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October 25, 2017


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A2LA - American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

AA - Accountable Area
AA - Adverse Action
AA - Advices of Allowance
AA - Assistant Administrator
AA - Associate Administrator
AA - Attainment Area
AA - Atomic Absorption
AAA - American Arbitration Association
AAA - American Automobile Association
AAA - Army Audit Agency
AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science
AAC - Acceptable Ambient Concentration
AAC - Air Armament Center
AAC - Airborne Activity Confinement
AACS - Airborne Activity Confinement System
AADI - Adjusted Acceptable Daily Intake
AADT - Average Annual Daily Traffic
AAEE - American Academy of Environmental Engineers
AAEM - American Academy of Environmental Medicine
AAES - American Association of Engineering Societies
AAFC - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Service
AAL - Acceptable Ambient Limit
AAL - Applied Action Level
AANWR - Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
AAOHN - American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
AAP - Affirmative Action Plan (Program)
AAP - Army Ammunition Plant
AAP - Asbestos Action Plan
AAP - Asbestos Action Program
AAPCO - American Association of Pesticide Control Officials
AAQA - Ambient Air Quality Standard
AAQCD - Ambient Air Quality Criteria Document
AAR - After Action Report
AAR/BOE - Association of American Railroads/Bureau of Explosives
AARC - Alliance for Acid Rain Control
AAROSLR - Associate Administrator for Regional Operations and State/Local Relations
AARP - American Association of Retired Persons
AAQA - Ambient Air Quality Standard
AAS - Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
A&AS - Advisory and Assistance Services
AASF - Ammonia Scrubber Feed
AASHTO - American Association of State Highway Testing Officials
AASHTO - American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials
AATCC - American association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
AATSR - Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer
AB - Afterburner
AB - Assembly Bill
ABA - American Bar Association
ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments
ABC - Associated Builders and Contractors
ABCASH - Automated Bar Coding of Air Samples at Hanford
ABEL - EPA's computer model for analyzing a violator's ability to pay a civil penalty
ABES - Alliance for Balanced Environmental Studies (Solutions)
ABIH - American Board of Industrial Hygienists
ABLES - Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance
ABMA - American Boiler Manufacturers Association
ABS - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene
ABT - Averaging, Banking and Trading Programs
ABTRES - Abatement and Residual Forecasting Model
ABWR - Advanced Boiling Water Reactor
AC - Actual Commitment
AC - Advisory Circular
AC - Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council
AC - Alternating Current
A/C - Air to Cloth Ratio
A&C - Abatement and Control
A&C - Abatements and Commitments
Ac - Actinium
ACA - Absolute Calibration Audit
ACA - American Conservation Association
ACAA - American Coal Ash Association
ACAQ - Advisory Committee on Air Quality
ACAVC - Advisory Committee on Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals
ACBM - Asbestos-Containing Building Material (see ACM)
ACC - Administrative Committee on Coordination
ACC - Air Combat command
ACC - American Chemistry Council
ACCBD - Advisory Committee on Conservation of Biological Diversity
ACDA - Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
ACE - Alliance for Clean Energy
ACE - Any Credible Evidence
ACEC - American Consulting Engineers Council
ACEEE - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
ACER - Advisory Committee on Environmental Resources
ACESC - Automated Cost Engineering Support Center
acfm - Actual cubic feet per minute
ACGIH - American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists
ACGLF - Automatic Center-of-Gravity Lift Fixture
AChE - Acetylcholinesterase
ACHP - Advisory Council on Historic preservation
ACI - Activated Carbon Injection
ACI - American Concrete Institute
ACI - Association for Conservation Information
ACIL - American Council of Independent Laboratories
ACIN - Abatement Control Identification Number
AC/IC - Area Command/Incident Command
ACL - Alternate Cleanup Level
ACL - Alternate Concentration Limit
ACL - Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
ACM - Asbestos-Containing Material
ACMRR - Advisory Committee on Matire Resources Research
ACO - Administrative Consent Order
ACO - Administrative Contracting Officer
ACO - Advanced Oxide Fuel Test
ACOE - Army Corps of Engineers
ACOMR - Advisory Committee on Oceanic Meteorological Research
ACP - Agriculture Control Program (Water Quality Management)
ACP - Air Carcinogen Policy
ACP - Area Contingency Plan
ACP - Aqueous Carbonate Process
ACQR - Air Quality Control Region
ACQUIRE - Aquatic Information Retrieval
ACQR - Air Quality Control Region
ACR - Acute Chronic Ratio
ACR - Agency Confirmation Agreement
ACRN - Accounting Classification Reference Number
ACS - American Chemical Society
ACS - Acid Scrubber
ACSAD - Arab Center for studies of Arid Zones and Drylands
ACSH - American Council on Science and Health
ACSM - American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
ACT - Action
ACT - Alternate Control Technique
ACT - Alternative Control Technology
ACT - Association for Composite Tanks
ACTS - Asbestos Contractor Tracking System
ACVEN - Advisory Committee on Vehicle Emissions and Noise
ACW - Asbestos-Containing Waste
ACWA - American Clean Water Association
ACWM - Asbestos-Containing Waste Material
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA - Anti-Deficiency Act
ADABA - Acceptable Database
ADAPT - Adapt II Structural Activities
ADARD - Acid Deposition and Atmospheric Research Division
ADAS - Acid Deposition Assessment Staff
ADB - African Development Bank
ADB - Applications Data Base
ADB - Asian Development Bank
ADB - Assessment Database
ADBA - Adabas Administrator
ADC - Alternative Material Daily Cover
ADCO - Alternate Document Control Officer
ADCR - Automated Document Control Register
ADCRMG - Automated Document Control Register Management Group
ADD - Average Daily Dose
ADE - Acceptable Daily Exposure
ADEC - Alaska department of Environmental Conservation
ADEM - Alabama Department of Environmental Management
ADEQ - Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
ADGAS - Venting of Compressed Gases into an Absorbing or Reacting Media
ADI - Acceptable Daily Intake
ADID - Advance Identification
ADL - Acceptable Daily Intake
ADMATCH - Address Matching Software (GIS)
ADME - Adsorption/Distribution/Metabolism/Excretion
ADMIN - ERL-Athens Administrative System
ADP - Adenosine Diphosphate
ADP - Advanced Ducted Propfan Engines
ADP - AHERA Designated Person
ADP - Air-dried Pulp
ADP - Applications Database
ADP - Automated Data Processing
ADPCE - Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology
ADPCE - TS ADP Capital Equipment Inventory System
ADPE - Automated Data Processing Equipment
ADPS - Acid Deposition Planning Staff
ADQ - Audits of Data Quality
ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADR - Asbestos Disposal request
ADS - Acid Deposition Database
ADS - Air Data System
ADSO - Additional Duty Safety Officer
ADSS - Air Data Screening System
ADT - Average Daily Traffic
ADTA - Air Data Transducer Assembly
ADTRACS - Assistance Disputes
ADVHRR - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometry
ADWR - Arizona Department of Water Resources
AE - Atomic Emissions
A/E - Architecture and Engineering Services
AEA - Atomic Energy Act (1954)
AEC - African Economic Community
AEC - Army Environmental Center
AEC - Associate Enforcement Counsels
AEC - Atomic Energy Commission
AED - Air Enforcement Division
AED - Analysis and Evaluation Division
AED - Automated External Defibrillator
AE&D - Advanced Engineering and Design
AEE - Alliance for Environmental Education
AEE - Association of Energy Engineers
AEE - Association of Environmental Education
AEERL - Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory
AEFA - Average Emission Factor Approach
AEGL - Acute Exposure Guideline Levels
AEHA - U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency
AEI - Air emissions Inventory
AEIU - Annual Emissions Inventory Update
AEL - Acceptable Exposure Limit
AEL - Airborne Exposure Limit
AEM - Acoustic Emission Monitoring
AEP - Accrued Expenditures Paid
AEP - Associate Environmental Professional
AEPCO - Arizona Electric Power Cooperative
AEPS - Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy
AER - Allowable Emission Rate
AER - Appropriate Extent of Remedy
AERCO - Air Emission Reduction Credit Organization
AERE - Association of Environmental and Research Economists
AEROS - Aerometric and Emissions Reporting System
AERP - Aquatic Effects Research Program
AES - Advanced Encryption Standard
AES - Air and Energy Staff
AES - American Electroplating Society
AES - Analysis and Evaluation Staff
AES - Atomic Emission Spectrophotometry
AES - Auger Electron Spectrometry
AESA - Association of Environmental Scientists and Administrators
AESF - American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society
AET - Apparent effects Threshold
AETC - Air Education and Training Command
AEU - Accrued Expenditures Unpaid
AF - Absorption Fraction
AF - Acre Foot
AF - Air Force
AF - Atomic Formula
AFA - American Forestry Association
AFAA - Air Force audit agency
AFAFO - Air Force Accounting and Finance Office
AFARS - Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplemental
AFB - Air Force Base
AFBF - American Farm Bureau Federation
AFCA - Area Fuel Consumption Allocation
AFCEE - Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence
AFCEE/EC - AFCEE Environmental Conservation and Planning Directorate
AFD - Air filtration Device
AFDC - Alternative Fuels Data Center
AFDO - Award Fee Determination Official
AFEJ - Asian Forum of Environmental Justice
AFFARS - Air Force FAR Supplements
AFGE - American Federation of Government Employees
AFI - American Forest Institute
AFJ - Agreed Final Judgment
AFMC - Air Force Material Command
AFO - Accounting and Finance Office
AFO - Animal feed Operation
AFO - Area Field Office
AFPA - American Forest and Paper Association
AFR - Air/Fuel Ratio
AFR - Annual Financial Report
AFRC - Air Force Reserve Command
AFRCE - Air Force Regional Civil Engineers
AFRL - Air Force Research Laboratory
AFS - AIRS Facility Subsystem
AFSC - Air Force Space Command
AFSOC - Air Force Special Operations Command
AFTA - American Forest & Timber Association
AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
AFUG - AIRS Facility Users Group
AFV - Alternate Fuel Vehicle
AG - Acid Gas
AG - Attorney General
Ag - Silver
AGA - American Gas Association
AGC - Associate General Counsel
AGC - Associated General Contractors
AGCA - Associated General Contractors of America
AGD - Administrative Guidance Document
AGDRs - Annual Groundwater Data Reports
AGDS - Automated Grants Documentation System
AGNPS - Agricultural Non-Point Source Model
AGR - Advanced Gas Reactor
AGROSTAT - FAO Agricultural Statistics Database
AGST - Above-Ground Storage Tanks
AH - Allowance Holder
AH - Aryl Hydrocarbon
AHD - Activity Hazard Document
AHE/DB - Acute Hazardous Events Data Base
AHERA - Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (TSCA, 1986)
AHFS - American Hospital Formulary Service
AHH - Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase
AHM - Acutely Hazardous Material
AHM - Allowance Monthly Holder
AHQ - Acute Hazard Quotient
AhR - Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
AHU - Air Handling Unit
AHW - Acutely Hazardous Waste
AI - Accident Investigator
AI - Active Ingredient (generally in regards to pesticides)
AI - Artificial Intelligence
A&I - Alternative and Innovative (Wastewater Treatment System)
AIA - Air Intelligence Agency
AIA - American Institute of Architects
AIA - Asbestos Information Association
AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIADA - American International Automobile Dealers Association
AIBS - American Institute of Biological Sciences
AIC - Acceptable Intake - Chronic
AIC - Active to Inert Conversion
AIChE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AlCPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AICR - Alternative Internal Control Review
AICS - Australia’s National Chemical Inventory
AICUZ - Air Installation Compatible Use Zones
AID - Acceptable Intake – Subchronic
AID - Agency for International Development
a-ID - Automatic ID’s
AIDE - Annie Interactive Development Environment
AIDMO - Arab Industrial Development and mining Organization
AIDS - Accident/Incident Data System
AIDS - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
AIEC - Acute Inhalation Exposure Criteria
AIEO - American Indian Environmental Office
AIF - Atomic Industrial Health Forum
AIG - Assistant Inspector General
AIHA - American Industrial Health Association
AIHA - American Industrial Hygiene Association
AIHC - American Industrial Health Council
AIHCE - American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition
AILSP - American Indian Lands Environmental Support Project
AIM - Architectural and Industrial Maintenance
AIM - Area of Initial Mixing
AIM - Asia Pacific Integrated Model
AIME - American Institute of Metallurgical, Mining and Petroleum Engineers
AIP - Auto-ignition Point
AIRDOS - Atmospheric Dispersion of Radionuclides
AIRMON - Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring Network
AIR RISC - Air Risk Information Support Center
AIRS - Accident and Illness Reporting System
AIRS - Aerometric Information Retrieval System
AIRS - Air Quality Subsystem
AIS - Acceptable Intake for Subchronic Exposures
AIS - Address Information System
AIS - Asbestos Information System
AIS - Automated Information System
AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction
AISCM - Advanced Information System for Career Management
AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute
AISI - Automated Information Security
AIT - Asian Institute of Technology
AIT - Auto-Ignition Temperature
AL - Acceptable Level
AL - Action Level
AL - Administrative Leave
Al - Aluminum
AL - Annual Leave
ALA - American League of Anglers
ALA - American Lung Association
ALA - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid
ALA-O - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydrates
ALAPCO - Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officers (Officials)
ALAPO - Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officers (Officials)
ALARA - As Low as Reasonably Achievable
ALARP - As Low as Reasonably Practicable
ALATEP - As Low as Technically and Economically Practicable
ALC - Application Limiting Constituent
ALCM - associate in Loss Control Management
ALD-O - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydrates
ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council
ALECSO - Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization
ALI - Annual Limits on Intake
ALIDES - Central American Alliance for Sustainable Development
ALJ - Administrative Law Judge
ALL - Anterior Longitudinal Ligament
ALMS - Atomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy
ALOHA - Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres
ALPM - Actual Liters per Minute
ALPS - EPA Athens, GA Lab Planning System
ALR - Action Leakage Rate
ALS - Advanced Life Support
ALS - American Littoral Society
ALT-SEA - Assembly Line Test and Selective Enforcement Audit Data
AM - Action Memorandum
AM - Animal Month
Am - Americium
AMA - American Medical Association
AMAP - Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program
AMARC - Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center
AMAS - Administrator’s Management Accountability System
AMBIENS - Atmospheric Mass Balance of Industrially Emitted and Natural Sulfur
AMC - Air Mobility Command
AMC - American Mining Congress
AMC - Army Material Command
AMCA - Air Movement and Control Association
AMCCOM - U.S. Army Armament, Material, and Chemical Command
AMCEN - African Ministerial Conference on the Environment
AMD - Acid Mine Drainage
AMD - Air Management Division
Amd. - Amendment
Amends. - Amendment
AMEDAS - Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System
AMEM - ADL Migration Estimation Model
AMFA - Alternative Motor Fuels Act
AMIS - Air Management Information System
AML - Arc Macro Language
AMLGM - Amalgamation of Liquid, Elemental Mercury Contaminated with Radioactive Materials Utilizing Inorganic Reagents
AMLR - Annual Metal Loading Rate
AMOC - Alternate Means or Method of Control
AMOS - Air Management Oversight System
AMP - Asbestos Management Planner
AMPS - Automatic Mapping and Planning System
AMS - Administrative Management Staff
AMS - American Meteorological Society
AMS - Army Map Service
AMS - Automated Meteorological Station
AMSA - Association of Metropolitan Sewer Agencies
AMS-AIRS - Area/Mobile Source Subsystem
AMSD - Administrative and Management Services Division
AMSI - Advanced Monitoring Systems Initiative
AMSO - Acquisition Management Staff Officer
AMT - Air Monitoring Technician
AMTIC - Ambient Monitoring Technical Information Center
AMU - Agricultural Management Unit
AMURS - Automated manpower Utilization Reporting System
ANC - Acid Neutralizing Capacity
ANDA - Abbreviated New Drug Application
ANEC - American Nuclear Energy Council
ANES - Alternative Nonopacity Emission Standard
ANILCA - Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
ANL - Argonne National Laboratory
AnnAGNPS - Annualized Agricultural Non-Point Source Model
ANOVA - Analysis of Variance
ANPR - Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANPR - Advanced Notice of Public Response
ANRHRD - Air, Noise and Radiation Health Research Division
ANPRM - Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANS - American Nuclear Society
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ANSS - American Nature Study Society
Anti-C - Anti-contamination
ANWR - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
ANZECC - Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council
AO - Action Officer
AO - Administrative Officer
AO - Administrative Order
AO - Area Office
AO - Awards and Obligations
AOAC - Association of Official Analytical Chemists
AOAD - Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
AOB - Annual Operating Budget
AOC - Abnormal Operating Conditions
AOC - Administrative Order on Consent
AOC - Area of Concern
AOC - Area of Contamination
AOD - Argon-Oxygen Decarbonization
AOI - Area of Impact
AOL - Alternate Opacity Limit
AOML - Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
AOO - Accounting Operations Office
AOO - American Oceanic Organization
AOR - Alternate Opacity Request
AOS - Audit Operations Staff
AOT - Advanced Oxidation Technology
AOX - Adsorbable Organic Halides
AP - Accounting Point
AP - Aquifer Protection
AP-42 - Compilation of Air emission Factors
APA - Acid Precipitation Act (1980)
APA - Administrative Procedures Act
APA - American Pharmaceutical Association
APA - American Planning Association
APAR - Affected Property Assessment report
APC - Air Pollution Control
APCA - Air Pollution Control Act (1955)
APCA - Air Pollution Control Association
APCD - Air Pollution Control Device
APCD - Air Pollution Control District
APC&E - Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology
APCEC - Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission
APCO - Air Pollution Control Officer
APCS - Air Pollution Control System
APD - Application for Permit to Drill
APDS - Automated Procurement Documentation System
APENS - Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia
APER - Air Pollution Emissions Report
APF - Appropriated Fund
APF - Assigned Protection Factor
APGR - Ann Arbor AP-42 Program
APHA - American Public Health Association
APHIS - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
API - Aerial Photo Interpretation
API - American Paper Institute
API - American Petroleum Institute
API - Application Programming Interface
APIC - Army Performance Improvement Criteria
APIH - Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists
APL - Abductor Pollicis Longus
APL - Aqueous Phase Liquid
APMD - Automated performance Monitoring of Dams
APME - Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe
APO - Army Post Office
APO - Average Passenger Occupancy
APP - Annual Performance Plan
APP - Aquifer Protection Plan
APPA - American Public Power Association
APPA - Association of Physical Plant Administrators
APPCD - Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division
APPEN - Asia-Pacific People’s Environment Network
APR - Air Purifying Respirator
APR - Army Procurement Request
APRAC - Urban Diffusion Model for Carbon Monoxide from Motor Vehicle Traffic
APS - ADP Planning System
APS - Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
APS - Automated Personnel System
APT - Associated Pharmacists and Toxicologists
APTA - American Public Transit Association
APTI - Air Pollution Training Institute
APTIC - Air pollution Technical Information Center
APTMD - Air, Pesticides, and Toxics Management Division
APTRA - Administrative Procedures and Texas Register Act
APTS - Advanced Public Transportation Systems
APWA - American Public Works Association
APWP - Actual Price of Work performed
AQ - Acquisition
AQ-7 - Non-reactive Pollutant Modeling
AQA - Approved Quality Assurance
AQQC - Air Quality Advisory Committee
AQCA - Air Quality Control Act (1967)
AQCCT - Air Quality Criteria and Control Techniques
AQCD - Air Quality Criteria Documents
AQCP - Air Quality Control Program
AQCR - Air Quality Control Region
AQD - Air Quality Data
AQD - Air Quality Digest
AQDHS - Air Quality Data Handling System
AQDM - Air Quality Display Model
AQIA - Air Quality Impact Assessment
AQIL - Annual Quality Implementation List
AQL - Acceptable Quality Level
AQMA - Air Quality Maintenance Area
AQMD - Air Quality Management District
AQMP - Air Quality Management Plan
AQMP - Air Quality Maintenance Plan
AQMP - Air quality Modeling Procedures
AQM1 - Region 1 Air Quality Models
AQM2 - Region 2 Puerto Rico EQB Air Quality Model
AQPS - Air Quality Pollution Standards
AQRV - Air Quality Related Value
AQS - Air quality Subsystem
AQSM - Air Quality Simulation Model
AQSY - Ann Arbor Air Quality System
AQTAD - Air Quality Technical Assistance Demonstration
AQUIFR - Artificial Aquifer Data Collection System
AQUIRE - Aquatic Information Retrieval
AR - Administrative Record
AR - Army Regulation
Ar - Argon
A&R - Air and Radiation
ARA - Assistant Regional Administrator
ARA - Associate Regional Administrator
ARAC - Acid Rain Advisory Committee
ARACT - Alternate Reasonably Available Control Technology
ARAP - Aquatic Resources Alternative Value
ARAR - Applicable, Relevant and Appropriate Requirements
ARB - Air Resources Board
ARC - Agency Ranking Committee
ARC - Anticipated Residue Concentration
ARCC - American Rivers Conservation Council
ARCH - Air Rotary Casing Hammer
ARCS - Alternative Remedial Contract Strategy
ARCS - Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
ARD - Air & Radiation Division
ARD - Aquatic Resource Division
ARE - Acute Respiratory Exposures
AREAL - Atmospheric Research and Exposure Assessment Laboratory
AREEs - Areas Requiring Environmental Evaluation
AREL - Acute Reference Exposure Level
ARET - Accelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics
ARG - American Resources Group
ARH - EPA’s Acid Rain Hotline
ARI - Air Conditioning and refrigeration Institute
ARIP - Accidental Release Information Program
ARL - Air Resources Laboratory
ARL - Air Resources Laboratory, Special Operations and Research Division
ARM - Air Resources Management
ARMS - Automated review management system
ARNEWS - Acid Rain National Early Warning Systems
ARO - After Receipt of Order
ARO - Alternate Regulatory Option
ARPO - Acid Rain Policy Office
ARPS - Atmospheric Research Program Staff
ARRO - Acid Rain Research Program
ARRP - Acid Rain Research Program
ARRPA - Air Resources Regional Pollution Assessment
ARS - Agricultural Research Service
ARTAH - Assessment of Risks Through Analysis of Hazards
ARTT - Association of Responsible Thermal Treatment
ARU - Asbestos Reporting Unit
ARV - Aeration Room Vent
ARZ - Auto-Restricted Zone
AS - Absorber
AS - Agricultural Water Supply
AS - Area Source
As - Arsenic
ASA - Acoustical Society of America
ASA - Accredited Safety Auditor
ASA - Air Stagnation Advisory
ASA - American Society of Agronomy
ASAE - American Society of Agriculture
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ASB - American Standards Branch
ASB - Analytical Services Branch
ASBCA - Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
ASBS - Areas of Special Biological Significance
ASC - Aeronautical Systems Center
ASC - Area Source Category
ASC - Total Ascorbate
ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCP - American Society of Consulting Planners
ASCS - Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Services
ASD - Administrative Services Division
ASD - Analysis and Support Division
ASDWA - Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
ASE - National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence
ASEAN - Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASF - Atmospheric Stabilization Framework
ASG - Area Support Group
ASH - Air-Spaced Hydrocyclone
ASHAA - Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Act (1984)
ASHAAIS - Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Automated Information System
ASHARA - Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Reauthorization Act
ASHCAT - Association of Safety & Health Consultants
ASHP - American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
ASHRAE - American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
ASIA - Assistant Secretary for Information Analysis
ASIWPCA - Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators
ASL - Above Sea Level
ASM - Acceleration Simulation Mode
ASMD - Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division
ASMDHS - Airshed Model Data Handling System
ASMC - American Society of Military Comptrollers
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASME - American Society of Mining Engineers
ASN - American Society of Naturalists
ASNT - American Society of Nondestructive Testing
ASOC - Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition
ASOEN - ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment
ASOII - Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
ASP - Associate Safety Professional
ASPA - American Society of Public Administration
ASPECT - Airborne Spectral Photo-Imaging of Environmental Contaminants
ASPEI - Association of South Pacific Environmental Institutions
ASPEN - Assessment System for Population Exposure Nationwide
ASPIS - Abandoned Site Program Information System
ASQ - Allowable Sale Quantity
ASQC - American Society for Quality Control
ASR - Aquifer Storage Retrieval
ASR - Atmosphere Supplying Respirator
ASRL - Atmospheric Sciences Research Laboratory
ASRS - Aviation Safety Reporting System
ASSE - American Society of Safety Engineers
ASSE - American Society of Sanitary Engineers
AST - Aboveground Storage Tank
AST - Advanced Secondary (Wastewater) Treatment
AST - Atlantic Strike Team
ASTDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ASTDR-HazDat - ASTDR Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database
ASTER - Assessment Tool for the Evaluation of Risk
ASTFP - Aboveground Storage Tank Facility Plan
ASTHO - Association of State and Territorial Health Officers
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
ASTS - Asbestos in Schools Tracking System
ASTSWMO - Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials
ASUS - Administrative Support/Utilization
ASW - Ammonia Scrubber Water
ASWS - Air-Support Weather Shield
AT - Advanced Treatment
AT - Alpha Track Detection
AT - Averaging Time
AT - Ash Trap
At - Astatine
A&T - Acquisition and Technology
ATA - American Trucking Association
ATB - Asphalt-Treated Base
ATC - Air Traffic Control
ATC - Area Training Center
ATC - Automatic Temperature Compensation
ATCM - Air Toxics Control Measure
ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
ATCS - Audit Tracking and Control System
ATD - Air and Toxics Division
ATERIS - Air Toxics Exposure and Risk Information System
ATM - Air Turbine Motor
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
atm - Atmosphere
ATMI - American Textile Manufacturing Institute
ATMS - Advanced Traffic Management Systems
ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate
ATP - Antitampering Program
ATPB - Asphalt-Treated Permeable Base
ATR - Agency Technical Representative
ATRMRD - Air Toxics and Radiation Monitoring Research Division
ATRT - Air Toxics Review Team
ATRV - Air Toxics Response Vehicle
ATS - Action Tracking System
ATS - Administrator's Tracking System
ATS - Allowance Tracking System
ATS - American Travel Survey
ATS - Antarctic Treaty System
ATS - Assignment Tracking System
ATS - Automated Targeting System
ATS - Automated Tracking System
ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATSR - Along Track Scanning Radiometer
Att. - Attachment
Atmt. - Attachment
ATTF - Air Toxics Task Force
ATTIC - Alternate treatment Technology Information Clearinghouse
ATTS - Agency Technology Transfer Staff
ATV - All Terrain Vehicle
AU - Analysis Units
AU - Assessment Unit
Au - Gold
AUB - American-Ukraine Biotech IV
AUF - Area Use Factor
AUM - Animal Unit Month
AUR - Air Unit Risk
AUSA - Assistant U.S. Attorney
AUSM - Advanced Utility Simulation Model
A/V - Audiovisual
AVB - Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
AVCS - Automatic Vehicle Control Systems
AVD - Audio-Visual Division
Ave - Average
AVHRR - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AVIRIS - Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location
AVO - Audible/Visual/Olfactory
AVS - Acid-Volatile Sulfide
AVS - American Vacuum Society
AW - Atomic Weight
AWBERC - Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center
AWCBC - Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada
AWFCO - Automatic Waste Feed Cutoff
AWFCS - Automatic Waste Feed Cutoff System
AWI - Animal Welfare Institute
AWISE - Association of Women in Science and Engineering
AW&MA - Air and Waste Management Association (formerly, Air Pollution Control Association)
AWMD - Air and Waste Management Division
AWO - Animal Welfare Officer
AWOIS - Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System
AWOL - Absent Without Leave
AWPA - American Wood Preservers’ Association
AWPI - American Wood Preservers Institute
A/WPR - Air/Water Pollution Report
AWQC - Ambient Water-Quality Criteria
AWRA - American Water Resources Association
AWS - American Welding Society
AWS - Automatic Weather Station
AWSAR - Annual Whole Sludge Application Rate
AWT - Advanced Wastewater Treatment
AWWA - American Water Works Association
AWWARF - American Water Works Association Research Foundation
AWWUC - American Water Works Utility Council
AX - Administrator's Office

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