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H - High Aquatic Life Use

H - Hydrogen
H2O - Water
H2O2 - Hydrogen Peroxide
H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide
H2SO4 - Sulfuric Acid
H3W - Household Hazardous Waste
HA - Hatch Act
HA - Hazard Assessment
HA - Health Advisory
HA - Hectares
HAA5 - Haloacetic Acids (Monochloroacetic, Dichloroacetic, Trichloroacetic, Monobromoacetic, and Dibromoacetic Acids)
HABITAT - United Nations Center for Human Settlements
HABS - Historic American Buildings Survey
HAC - House Appropriations Committee
HACS - Hazard Assessment Computer System
HAD - Health Assessment Document
HAF - Halogen Acid Furnace
HAL - Health Advisory Level
HAN - Heavy Aromatic Naphtha
HANES - Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
HANES I - First Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
HAOB - Headquarters Accounting Operations Branch
HAOP - Houston Area Oxidant Study
HAP - Hazardous Air Pollutant
HAP - Homeowners Assistance Program
HAPEM - Hazardous Air Pollution Exposure Model
HAPEMS - Hazardous Air Pollutant Enforcement Management System
HAPPS - Hazardous Air Pollutant Prioritization System
HAR - Hydrogeological Assessment Report
HAR03 - Region 2 Water Quality Models
HARS - Historic Area Remediation Unit
HAS - Health Assessment Summary
HASP - Health and Safety Plan
HATREMS - Hazardous and Trace Emissions System
HAVS - Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome
HAZAN - Hazard Analysis
HAZARD - Hazardous Waste Data Base
HAZCAT - Hazardous Categorization
HAZCOM - Hazard Communication Standard
HAZCOMM - Hazard Communications Act
HAZID - Hazard Identification
HAZMAT - Hazardous Material(s)
HAZMAT - Hazardous Material Spill Center
HAZOP - Hazard and Operability Study
HAZTRAK - Hazardous Materials Tracking System
HAZW - Hazardous Waste Collection Database
HAZWOPER - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
HAZWRAP - Hazardous Waste Remedial Action Program
HB - Health Benefits
HBC - Health-Based Criteria
HBEP - Hispanic and Black Employment Programs
HBFC - Hydrobromofluorocarbon
HB/HA - Hour Before/Hour After
HBI - Hilsenhoff Biotic Index
HBL - Health Based Level
HBL - Health-Based Limits
HBN - Health Based Numbers
HBPHC - High Boiling Point Hydrocarbon
HBR - Halobutyl Rubber
HBV - Hepatitis B Virus
HC - Hazardous Constituents
HC - Hydrocarbons
HCA - Hazardous Communication Act
HCC - Human Cancer Criteria
HCCPD - Hexachlorocyclopentadiene
HCFC - Hydrochlorofluorocarbon
HCFC-22 - Chlorodifluoromethane
HCFC-31 - Chlorofluoromethane
HCFC-123 - 1,1,1-trifluoro-2,2-dichloroethane
HCFC-123a - 1,2-dichloro-1,1,2-trifluoroethane
HCFC-124 - 2-chloro-1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
HCFC-141b - 1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane
HCFC-142b - 1-chloro-1,1-difluoroethane
HCFC-151a - 1-chloro-1-fluoroethane
HCFC-225ca - 3,3-dichloro-1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoropropane
HCHO - Formaldehyde
HCl - Hydrogen Chloride/Hydrochloric Acid
HCM - Highway Capacity Manual
HCP - Habitat Conservation Plan
HCP - Hypothermal Coal Process
HCS - Hazard Communication Standard
HCS - Hydrogen Chloride Scrubber
HCT - Hematocrit
HCV - Hepatitis C Virus
HD - House Document
HDD - Heavy Duty Diesel
HDDE - Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
HDDT - Heavy Duty Diesel Truck
HDE - Heavy Duty Engine
HDECERT - Heavy Duty Engine Certification Data
HDG - Heavy Duty Gasoline Powered Vehicle
HDGT - Heavy Duty Gasoline Truck
HDLNR - Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
HDPE - High Density Polyethylene
HDT - Heavy Duty Truck
HDT - Highest Dose Tested (in a study)
HDV - Heavy Duty Vehicle
HE - Habitat Effectiveness
HE - Heat Exchanger
HE - Human Error
HEA - Habitat Equivalency Analysis
HEA - Health Effects Assessment
HEAL - Human Exposure Assessment Location
HEAR - Hazards, Equipment, Authorizations and Review Database
HEASD - Human Exposure and Atmospheric Science Division
HEAST - Health Effects Assessment Summary Tables
HEC - Human Equivalent Concentration
HEC - Hydrologic Engineering Center
HEC-6 - Hydraulic Engineering Center-Scour and Depositions in Rivers and Reservoirs
HEC-6T - Hydraulic Engineering Center-Sedimentation in Stream Networks
HEC-HMS - Hydrologic Engineering Center-Hydrologic Modeling System
HEC-RAS - Hydrologic Engineering Center-Hydrologic Modeling System
HECC - House Energy and Commerce Committee
HECSA - Humphrey’s Engineer Center Support Activity
HED - Hazard Evaluation Division
HED - Health Effects Division
HEED - Health and Environmental Effects Document
HEEP - Health and Environmental Effects Profile
HEGP - Gases and Particles
HEHF - Hanford Environmental Health Foundation
HEHP - Hazardous Pollutants Research
HEI - Health Effects Institute
HEI - Heat Exchanger Institute
HEICS - Hospital Emergency Incident Command System
HELP Model - Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance Model
HEM - Human Exposure Modeling
HEM - N-Hexane Extractable Material
HEM - Human Exposure Modeling
HEOX - Oxidants
HEP - Habitat Evaluation Procedures
HEP - Hispanic Employment Program
HEP - Household Evaluation Program
HEPA - High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter
HEPS - Pesticides Research
HERD - Health and Environmental Review Division
HERL - Health Effects Research Laboratory
HERL/MIS - Health Effects Research Laboratory/Management Information System
HERS - High Energy Recovery System
HERS - Hyperion Energy Recovery System
HES - Habitat Evaluation System
HES - High Energy Scrubber
HESAP - Health and Environmental Study Audit Program
HETA - Health Hazard Evaluation and Technical Assistance
HETC - Toxic Substances Research
HEW - Department of Health, Education and Welfare
HEX - Hexavalent
HEX-BCH - Hexachloronorbornadiene
HF - High Frequency
HF - Hydrogen fluoride/Hydrofluoric Acid
Hf - Hafnium
HFAC - Human Factors Association of Canada
HFC - Hydrofluorocarbon
HFCS - Highway Functional Classification System
HFC-23 - Trifluoromethane
HFC-32 - Difluoromethane
HFC-125 - Pentafluoroethane
HFC-134 - 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethane
HFC-134a - 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
HFC-143a - 1,1,1-trifluoroethane
HFC-152a - 1,1-difluoroethane
HFC-161 - Ethylfluoride
HFC-236ea - 1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoropropane
HFC-236fa - 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoropropane
HFC-245ca - 1,1,2,2,3-pentafluoropentane
HFC-245ea - 1,1,2,3,3-pentafluoropropane
HFC-245eb - 1,1,1,3,4-pentafluoropentane
HFC-245fa - 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropentane
HFC-365mfc - 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane
HFC 43-10mee - 1,1,1,2,3,4,4,5,5,5-decafluoropentane
HFOS - HERL Forced Oscillation System
Hg - Mercury
HGA - Houston-Galveston NESHAPS Nonattainment Area
HGAS - HERL Gas/Aerosol System
HgB - Hemoglobin
HGM - Hydrogeomorphic
HGMS - High-gradient Magnetic Separation
H&H - Hydology and Hydraulics
HHAG - Health Hazards Assessments Group
HHC - Highly Hazardous Chemical
HHDDV - Heavy Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle
HHE - Health Hazard Evaluation
HHE - Human Health and Environment
HH&E - Human Health and Environment
HHEM - Human Health Evaluation Manual
HHRA - Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment
HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
HHV - Higher Heating Value
HHW - Household Hazardous Waste
HI - Hazard Index
HIARC - Hazard Identification Assessment Review Committee
HID - High Intensity Discharge
HIDE - Heavy Duty Engine
HIDS - Hazardous Incident Data System
HIP - Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program
HIRI - Heat Island Reduction Initiative
HISLIB - Effluent Guideline GC/MS Screening Analysis Data Base
HITS - Headquarters Invoice Tracking System
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HI-VOL - High Volume Sampler
HIWAY - A line source model for gaseous pollutants
HIWS - High Level Waste and Standards
HL - Hired Labor
HLA - Harding Lawson Associates
HLRW - High-Level Radioactive Waste
HLV - Hazard Limiting Value
HLVIT - Vitrification of High Level Mixed Radioactive Wastes
HLW - High Level Waste
HM181 - DOT’s Identification Rule Making Number for HMTA Revisions
HMBP - Hazardous Materials Business Plan
HMCRI - Hazardous Materials Control Research Institute
HMEP - Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness
HMERC - Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Commission
HMIG - Hazardous Materials Identification Guide
HMIS - Hazardous Materials Information System
HMIS - Research Triangle Park Management Information System
HMIWI - Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incineration
HMIX - Hazardous Materials Information Exchange
HMR - Hazardous Materials Regulations
HMRT - Hazardous Material Response Team
HMS - Highway Mobile Source
HMSO - Hazardous Materials Storage Ordinance
HMT - Hazardous Materials Table
HMT - Hazardous Materials Technician
HMTA - Hazardous Materials Transportation Act
HMTC - Hazardous Material Technical Center
HMTR - Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations
HMTRI - Hazardous materials Training and Research Institute
HMTUSA - Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act
MNX - Cyclotetramethylene Tetranitramine
HN - Host Nations
HNO3 - Nitric Acid
HNV - Human Noncancer Value
HO - Headquarters Office
Ho - Holmium
HOCs - Halogenated Organic Compounds
HOC - Hazardous Organic Chemical
HOC - Hazardous Organic Constituents
HON - Hazardous Organic NESHAP
HOPS - Heuristic Optimized Processing System
HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle

HP - Health Physicist (Physics)

HP - HEPA Filter
HP - Highway Patrol
hp - Horse Power
HPAH - High Molecular weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
HPC - Hazard Potential Category
HPD - Hearing Protection Device
HPI - Human Poverty Index
HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography
HPLC - High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
HPLX - Research Triangle Park Plexiglas System
HPMS - Highway Performance Monitoring System
HPV - High Priority Violator
HPV - High Production Volume
HQ - Hazard Quotient
HQ - Headquarters
HQCDO - Headquarters Case Development Officer
HQUSACE - Headquarters U.S, Army Corps of Engineers
HQW - High Quality Waters
HR - Hazard Ratio
HR - House of Representatives
HR - House Report
HR - House Resolution
HR - Human Resources
Hr - Hour
HRA - Health Risk Assessment
HRA - Hourly Rolling Average
HRC - Human Resources Council
HRD - Human Resource Division
HRDB - Human Resources Development Branch
HRDC - Human Resources Development Canada
HREP - Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Project
HRGC - High resolution Gas Chromatography
HRGS - High Resolution Gas Chromatograph
HRL - Health Reference Level
HRMS - High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
HRPS - High Risk Point Sources
HRRCA - Health Risk Reduction and Cost Analysis
HRS - Hazard Ranking System
HRSD - Hazardous Response Support Division
HRU - Hydrologic Response Unit
HRUP - High Risk Urban Problem
HRVOC - Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compound
HS - Hazardous Substance
HS - Hydrogen Chloride Scrubber
HSA - California Hazardous Substance Account
HSA - Hazardous Substances Act
HSA - Hollow Stem Auger
HSA - Hydrologically Sensitive Area
HSAS - Homeland Secirity Advisory System
HSC - Homeland Security Council
HSCAP - Hazardous Substances Cleanup Arbitration Panel
HSCD - Hazardous Site Control Division
HSCTM-2D - Hydrodynamic, Sediment and Contaminant Transport Model
HSDB - Hazardous Substance Data Bank®
HSDB - Hazardous Substance Database
HSDR - Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction
HSE - Health and Safety Executive
HSEES - Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance
HSIA - Halogenated Solvent Industry Alliance
HSIN - Homeland Security Information Network
HSIR - Homeland Security Intelligence Report
HSIRS - Health and Safety Inspection Report System
HSL - Hazardous Substance List
HSO - Health & Safety Officer
HSOC - Homeland Security Operations Center
HSOMB - Homeland Security Operations Morning Briefing
HSP - Health and Safety Plan
HSPD - Homeland Security Presidential Directive
HSPF - Hydrological Simulation Program-Fortran
HSSDS - Hazardous solvents Substitution Data System
HSWA - Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments (RCRA, 1984)
HT - Hypothermally Treated
HTHE - High Temperature Heat Exchanger
HTIC - House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
HTMR - High Temperature Metals Recovery
HTP - High Temperature and Pressure
HTRN - Research Triangle Park Training System
HTRW - Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste
HTRW-CX - Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Center of Expertise
HTS&SRS - Home Town Streets & Safe Routes to School
+HTS - Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTTD - High Temperature Thermal Desorption
HTTP - Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
HUC - Hydrologic Unit Code
HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development
HV - Habitat Value
HV - Heating and Ventilation
HVA - Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVIO - High Volume Industrial Organics
HVLD - Research Triangle Park Validation System
HVLP - High Volume, Low Pressure
HW - Hazardous Waste
HW - Head Water
HWAC - Hazardous Waste Action Coalition
HWC - Hazardous Waste Combustor
HWCAQSP - Hazardous Waste Combustion Air Quality Screening Procedure
HWC/HWI - Hazardous Waste Combustor/ Hazardous Waste Incinerator
HWCL - Hazardous Waste Control Law
HWDMS - Hazardous Waste Data Management System
HWD2 - Region 2 RCRA Facilities Hazard Rating Model
HWED - Hazardous Waste Enforcement Division
HWERL - Hazardous Waste Engineering Research Laboratory
HW-FW - Half Wave/Full Wave
HWGTF - Hazardous Waste Groundwater Task Force
HWGTF - Hazardous Waste Groundwater Test Facility
HWHF - Hazardous Waste Handling Facility
HWI - Hazardous Waste Incinerator
HWIR - Hazardous Waste Identification Rule
HWIS - Hazardous Waste Information System
HWLT - Hazardous Waste Land Treatment
HWM - Hazardous Waste Management
HWMA - Hazardous Waste Management Act
HWMD - Hazardous Waste Management Division
HWMU - Hazardous Waste Management Unit
HWRTF - Hazardous Waste Restrictions Task Force
HWSA - Hazardous Waste Services Association
HWSD - Hazardous Waste Site Data Base
HWSF - Hazardous Waste Storage Facility
HWSFC - Hazardous Waste Superfund Collection
HWSFD - Hazardous Waste Superfund Database
HWSS - Hazardous Waste and Superfund Staff
HWTC - Hazardous Waste Treatment Council
HYDE - History Database of Global Environment
Hz - Hertz

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