Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Related Terminology Updated November 27, 2002

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Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Related Terminology

Updated November 27, 2002

Table Of Contents

Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Related Terminology

Updated November 27, 2002 1

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Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Terminology 4

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Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Terminology

This reference guide will allow you to:

  • sample the alphabet soup of acronyms representing the many agencies involved in different parts of the rice sector, the various rice varieties, diseases and pests, experimental procedures, and morefrom AAACU to ZLH,

  • access 3000 terms used by rice growers, researchers, and teachers, and

  • link to the FAO’s Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture.

Explore the links on the left side of the screen to view each of these resources.



AAACU Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities

AAAE Asian Association of Agricultural Engineers (Headquarters: Thailand)

AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAASA Association for the Advancement of Agricultural Sciences in Africa

AAATDC Association for the Advancement of Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries (Headquarters: Michigan, USA)

AACC American Association of Cereal Chemists

AARD Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (Indonesia)

AASE African Association of Science Editors

AAT Accelerated aging treatment

AAU Assam Agricultural University (India)

ABA Abscisic acid analogue

AB-DLO Research Institute for Agrobiology and Soil Fertility (The Netherlands)

ABS Active barrier system (for rat control)

AC 1) Amylose content

2) Anther culture


ACASTD Advisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology to Development

ACEID Asian Centre of Educational Innovation for Development (Headquarters: Thailand)

ACIAR Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

ACSN Asian Cropping Systems Network

ACVAFS American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service (Headquarters: New York, USA)

ADAB Agricultural Development Agencies in Bangladesh

ADB Asian Development Bank (Headquarters: Philippines)

ADC Agricultural Development Council (formerly CECA) (New York, USA)

ADPC Area under disease progress curve

ADRAO Association pour le Developpement de la Riziculture en Afrique de l'Ouest (WARDA, C"te d'Ivoire)

ads Air-dried soil

AERCC Agricultural Economics Research Council of Canada

AEZ Agroecological Zone

AFB Axial flow blower

AFLP Amplification fragment length polymorphism

AFNETA Alley Farming Network for Tropical Africa

AFP Agence France Presse

AG Anastomosis group

AGCD Administration Generale de la Cooperation au Developpment de Belgique (Belgium)

AGDP Agricultural gross domestic products

AGLINET Agricultural Libraries Network

AGPET Agricultural Process Engineering and Technology

AGRICOLA Agricultural on-line access (Headquarters: USA)

AGRIS International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (affiliated with FAO, Italy)

ai Active ingredient

AIBA Agriculture Information Bank for Asia (Headquarters: Philippines)

AICARP All India Coordinated Agronomic Research Project

AICORP All India Coordinated Oilseeds Research Project

AICRIP All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project

AICSMSP All India Coordinated Scheme of Micronutrients in Soils and Plants

AIDAB Australian International Development Assistance Bureau

AIEDP Asian Institute for Economic Development and Planning (Headquarters: Thailand)

AIFST Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

AIRD Asian Institute for Rural Development (Headquarters: India)

AIRAT African Irrigated Rice Advanced Trial

AIRON African Irrigated Rice Observational Nursery

AIRPSS African Irrigated Rice Preliminary Screening Set

AIT Asian Institute of Technology (Headquarters: Thailand)

ALK Alkalinity

ALP Amplicon length polymorphism

ALRESS African Lowland Rice Evaluation and Screening Set

Amax Maximum photosynthetic rate

AMDP Agricultural Mechanization Development Program (UPLB, Philippines)

AMIC Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre (Headquarters: Singapore)

AMTEC Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center (UPLB, Philippines)

AMTID Application of Modern Technology to International Development (Washington, DC)

AMY Amylose

ANSI American National Standards Institute

AP Accounts payable

APAU Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University (India)

APCFFT Asian and Pacific Council Food and Fertilizer Technology Center

APEID Asian Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (Headquarters: Thailand)

APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service/USDA (Washington, DC)

APPA Agronomy, Plant Physiology, and Agroecology Division (IRRI)

APS Agricultural production system

AR 1) Absorption ratio

2) Accounts receivable

ARA Acetylene-reducing activity

ARBN 1) Asian Rice Biotechnology Network

2) African Rice Blast Nursery

ARC 1) Agricultural Resources Center

2) Agricultural Research Council

3) Agricultural Research Center

ARDA Research and Development Abstracts of USAID (Washington, DC)

AREEO Agricultural Research, Education, Extension Organization (Iran)

ARFSN Asian Rice Farming Systems Network (IRRI)

ARG Auto radiogram

ARI 1) Agricultural Research Institute

2) Agrarian Reform Institute (UPLB, Philippines)

3) Agricultural Research Institute and Agricultural Board (USA)

ARS/USDA Agricultural Research Service/United States Department of Agriculture

ARTP African Rice Testing Program

AS 1) Agrarian system

2) Ammonium sulfate

3) Anaerobic seeder

ASA American Society of Agronomy

ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers

ASCA Association for Scientific Cooperation in Asia (Headquarters: Australia)

ASCI American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations

asl Above sea level

ASS Acid sulfate soils

ASPP American Society of Plant Physiology

ASTA American Seed Trade Association

ASV Alkali spreading value

ATI Agricultural Training Institute (Department of Agriculture, Philippines)

ATP Adenosine triphosphate

ATR Apparent translocation rate

AURAT African Upland Rice Advanced Trial

AVRDC Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (Taiwan)

AURON African Upland Rice Observational Nursery

AURPSS African Upland Rice Preliminary Screening Set

AWOL Absence without leave

AYT Advanced yield trial

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