Acronyms and Glossary of Rice Related Terminology Updated November 27, 2002

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ha Hectare/s

HA Humic acid

HAU Haryana Agricultural University (India)

HB Hybridization block

HCES Honam Crop Experiment Station (Republic of Korea)

HD High density

HDI High density index

HI Harvest index

HPLC High performance liquid chromatography

HR Highly resistant

HRD Human resources development

HRR Head rice recovery

HS Highly susceptible

HT 1) Height

2) Hydro tiller

HT1 Hydro tiller (regular)

HT2 Hydro tiller (modified)

HT3 Mini hydro

HU Centrifugal huller

HW Hand weeding

HWR Hull weight ratio

HWT Hot water treatment


I 1) Indica

2) Intermediate

IAA Indoleacetic acid

IAAE International Association of Agricultural Economics (Headquarters: UK)

IAAP Intensive Agricultural Area Program (India)

IAC 1) Instituto Agronomico Campinas (Brazil)

2) International Agricultural Center (The Netherlands)

IACOD International Agency for Cooperation on Development (Switzerland)

IADP Intensive Agricultural District Program (India)

IADS International Agricultural Development Service (New York, USA)

IAE Institute for Agricultural Engineering (Indonesia; formerly CDAET, Center for Development of Appropriate Agricultural Engineering Technology)

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria)

IARC/s International Agricultural Research Center/s

IARI Indian Agricultural Research Institute

IARI-WTC Indian Agricultural Research International, Water Technology Center (New Delhi)

IARPCB International Association for Research on Plantain and other Cooking Bananas (Nigeria)

IAS Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Republic of Korea)

IASRI Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute

IB Inclusion body

IBCP IRRI-Burma-CIDA Project

IBGE Instituto Brasileiro de Geografica e Estatistica (Brazil)

IBPGR International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (Italy; became IPGRI in 1994)

IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)

IBSNAT International Benchmark Sites Network for Agrotechnology Transfer

IBSRAM International Board for Soil Research and Management (Thailand)

ICA 1) International Cooperative Alliance (UK)

2) Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (Colombia)

3) International Council for Aquaculture (Philippines)

ICAR Indian Council of Agricultural Research

ICARDA International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (Syria)

ICASA International Consortium for Application of Systems Approach to Agriculture (University of Hawaii, USA)

ICASALS International Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Land Studies (Texas, USA)

ICDUP International Council for the Development of Underutilized Plants

ICGEB International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (United Nations Development Organization)

ICID International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (India)

ICIMOD International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (Nepal)

ICIPE International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Kenya)

ICLARM International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (Philippines)

ICP Intercountry Program on Integrated Pest Control

ICRAF International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (Kenya)

ICRISAT International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (India)

ICS Institute of Computer Science (UPLB, Philippines)

ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions (Headquarters: France)

ICTA Instituto de Ciencia y Technologia Agricloas (Guatemala)

ICWG-GR Inter-Center Working Group on Genetic Resources

IDA International Development Association (Washington, DC)

IDESSA Institut des Savanes (Africa)

IDH Isocitric dehydrogenase

IDIAP Instituto de Investigacion Agropecuaria de Panama

IDPS IRRI Discussion Paper Series

IDRC International Development Research Centre (Canada)

IDRON International Rainfed Lowland Rice Observational Nursery

IDRYN International Deepwater Rice Yield Nursery

IEA Initial environmental assessment

IESAM Institute of Environmental Science and Management (UPLB, Philippines)

IEF Isoelectric focusing

IFRI Inland Fisheries Research Institute (Philippines)

IFRON International Floating Rice Observational Nursery

IIRON International Irrigated Rice Observational Nursery

IIRYN-E International Irrigated Rice Yield Nursery--Early

IIRYN-M International Irrigated Rice Yield Nursery--Medium

IIRYN-VE International Irrigated Rice Yield Nursery--Very Early

IESAM Institute of Environmental Science and Management (UPLB, Philippines)

IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development (Italy)

IFAIN Instituto de Fomento Agroindustrial (Costa Rica)

IFCC Institut Francais du Cafe, du Caýao, et d'Autres Plantes Stimulantes

IFDC International Fertilizer Development Center (Alabama, USA)

IFDP Institute for Food Development Policy (USA)

IFPRI International Food Policy and Research Institute (Washington, DC)

IFRPD Institute of Food Research and Product Development (Thailand)

IFS International Foundation of Science (Sweden)

IGAC Intenational Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project

IGAU Indira Gandhi Agricultural University (India)

IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: A Study of Global Change (ICSU, Australia)

IGBP-DIS IGBP Data and Information System

IGCCBD Inter-Governmental Committee on the Convention on Biological Diversity

IGF International Genetics Federation

IgG Specific immunoglobulin

IGLIC International Grain Legume Information Centre (Nigeria)

IGUAT Indira Gandhi University of Agriculture and Technology (India)

IHPR Insect host plant resistance

IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria)

IIBC International Institute of Biological Control (UK)

IIE Imperial Institute of Entomology (UK)

IIHR Indian Institute for Horticultural Research

IIMI International Irrigation Management Institute (Sri Lanka)

IIRR International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (Philippines)

IIT Indian Institute of Technology (India)

IITA International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Nigeria)

I/J Indica/japonica

ILCA International Livestock Centre for Africa (Ethiopia; combined with ILRAD in 1994 to form ILRI)

ILO International Labour Organization

ILRAD International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases (Kenya; combined with ILCA in 1994 to form ILRI)

ILRI 1) International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (The Netherlands)

2) International Livestock Research Institute (Kenya and Ethiopia)

INCA Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agricolas (Cuba)

INEP Instituto Nacional de Estudio e Pesquisas Educacionais (Brazil)

INEPA Institute of Entomology and Parasitology of Africa (Ghana)

INERA Institut National pour l'Etude et la Recherche Agronomiques (Zaire)

INGER International Network For Genetic Evaluation of Rice (formerly International Rice Testing Program, IRTP)

INIA Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias (Spain)

INIAA Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agraria y Agroindustrial (Peru)

INIAP Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (Ecuador)

INIBAP International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain (France, now part of IPGRI)

INIFAP Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales y Agropecuarias (Mexico)

INNOTECH Regional Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology (Philippines)

INSAET Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (UPLB, Philippines)

INSA 1) Indian National Science Academy

2) National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Vietnam)

INSAET Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (UPLB, Philippines)

INSFFER International Network on Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Evaluation for Rice

INSOTEC Instituto de Investigaciones Socio-Economicas y Tecnologicas

INSURF International Network on Soil Fertility and Sustainable Rice Farming

INTA Instituto Nacional Tecnologia Agropecuaria (Argentina)

INTSORMIL International Sorghum and Millet Program (Headquarters: Nebraska, USA)

INTSOY International Soybean Program (Headquarters: Illinois and Puerto Rico, USA)

IORD International Organization for Rural Development (Belgium)

IPB Institute of Plant Breeding (UPLB, Philippines)

IPGRI International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (formerly IBPGR)

IPM Integrated Pest Management

IPMN Integrated Pest Management Network

IPMRN Integrated Pest Management Research Network

IPPC International Plant Protection Center (Oregon, USA)

IPR Intellectual property rights

IR 1) Infrared spectrophotometry

2) Irrigated Rice Research Program (IRRI)

3) Irrigated rice

IRA Institute of Agronomic Research (Cameroon)

IRAEN International Rice Agro-Economic Network

IRAF Institut de Recherches Agronomiques et Forestieres (Cameroon)

IRALON International Rice Acid Lowland Soils Observational Nursery

IRALSN International Rice Acid Lowland Soil Nursery

IRAM 1) Institut de Recherches Agronomiques de Malagasy

2) Institut de Recherches et Application de Methodes de Developpement (Institute of Research and Application of Development Methods, France)

IRAT Institut de Recherches Agronomiques Tropicales et des Cultures Vivrieres (Institute for Research in Tropical Agriculture, France)

IRAUSN International Rice Acid Upland Soil Nursery

IRBBN International Rice Bacterial Blight Nursery

IRBN International Rice Blast Nursery

IRBN-L International Rice Blast Nursery--Lowland

IRBN-U International Rice Blast Nursery--Upland

IRBON International Rice Boro Observational Nursery

IRBPHN International Rice Brown Planthopper Nursery

IRC 1) International Rice Commission (Italy)

2) Interrow cultivation

IRCTN International Rice Cold Tolerance Nursery

IRDP Integrated Rural Development Programme (Zambia)

IRDSN International Rice Drought Screening Nursery (now IRDTN)

IRDTN International Rice Drought Tolerance Nursery

IRDWON International Rice Deep Water Observational Nursery

IRDWYN International Rice Deep Water Yield Nursery

IRFAON International Rice Finegrain Aromatic Observational Nursery

IRGA Instituto Rio Grandense do Arroz (Brazil)

IRGC International Rice Germplasm Center (IRRI)

IRGD Irrigated village dummy

IRGMN International Rice Gall Midge Nursery

IRHON International Rice Hybrid Observational Nursery

IRIS Inarihan River Irrigation System (Philippines)

IRLON International Rainfed Lowland Rice Observational Nursery (formerly IRRSWON)

IRLYN International Rainfed Lowland Rice Yield Nursery

IRLYN-E International Rainfed Lowland Rice Yield Nursery--Early

IRLYN-M International Rainfed Lowland Rice Yield Nursery--Medium (formerly IRRSWYN-E)

IRON International Rice Observational Nursery

IRON-VE International Rice Observational Nursery--Very Early

IRON-E International Rice Observational Nursery--Early

IRON-M International Rice Observational Nursery--Medium

IRIS Inarihan River Irrigation System (Philippines)

IRRI International Rice Research Institute (Philippines)

IRRI-BN International Rice Research Institute--Blast Nursery

IRRN International Rice Research Notes (formerly IRRI Newsletter)

IRRSWON International Rainfed Rice Shallow Water Observational Nursery (now IRLON)

IRRSWON-E International Rainfed Rice Shallow Water Observational Nursery-Early (now IRLON)

IRRSWON-M International Rainfed Rice Shallow Water Observational Nursery-Medium (now IRLON)

IRRSWYN-E International Rainfed Rice Shallow Water Yield Nursery--Early (now IRLYN-E)

IRRSWYN-M International Rainfed Rice Shallow Water Yield Nursery--Medium (now IRLYN-M)

IRS Internationally recruited staff

IRSATON International Rice Salinity and Alkalinity Tolerance Observational Nursery (now IRSSTN)

IRSBN International Rice Stem Borer Nursery

IRSGON International Rice Slender Grain Observational Nursery

IRSSTN International Rice Soil Stress Nursery

IRSTON International Rice Salinity Tolerance Observational Nursery (now IRSSTN)

IRTIP International Rice Testing and Improvement Program

IRTN International Rice Tungro Nursery

IRTON International Rice Temperate Observational Nursery

IRPT International Rice Testing Program (now INGER)

IRUSS International Rice Ufra Screening Set

IRUN International Rice Ufra Nursery

IRWBPHN International Rice Whitebacked Planthopper Nursery

IRWIT International Rice-Wheat Integrated Trial

IRYN International Rice Yield Nursery

IRYN-E International Rice Yield Nursery--Early

IRYN-M International Rice Yield Nursery--Medium

IRYN-VE International Rice Yield Nursery--Very Early

ISABU Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Burundi

ISAID Institute for the Study and Application of International Development (Canada)

ISAR Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Rwanda

ISBN International standard book number

ISDEF International Soil Data Exchange File

ISFEIP International Soil Fertility Evaluation and Improvement Program

ISMARC Irrigation System Management Research Committee

ISNAR International Service for National Agricultural Research (The Netherlands)

ISO International Standardization Organization

ISRA Institut Senegal de Recherches Agricoles

ISRIC International Soil Reference and Information Centre (includes the former International Soil Museum, The Netherlands)

ISSN International standard serial number

ISSS International Soil Science Society (Italy)

ISTA International Seed Testing Association (Switzerland)

ISWRN International Spring Wheat Rust Nursery

ITPRON International Tide-Prone Rice Observational Nursery

ITRON International Tidal Wetland Rice Observational Nursery

IUBS International Union of Biological Sciences (France)

IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (Switzerland)

IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (Headquarters: UK)

IURON International Upland Rice Observational Nursery

IURON-E International Upland Rice Observational Nursery--Early

IURON-M International Upland Rice Observational Nursery--Medium

IURYN International Upland Rice Yield Nursery

IURYN-E International Upland Rice Yield Nursery--Early

IURYN-M International Upland Rice Yield Nursery--Medium

IVB Inner vascular bundle

IVOMD In vitro organic matter digestibility

IVRI Indian Veterinary Research Institute

IVTDMD In vitro total dry matter digestibility

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