Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Related Terminology Updated November 27, 2002

Q QE Quantum efficiency QTL/s Quantitative trait locus/loci R

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QE Quantum efficiency

QTL/s Quantitative trait locus/loci


R 1) Resistant

2) Restorer

3) Restorer line

4) Dark respiration

RADPC Relative area under disease progress curve

RAPD Random amplified polymorphic DNA

RAU Rajendra Agricultural University (India)

RAVC Return after variable cost

RB 1) Relay broadcast

2) Rice bug

RCBD Randomized complete block design

RCI Rice cropping intensity

RDA Rural Development Administration (Republic of Korea)

RDA-CES Rural Development Administration-Crop Experiment Station (Republic of Korea)

rDNA recombinant DNA

RDV Rice dwarf virus

RE Ethanol synthesis

RE Reaper

RF 1) Fertility restorer gene

2) Rockefeller Foundation

RFLP Restriction fragment length polymorphism

RG Rate of germination

RGA Rapid generation advance

RGR Relative growth rate

RGSV Rice grassy stunt virus

RH 1) Relative humidity

2) Rice hispa

RHS Rice hull stove

RI Ragged leaves

RIARS Regional Integrated Agricultural Research System

RIEPT Red Internacional de Evaluacion de Pastos Tropicales

RIFCB Research Institute for Food Crop Biotechnology (Indonesia; see BALITBIOTEK and BORIF)

RIFLER Research Institute for Legumes and Root Crops (Indonesia; see BALITKABI and MARIF)

RIFSA Research Institute for Food Crops in Swampy Areas (Indonesia; see BALITTRA and BARIF)

RIL Recombinant inbred lines

RIP Rolling injection planter

RIMC Research Institute for Maize and Other Cereals (Indonesia; see BALITJAS and MORIF)

RKN Root knot nematode

RL 1) Root length

2) Rainfed lowland

3) Rainfed Lowland Rice Program

RLCU Reactive layer coated urea

RLH Relative lesion height

RLIN Research Libraries Information Network

RLL Relative lesion length

RLR Rainfed lowland rice

RLREP Rainfed Lowland Rice Ecosystems Program

RLRRC Rainfed Lowland Rice Research Consortium

RM Rice mill

RMD Relay, manual, delayed

RMP Relay, manual, prompt

RNA Ribonucleic acid

RNAM Regional Network for Agricultural Machinery (Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, UPLB, Philippines)

RP Recurrent parent (for backcross)

RPA Rice polish agar

RPM Revolutions per minute

rRNA Ribosomal ribonucleic acid

RRSV Rice ragged stunt virus

RRTC Rice Research and Training Centre (Egypt)

RS 1) Remote sensing

2) Researcher's split

3) Row seeder

4) Simple random sampling

RS10 Vertical slit seeder

RS2 Multi-hopper lowland seeder (6 rows)

RS3 Multi-crop upland seeder (5 rows)

RS4 Inclined seedplate planter

RS6 Drum seeder (8 rows for rice)

RSHT Routine seed health test

RSR Row seeded rice

RSV Ragged stunt virus

RT-PCR Reverse transcriptase-Polymerase chain reaction

RTBV Rice tungro bacilliform virus

RTD Rice tungro disease

RTSV Rice tungro spherical virus

RTV Rice tungro virus

RUG Rijksuniversiteit Gent

RVDB Rice viruses data base

RVIG Rice varietal improvement group

R-W Rice-wheat

RWIC Rice-Blast International Collaboration

RWM Rice whorl maggot

RYMV Rice yellow mottle virus

RYT Replicated yield trial


S 1) Satisfactory/standard

2) Secondary tillers

3) Sink size

4) Sterile

5) Susceptible

S&P Seepage and percolation

SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SABRAO Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania

SACCAR Southern African Centre for Cooperation in Agricultural Research and Training (Headquarters: Botswana)

SADC Southern African Development Coordination Conference (Headquarters: Botswana)

SAL Salinity

SAP Specific amplicon polymorphism

SAREC Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries

SARIF Sukarami Research Institute for Food Crops (Indonesia)

SARP Systems Analysis and Simulation for Rice Production

SAWAH Simulation algorithm for water flow in aqueous in habitats

SB 1) Secondary branches

2) Soybean

3) Stem borer

SBD Soil bulk density

SBRRS Suphan Buri Rice Research Station (Thailand)

SC 1) Single cross

2) Stripper combine

SCA Specific combining ability

SCAR Sequence characterized amplified region

SCOPE Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (ICSU, France)

SCOT Conseil Services de Consultante en Observation de la Torre (France)

SCSFA Short chain saturated fatty acid

SCU Sulfur-coated urea

SD Standard deviation

SDC Swiss Development Cooperation

SDI Stress day index

SDM Shoot dry matter

SDS Sodium dodecyl sulfate

SDS-PAGE Sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

SDW Seedling dry weight

SEA Estado de Agricultura de Republica Dominicana (Dominican Republic)

SEADAG Southeast Asian Development Advisory Group (The Asia Society, New York, USA)

SEAFDEC Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre (Philippines)

SEAPPO Southeast Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Organization

SEARCA Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (Headquarters: Philippines)

SEM Scanning electron microscopy

SEMOC Sementes de Mozambique, Lte

SEMRY Society for the Expansion and Modernization of Rice in Yagova (Cameroon)

SES Standard evaluation system for rice

SF Spikelet fertility

SFR Small-farm reservoir

SFRIS San Fabian River Irrigation System (Philippines)

SG Stripper gatherer

SH Standard heterosis

ShB Sheath blight

ShR Sheath rot

ShS Sheath spot

SIDA Swedish International Development Authority

SIDO Small Industries Development Organization (Zambia)

SIP Sipa pump

SIP1 6-inch diam. sipa pump

SIP2 7.5-inch diam. sipa pump

SIP3 10-inch diam. sipa pump

SIP4 4-inch diam. sipa pump

SKD Shikimate dehydrogenase

SL 1) Shoot length

2) Sick leave

SLW Specific leaf weight

SMB Soil microbial biomass

SMIC Sorghum and Millet Information Centre (India)

SMT Soil moisture tension

SN Source nursery

SOAMA Societe d'Andapa Mamokatra (Society for the Development of Andapa Region, Madagascar)

SOC Soil organic carbon

SOD Superoxide dismutase

SODEMO Societe de Developpement de la Plaine de Morondava (Society for the Developement of the Plain of Morondava, Madagascar)

SOM Soil organic matter

SOMALAC Societe d'Amenagement de la Plaine de Morondava (Regional Development Authority for the Development of the Plain of Morondava, Madagascar)

SPAD Soil and Plant Analyzer Development (Japan)

SPANS Spatial analysis systems

SR 1) Soil resistance

2) Stem rot

SRS Stratified random sampling

SS Systematic sampling

SSB Striped stem borer

SSC Sodium chloride/Sodium citrate (buffer)

SSCP Single strand conformational polymorphism

SSD Single seed descent

SSFM Small-scale farm mechanization

SSR Single Sequence Repeat

SSSA Soil Science Society of America

SSST Standard seedbox screening test

ST Stripper thresher

STENANT Area under share tenancy

STR Short tandem repeat

STS Sequence tagged site

SUB Submergence

SURIF Sukamandi Research Institute for Food Crops (Indonesia; now BALITPA; see RIR)

SW2 Savonius windmill-piston pump setup

SWCB Southwestern corn borer

SWP Shallow well pump

SWRI Surface water retention index

SWS Soil and Water Sciences (Soil Microbiology, Soil Science, and Water and Sciences) Division (IRRI)

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