TDY personnel should contact the WCSC Thrift Shop to make arrangements concerning their checks and/or assign a monitor for their account (Power of Attorney is required for monitor to pick up checks).

  6. Checks not picked up or cashed within 90 days will be null and void. Upon the 91st day, monies will revert back to the WCSC Thrift Shop. Checks will not be reissued under any circumstances.

  7. The WCSC Thrift Shop has the right to collect outstanding debts from consignors (i.e NSF check fees, etc.) from the balance due the consignor for items sold.

  8. It is the consigners responsibility to track the sales of their goods and report all income to the IRS.


The WCSC Thrift Shop reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who violates its property, rules, or regulations.
My Account # is__________________

Wiesbaden Community Spouses’ Club

Thrift Shop
Consignment Contract Signature Page

Last Name________________________________ First Name___________________________________

Account # ____________________ According to Liberty Consignment System
CMR Mailing Address_____________________________________________


E-mail Address___________________________________________
DROS Date _________________________
Person authorized to pick up monthly check if other than consigner:
I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the WCSC Consignment Contract.
Signature ­­___________________________________________________ Date ____________________

--------------------------------------------------For WCSC Thrift Shop Use Only-----------------------------------------------

Account #___________________________Date Account Opened_______________________________

*Revised February 2016

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