Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Related Terminology Updated November 27, 2002

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J Japonica

j2 Juveniles

JACODEC Japan Agricultural Chemicals Overseas Development Commission

JARI Jute Agricultural Research Institute (India)

JAU Jiangxi Agricultural University (China)

JCAD Joint Committee on Agricultural Research and Development (AID)

JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency

JICT Japan Information Center of Science and Technology

JIRCAS Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

JNAU Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University (India)


KARI Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

KAU Kerala Agricultural University (Thailand)

KB Kilobase

kg Kilogram/s

KG KG growth cabinet room

KKU Khon Kaen University (Thailand)

KSU Kansas State University (USA)

KU Kasetsart University (Thailand)


l Liter

L/B Length/breadth ratio of grain

L:W Length-to-width ratio

LAI Leaf area index

LAN Local area network

LAR Leaf area ratio

LAC Latin America and the Caribbean

Lao PDR Lao People's Democratic Republic

LC 1) Letter of credit

2) Library of Congress (USA)

LC50 Concentration that causes 50% mortality

LCP Light compensation point

LCR Ligase chain reaction

LD Low density

LD50 Duration, in days, to 50% mortality

LDG Lodging

LEISA Low external input and sustainable agriculture

LER Land equivalent ratio

LEW Leaf epicuticular wax

LF Leaffolder

LIPI Indonesian Institute of Sciences

LIRRTP Lao-IRRI Rice Research and Training Project

LMPCR Ligase mediated polymerase reaction

Lr Leaf rolling

LRDC Land Resources Development Centre (UK)

LRP Less reactive phosphate

LSc Leaf scald

LSD Least significant difference

LSS Literature Search System

LTCCE Long-term continuous cropping experiment

LTFE Long-term fertility experiment

LT-IBDS Low temperature in-bin drying and storage

LTR Light transmission ratio

LUCC Land-use/cover change

LWD Leaf water potential


M 1) Maintainer

2) Mutant

MAALS Monosomic alien addition lines

MAAP Multiple arbitrary amplicon profiling

MACROS Modules for annual crop simulation

MADA Muda Agricultural Development Authority (Indonesia)

MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (Japan)

MAFI Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (Vietnam)

MARC Machine readable cataloging

MARDI Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute

MARI Maros Agricultural Research Institute (Indonesia)

MARIF Malang Research Institute for Food Crops (Indonesia; now BALITKABI; see RIFLER)

MAS Myanmar Agricultural Service

MAT Maturity duration

Mb Megabase

MBRC Marginal benefit cost ratio

MBPS Modified bulk pedigree selection

MC 1) Moisture content

2) Multiple cross

MCA Monoclonal antibodies

MCD Multiple cropping department

m-d Man-days

MDS Minimum data set

MGR Magnoporthe grissa repeat

MH Major pedological horizon

MHA Mobile humic acid

MHE Ministry of Higher Education (Philippines)

MIFS Myanmar-IRRI Farming Systems

MITS Multicrop inverted-T seeder

MM Materials management

MMPU Multimode power unit

MOD Ministry of Overseas Development (UK)

MORIF Maros Research Institute for Food Crops (Indonesia; now BALITJAS; see RIMC)

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MP Matric potential

MPTO Motor cycle power take-off

MPTS Multipurpose tree species

MR 1) Mail room/radioroom

2) Memorandum of receipt

3) Mildly resistant

4) Milled rice

5) Milling recovery

6) Moderately resistant

mRNA Messenger RNA

MRRTC Maligaya Rice Research and Training Center (Philippines)

MS 1) Male sterile

2) Mildly susceptible

3) Moderately susceptible

MSc Master of Science

SST Modified seedbox screening test

MSU Michigan State University (USA)

MMSU Mariano Marcos State University (Philippines)

MOA Ministry of Agriculture

MT 1) Maximum tillering

2) Metric ton

MTA Material transfer agreement

MTCB Minimum temperature for chloroplast biogenesis

MTP Medium-Term Plan

MV/s Modern variety/ies

MVP Marginal value products

MVR Rate of MV adoption

MW Molecular weight


NA Nonanoic weight

NAFC National Agriculture and Food Council (Philippines)

NAL National Agricultural Library (Philippines)

NARC 1) Nepal Agricultural Research Council

2) National Agricultural Research Center (Japan)

NARP National Agricultural Research Project (India)

NARS/s National Agricultural Research System/s

NAS National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC)

NAU Nanjing Agricultural University (China)

NBI National Bureau of Investigation (Philippines)

NBPGR National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (India)

NBLS Narrow brown leaf spot

NBS Narrow brown spot

NC No-choice screening test

NCAER National Council for Applied Economic Research (India)

NCP 1) Noncapsid protein

2) Nutrition Center of the Philippines

NCPC National Crop Protection Center (Philippines)

NCRE National Cereals Research and Extension

NCRW National Commission on the Role of Women (Philippines)

NCSO National Census and Statistics Office (Philippines)

NCRI National Cereals Research Institute (Nigeria)

NCSU North Carolina State University (USA)

Ndfa Contribution of atmospheric nitrogen

NDUAT Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology (India)

NEC National Executive Council (Papua New Guinea)

NEDA National Economic and Development Authority (Philippines)

NEDECO Netherlands Development Co.

NERC National Environment Research Center (Alabama, USA)

NFAC National Agriculture and Food Council (Philippines)

NFDC National Fertilizer Development Center (Tennessee, USA)

NFE Nitrogen-free extract

NFNC National Food and Nutrition Commission (Zambia)

NFS Nitrogen fixation stimulation

NFTAL Nitrogen fixation in tropical agricultural legumes

NGA National Grains Authority (Philippines)

NGO Nongovernmental Organization

NHI Nitrogen harvest index

NIA National Irrigation Administration (Philippines)

NIAB Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (Pakistan)

NIAE National Institute of Agricultural Engineering (now Silsoe Research Institute, UK)

NIAR National Institute of Agrobiological Resources (Japan)

NIB National Irrigation Board (Philippines)

NIG National Institute of Genetics (Japan)

NIL Near-isogenic line/s

NIR Near-infrared reflectance

NIRD National Institute for Rural Development (India)

NIRS National Irrigation Research Station (Zambia)

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (Department of Commerce, USA)

NLB Neem leaf bitters

Nm3 Normal cubic meter

NMC Nonmorphogenic calli

NMR Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

NoET Number of effective tillers/hill

NoFG Number of filled grains/panicle

NORAD Norwegian Agency for International Development

NORAGRIC Norwegian Centre for International Agricultural Development

NPGRCC National Plant Genetic Resources Conservation Center (China)

NPGRL National Plant Genetic Resources Laboratory (Philippines)

NPR Nominal protection rate

NPT New plant type

NRI Natural Research Institute (UK)

NRIP National Rice Improvement Programme (Nepal)

NRS Nationally recruited staff

NRSMC National Research and Seed Multiplication Center (Philippines)

NSB Neem seed bitters

NSC Nonstructural carbohydrates

NSDB National Science Development Board (Philippines)

NSERC National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Ottawa)

NSKE Neem seed kernel extract

NSN National Screening Nursery

NSSL National Seed Storage Laboratory (USA)

NSTDA National Science and Technology Development Agency (Nigeria)

NT Nontilled or no tillage

NTP Nucleoside 5'triphosphate

NUE Nitrogen use efficiency

NUFFIC Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation

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