Xxvii world congress on echinococcosis 4th – 7th

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4th – 7th October, 2017

AlgIerS, Algeria

Registration Fees


Before 30th June, 2017

After 1st July, 2017

Members of WAE

100 Euro

150 Euro

No members of WAE

120 Euro

170 Euro


50 Euro

75 Euro

Accompanying person

75 Euro

100 Euro

Registration Fee includes:

  • Permission to attend all sessions;

  • Conference materials;

  • All coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, and banquets;

  • Congress Tour

Registration of accompanying person includes:

-We will recognize you as fully registered after receiving your payment. Once you have completed the online registration, we will send you a confirmation message by email 8-10 days after your payment.

-In order to get our hotel accommodation arrangement and conference materials, please keep the confirmation message with due care, and take it with you to the conference site.
-Payment and registration information: the information will be on the site soon.

[Telegrapher Transfer (T/T); Account Name; Account number; Bank; SWIFT code; T/T purpose: registration fee for 27th Congress of the World Association of Echinococcosis (WAE)]

Please send all in the CONTACT SECTION of the website of the Congress:



Family Name:*

First Name:*



Student (please send us the attestation)

Institution: *

Dept/Lab: *



Telephone: *


E-mail: *
Payment Registration Fee:

Bank Transfer

Site payment

At the Congress by cash

Please inform us about your air travel:




Provisional day and time of arrival



Provisional day and time of departure



Hotel accommodation

  1. Main Hotel (Hotel of the Congress)

AZ HOTELS Palm Beach (5 stars): double room - 160 euro/night

  1. Alternative Hotels

  • AZ HOTELS Zeralda (5 stars): Single/double room

Confort room

108 euro/night

Deluxe room

117 euro/night

Executive room

126 euro/night

AZ Hotels Palm Beach and AZ Hotels Zeralda


Phone: + 213 (0) 23 325 589 – Mrs. Bensiali Linda

Reservations: reservation@azhotels.dz

There will be a free shuttle between AZHotel Palm Beach and Zeralda

  • Hotel Abasside Palace Beach (2 stars) Palm Beach N° 9, Staoueli (+213 23201048/95/68); E-mail: reservationabassidepalace@gmail.com

Rooms per night: Single – 70 euro; Double – 80 euro; Triple – 100 euro

The hotel booking shall be done directly to the Hotel. The prices referred

(AZ Hotels and Abasside Hotel) are just for the Congress attendants.

  1. Alternative Hotels

  • Hilton Alger (5 stars): les Pins Maritimes El Mohammadia (+213 21 21 96 96)

  • Sheraton Club des Pins Resort ( 5 stars): 62 Club des Pins Staoueli (+213 2137 7777)

  • Dar Diaf Chéraga (3 stars): Chemin de la Redoute Chéraga (+213 23 37 10 10)

  • El Biar Hotel (3 stars): Boulevard Du 11 Decembre 1960 (+213 2191 6030)

  • Hotel Hydra (2 stars): Boulevard Ben Youcef Benkhedda, Hydra (+213 2154 8942)

The Hotel booking shall be done directly to the Hotel


Web site: http://chirurgiethoracique-babeloued.com/

E mail: contact@chirurgiethoracique-babeloued.com

Tel: 00 213 552 35 16 37

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