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  • All of the walls, exterior paint, and final wall coverings of the plant should be maintained in excellent condition

  • Any demolition or perforation of the walls that is done because of process requirements must be completely repaired and painted to maintain the decorative original scheme and must have obtained previous authorization from the lessor

  • All of the exterior and interior, including the areas where the guard booths are located, storage warehouses, compressor rooms, and the storage tank must be repainted every two years or less if it is necessary


  • The interior paint must be cleaned and/or washed where ever it is necessary and should be repainted every three months when its appearance and surface show damages such as: stains, peeling, or deterioration

GREEN AREAS Their cleaning and maintenance consists in periodically cutting the grass and the decorative plants, fertilizing, and implementing a reforestation program as well as the maintenance or repair of the sprinkler system


  • The tiles, stone flooring, bathroom screens, and toilets that suffer damages due to their use must be replaced or repaired

  • The fluxometers, water faucets, and valves must be maintained in good working condition

  • The hinges, locking mechanisms, fittings, wastebaskets, mirrors, and electric hand dryers must be maintained in excellent condition and should be replaced as necessary

  • Special care must be taken with the hydraulic and septic pipes that may be used incorrectly or damaged by the users


  • A preventive maintenance should be given as well as constant revisions to the water pumping equipment, ballcocks, electromagnetic starters, and the tanks should be cleaned twice a year to assure their best performance


  • These should be maintained clean and with well-defined parking spaces and these limitations should be painted a minimum of once a year

  • The sidewalk edges, platforms, and security zones of the industrial park should also be repainted

  • The asphalt pavement should be maintained and cleaned where there are areas that are damaged or have residues of gasoline or spilt oil from the machinery or vehicles. The use of parking spaces may not be used to store material that by its nature or design can damage the surface of the pavement


  • There should be a periodic cleaning of the metal sheeting, ridges, gutters, and drain pipes as well as their replacement as is necessary.

  • This cleaning procedure includes the removal of dust, mud, organic materials, and damaged sealing components as well as its replacement. The connections of covered metal sheeting, extractors, chimneys, and domes should also be cleaned

  • The roofing system to be used must be approved by the technical team of the Leasing Company or of the lessee to safeguard it against leaks

  • All personnel that have access to the metal roofing should wear soft soled shoes and avoid as much as possible the use of material and tools that can damage the same.

  • After the work is completed, all surplus material of that repair must be removed

  • The maintenance period for the metal sheeting, ridges, gutters, and drain pipes is every three months

  • There should be inspections for the detection and repair of leaks


  • No modifications or additions may be made without the prior authorization of the Leasing Company and cannot be used for the support of any material, equipment, or tools

  • The metallic structure for the roofing should be maintained clean and free of all dust, spider webs, bird nests, or other type of wildlife

  • All the metallic structure for the roofing should be maintained and painted periodically and all damages caused by bumps, corrosion, accidents caused by forklifts or similar machinery must be repaired and/or replaced


  • The seals, hinges, and locking mechanisms must be adjusted and lubricated. All glass and acrylic that are broken, cracked, or damaged must be replaced immediately according to the original specifications

  • An adequate product for the cleaning of aluminum must be used

  • When there is damage to the finishing of the aluminum, the corresponding part must be replaced with the same type and color, and if for some circumstance, this part is not available of the same type and color, the whole piece must be replaced

  • The seals and glass of the frames must be replaced as necessary


  • The doors and ramps must be lubricated and adjusted including: all of the locking mechanisms, accessories, and panic bars to ensure their optimum functioning
  • The paint must be maintained

  • Any structural damage to the door shall require the replacement of the same

  • The seals, push plates, and rowlock bonds should receive regular maintenance

  • The functioning and cleaning of the ramp motors should be inspected periodically as well as the receptacle channels.

  • The roll down loading doors should be maintained painted as well as the guides and chains.

  • The trenches of the platforms must be maintained free of trash and puddles of water as well as the maintenance and the replacement of the bailing pump as is necessary

  • Any component that loses its ability to function correctly must be replaced

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