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E - Exponent

E - Exposure
E - Exposure Level
E - Exceptional Aquatic Life Use
EA - Endangerment Assessment
EA - Enforcement Agreement
EA - Environmental Action
EA - Environmental Assessment
EA - Environmental Audit
EA - Exposure Assessment
EAB - Environmental Advisory Board
EAB - Environmental Appeals Board
EAB/EED - Exposure Assessment Branch/Exposure Evaluation Division
EAC - Early action Compact
EAD - Economic Analysis Division
EAD - Emergency Action Director
EAD - Energy and Air Division
EADS - Environmental Assessment Data System
EAF - Electric Arc Furnace
EAG - Exposure Assessment Group
EAM - Exposure Assessment Model
EAP - Emergency Action Plan
EAP - Employee Assistance Program
EAP - Environmental Action Plan
EAPS - Environmental Aspects of Product Standards
EAR - Enforcement Action Referral
EAR - Enforcement Action Request
EAR - Environmental Auditing Roundtable
EAS - East-Asian Seas Action Plan
EAS - Economic Analysis Staff
EAS - Electronic Article Surveillance
EAS - Emergency Alert System
EAS - Emergency Assistance Personnel
EASI - Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement
EATR - Environment Assessment Technical Report
EB - Emissions Balancing
EBC - Environmental Biosafety Committees
EBCDIC - Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBJ - Environmental Business Journal
EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EBS - Electronic Bid Set
EBS - Environmental Baseline Study
EBS - Environmental Baseline Survey
EBST - Environmental Baseline Survey for Transfer
EC - Education Center
EC - Effective Concentration
EC - Electron Capture
EC - Elifrits Constant (multiple estimate by 1.25)
EC - Emergency Coordinator
EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate
EC - Enforcement Coordinator
EC - Engineer Circular
EC - Environment Canada
EC - Environmental Coordinator
EC - Environmental Concerns
EC - European Commission
EC - European Community (see CEC, EEC; now referred to as the EU - European Union)
EC50 - Concentration of a Toxic Pollutant that Produces Sublethal Impacts on 50% of the Organisms Tested in a Specified Time Period
ECA - Economic Commission for Africa
ECA - Economic Community for Africa
ECA - Enforceable Consent Order
ECAD - Existing Chemical Assessment Division
ECAFE - Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East
ECAMP - Environmental Compliance, Assessment, and Management Program
ECAO - Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office
ECAP - Employee Counseling and Assistance Program
E-CATS - Electronic Catalog System
ECC - Emergency Control Center
ECC - Environmental Collection Center
ECC - Executive and Congressional Communications
ECD - Electron Capture Detector
ECDB - Emissions Certification Data Base
ECE - Economic Commission for Europe
ECETOC - European Chemical Industry Ecology and Toxicology Centre
ECF - Elemental Chlorine Free (bleaching)
ECHA - European Chemicals Agency (Helsinki)
ECHH - Electro-Catalytic Hyper-Heaters
ECHO - Each Community Helps Others
ECHO - Expanded Characteristic Option
ECL - Environmental Chemical Laboratory
ECL - Executive Control Language
ECL - Korea’s National Chemical Inventory
ECLA - Economic Commission for Latin America
ECM - Eligible Coastal Municipalities
E.coli - Escherichia Coli
ECO - Economic Concern Only
ECO - Engineering Change Order
ECOFRAM - Ecological Committee on FIFRA Risk Assessment Methods
ECOHAB - Ecology and Oceanography on Harmful Algal Blooms
ECOMESD - Estuary and Coastal Ocean Model with Sediment Transport
ECOS - Environmental Council of the States
ECOWS - Economic Community of West African States
ECP - Engineering Change Proposal
ECP - External Compliance Programs
ECPD - Expedited Complete Plume Delineation
ECR - Enforcement Case Review
ECRA - Economic Cleanup Responsibilities Act
ECRA - Environmental Cleanup Responsibilities Act
ECRB - Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
ECRL - Extensor Carpi Radialis Longis
ECSL - Enforcement Compliance Schedule Letters
ECTD - Emission Control Technology Division
ECTS - Executive Correspondence Tracking System
ECU - Environmental Crimes Unit
ECU - Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
ED - Department of Education
ED - Editorial Division
ED - Effective Dose
ED - Emergency Department
ED - Emergency Director
ED - Enforcement Division
ED - Executive Director
ED - Exposure Duration
E&D - Engineering and Design
EDA - Economic Development Administration
EDA - Electronic Data Access
EDA - Emergency Declaration Area
EDAS - Ecological Data Application System
EDASS - Cincinnati Equivalency Statistical System
EDB - Ethylene Dibromide
EDC - Economic Development Coalition
EDC - Economic Development Commission
EDC - Ethylene Dichloride
EDC - Extensor Digitorum Communis
EDD - Electronic Data Deliverable
EDD - Enforcement Decision Document
EDE - Effective Dose Equivalent
EDF - Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.
EDGAR - Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
EDL - Estimated Detection Limit
EDM - Electronic Data Management
EDNA - Elevation Derivatives for National Application
EDP - Eco-domestic Product
EDP - Electronic Data Processing
EDPR - Executive Director’s Preliminary Report
EDRC - Episode Data Reporting Center
EDRS - Enforcement Document Retrieval System
EDS - Editors
EDS - Effluent Data Statistics System
EDS - Electronic Data System
EDS - Energy Data System
EDS - Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
EDSTAC - Endocrine Disrupter Screening and Testing Advisory Committee
EDT - Edit Data Transmission
EDTA - Ethylene Diamine Triacetic Acid
EDX - Electronic Data Exchange
EDZ - Emission Density Zoning
ED10 - Ten Percent Effective Dose
EE - Element of Expertise
EE - Environmental Education
EE - Environmental Evaluation
EE2000 - Environmental Education 2000 Program
EEA - Energy and Environmental Analysis
EEA - European Environment Agency
EEC - Environmental Engineering Committee
EEC - Estimated Environmental Concentration
EEC - European Economic Community (see EC, CEC; now referred to as the EU - European Union)
EE/CA - Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis
EED - Estimated Exposure Duration
EED - Exposure Evaluation Division
EEG - Electroencephalogram
EEI - Edison Electric Institute
EELS - Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
EEMI - Environmental Engineers and Managers Institute
EEMI - Environmental Engineering Resources Institute
EEMS - Emissions Elements Needs Survey
EENET - Emergency Education Network
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEPSEA - Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia
EEQ - Existing Effluent Quality
EER - Excess Emission Report
EERF - Eastern Environmental Radiation Facilities
EERI - Earthquake Engineering Resources Institute
EERL - Eastern Environmental Radiation Laboratory
EERS - Earth Electrical Resistivity Survey
EERS - Excess Emissions Reports
EERU - Environmental Emergency Response Unit
EESI - Environment and Energy Study Institute
EESL - Environmental Ecological and Support Laboratory
EETD - Environmental Energy Technologies Division
EETFC - Environmental Effects Transport and Fate Committee
EEZ - Exclusive Economic Zone
EF - Emission Factor
EF - Enrichment Factor
EF - Exposure Frequency
EFARS - Engineer Federal Acquisition Supplement
EFDC - Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code
EFE - Early Fuel Evaporative System
EfE - Environment for Europe
EFED - Environmental Effects and Fate Division
EFH - Essential Fish Habitat
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
EFIN - Environmental Financing Information Network
EFO - Equivalent Field Office
EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTA - European Free Trade Association
EFTC - Environmental Effects, Transport and Fate Committee
EFTC - European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee
EG - Emission Guidelines
EGA - Enhanced Graphics Array
EGAT - Thailand Electricity Generating Authority
EGBE - Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
EGD - Effluent Guidelines Division
EGM - Electrogram
EGPT - Erythrocyte Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems
E-GRID - Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database
EGSA - Electric Generating Systems Association
EGSC - Engineering Guidance Support Center
EGTF - Effluent Guidelines Task Force
EH - Redox Potential
EHC - Environmental Health Committee
EHHE - Environmental and Human Health Evaluation
EHIS - Emission History Information System
EHRS - Environmental Health Research Staff
EHS - Environmental Health and Safety
EHS - Extremely Hazardous Substance
EH&S - Environmental Health and Safety
EHSA - Environmental Health and Safety Affairs
EHSOC - Environment, Health, Safety and Operations Committee
EHST - Environment, Safety, Health and Toxicology
EHTD - Efficient Hydrologic Tracer-test Design
EI - Emissions Inventory
EI - Environmental Impact
EI - Environmental Indicator
EIA - Economic Impact Assessment
EIA - Electronic Industries Association
EIA - Energy Information Administration
EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment
EIAP - Environmental Impact Analysis Process
EIB - European Investment Bank
EIC - Emission Inventory Credit
EIC - Environmental Industry Council
EID - Emerging Infectious Disease
EID - Environmental Information Documents
EIL - Environmental Impairment Liability
EIMS - Environmental Information Management System
EIN - Employer Identification Number
EINECS - European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances
EIP - Economic Incentive Program
EIQ - Emissions Inventory Questionnaire
EIR - Endangerment Information Report
EIR - Environmental Impact Report
EIR - Exposure Information Report
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
EIS - Environmental Impact Study
EIS - Environmental Information Systems
EIS - Environmental Inventory System
EIS/AS - Emissions Inventory System/Area Source
EIS/PS - Emissions Inventory System/Point Source
EIS7 - Region 7 EIS 404 Program
EITF - Emerging Issues Task Force
EIX - Electrochemical Ion Exchange
EKG - Electroencephalogram
EKMA - Empirical Kinetic Modeling Approach
EJ - Environmental Justice
EL - Emission Limit
EL - Environmental Labeling
EL - Exposure Level
ELCR - Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk
ELF-EMF - Extremely Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields
ELI - Environmental Law Institute
ELIN - Electronic Line Item Number
ELINCS/EINECS – European Community National Chemical Inventory
ELISA - Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
ELLPAT - Environmental Lead Laboratory Proficiency Analytical Testing
ELMS - Environment and Land Management Sector
ELP - Environmental Leadership Program
ELPS - Evaluation of Leachate Performance Standards
ELR - Environmental Law Reporter
EM - Electromagnetic
EM - Electromagnetic Conductivity
EM - Electron Microscope
EM - Emergency Management
EM - Emergency Manual
EM - Engineer Manual
EM - Enhanced Monitoring
EM - Environmental Management
EM-30 - Office of Waste Management
EM-40 - Office of Environmental Restoration
EM-50 - Office of Technology Development
EM-52 - Office of Technology Transfer and Program Integration
EM-53 - Office of Research and Development
EM-54 - Office of Demonstration, Evaluation and Testing
EM-60 - Office of Facility Transition and Management
EMA - Emergency Management Agency
EMA - Environmental Management Act
E-MAIL - Electronic Mail
EMAP - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program
EMAP-E - Monitoring and Assessment Program for Estuaries
EMAP-GL - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program – Great Lakes
EMAS - Eco-management and Audit Scheme
EMAS - Enforcement Management and Accountability System
EMC - Emergency Management Center
EMC - Environmental Media Center
EMC - Event Mean Concentration
EMEP - European Monitoring and Evaluations Program
EMF - Exposure Modifying Factor
EMFRAPID - Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information Dissemination
EMG - Electromyography
EMI - Emergency Management Institute
EMIS - Emergency Management Information System
EMIS - Environmental Management Information System
EMISUM - Emissions Summary
EML - Emissions Measurement Laboratory
EMMC - Environmental Monitoring Management Council
EMMI - Environmental Monitoring Methods Index
EMP - Emergency Management Plan
EMP - Environmental Management Program
EMPACT - Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking
EMPC - Estimated Maximum Possible Concentration
EMR - Electro-Magnetic Radiation
EMR - Environmental Management Report
EMS - Emergency Management Services
EMS - Emergency Management System
EMS - Emergency Medical Service
EMS - Emergency Medical Support
EMS - Emergency Services
EMS - Enforcement Management Subsystem
EMS - Enforcement Management System
EMS - Environmental management Standard
EMS - Environmental Management System
EMS - Environmental Mutagen Society
EMSD - Environmental Monitoring Systems Division
EMSL - Environmental Monitoring Support Laboratory
EMSL - Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory
EMSL-LV - Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory – Las Vegas
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
EMTC - Environmental Management Technical Center
EMTD - Estimated Maximum Tolerated Dose
EMTIC - Emission Measurement Technical Information Center
EMTS - Environmental Methods Testing Site
EMTS - Environmental Monitoring Testing Site
EMTS - Exposure Monitoring Test Site
EN - European Norms
EN - European Standards
ENC - Electronic Navigational Charts
ENCS - Japan’s National Chemical Inventory
ENEA - European Nuclear Energy Agency
ENF5 - Region 5 Enforcement Tracking System
ENFOMAIN - Enforcement Mail Computer
ENG-AUDIT - GICS Engineer Audit Tracking System
ENPA - Environmental Performance Agreement
ENRIN - Environment and Natural Resources Information Network
ENS - Emergency Notification System
ENTRI - Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators
EO - Environmental Objections
EO - Ethylene Oxide
EO - Executive Officer
EO - Executive Order
E&O - Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance
EOB - Executive Office Building
EOC - Emergency Operating (Operations) Center
EOD - Elimination of Discharge
EOD - Engineering Operations Division
EOD - Entrance on Duty
EOD - Explosion Ordnance Disposal
EOE - Equal Opportunity Employer
EOF - Emergency Operations Facility
EOJ - End of Job
EOP - Emergency Operations Plan
EOP - End-of-Pipe Treatment
EOP - Executive Office of the President
EORRA - Edible Oils Regulatory Reform Act of 1996
EOT - Emergency Operations Team
EOY - End of Year
EP - Earth Protectors
EP - Emergency Preparedness
EP - Emitting Process
EP - End-use Product
EP - Engineer Pamphlet
EP - Environmental Profile
EP - Experimental Product
EP - Extraction Procedure
EP(TEP) - Extraction Procedure (Toxicity)
E&P - Exploration and Production
EP3 - Environmental Pollution Prevention Project
EPA - Economic Price Adjustment
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPA# - RCRA Generator ID Number
EPAA - Environmental Programs Assistance Act
EPAAR - EPA Acquisition Regulations
EPAC - Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
EPACA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Correlation Approach
EPACASR - EPA Chemical Activities Status Report
EPACIR - Circulation System
EPACML - EPA Composite Model for Landfills Report
EPACT - Energy Policy Act (1992)
EPACT - Environmental Policy Act
EPADOC - Document Control System
EPALIT - Gulf Breeze Text Data Management
EPANTS - NTIS/EPA Report System
EPATR - Translation System
EPAYS - EPA Payroll System
EPB - Extensor Pollicis Brevis
EPC - Electronic Product Code
EPC - Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
EPC - Exposure Point Concentration
EPCA - Energy Policy and Conservation Act (1975)
EPCD - Engine Programs and Compliance Division
EP/CP - Emergency Plan/Contingency Plan
EPCRA - Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (1986); also known as Title III - Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
EPD - Emergency Planning District
EPDM - Ethylene-propylene Terpolymer
EPE - Environmental Performance Evaluation
EFF - Environmental Planning Function
EPF - Environmental Protection Fund
EPI - Economic Performance Indicator
EPI - Environmental Policy Institute
EPI - Environmental Priorities Initiative
EPI - Epichlorohydrin
EPIC - Energy P2 Information Clearinghouse
EPIC - Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center
EPIC - Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator
EPID - Epidemiologocial Studies
EPIP - Emergency Plan Implementation Procedure
EPL - Evaluated Products List
EPLO - Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
EPN - Early Project Notification
EPN - Emission Point Number
EPNL - Effective Perceived Noise Level
EPO - Estuarine Programs Office
EPP - Environmental protection Program
EP&P - Environmental Planning and Permitting
EPPR - Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response
EPR - Ethylene-propylene Elastomers
EPR - Emergency Preparedness and Response
EPR - Extended Product Responsibility
EPRA - Environmental Property Assessment
EPRG - Environmental Policy Review Group
EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute
EPS - Environmental Protection Specialist
EPS - Expanded Polystyrene
EPSA - Electric Power Supply Association
EPTC - Extraction Procedure Toxicity Characteristic
EPTC - S-Ethyl Dipropylthiocarbamate
EPTOX - Extraction Procedure Toxicity Test
EQ - Environmental Quality
EQ - Exceptional Quality
EQA - Malaysia Environmental Quality Act
E&QA - Engineering & Quality Assurance
EQC - Exemption Quantitation Criteria
EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentives Program
EQL - Estimated Quantitation Limit
ER - Ecosystem Restoration
ER - Electrical Resistivity
ER - Electronic Records
ER - Emergency Room
ER - Engineer Regulation
ER - Environmental restoration
ER - Extrarespiratory
Er - Erbium
ERA - Ecological Risk Assessment
ERA - Economic Regulatory Agency
ERA - Environmental Risk Assessment
ERA - Expedited Response Action
ERAD - Economic and Regulatory Analysis Division
ERADCOM - U.S. Army Electronics Research and Development Command
ERAMS - Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System
ERASMUS - European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students
ERB - Environmental Response Branch
ERC - Emergency Response Commission
ERC - Emissions Reduction Credit
ERC - Environment Research Center
ERC - Environmental Restoration Contractor
ERCS - Emergency Response Cleanup Services
ERD - Emergency Response Division
ERDA - Energy Research and Development Administration
ERDB - Environmental Radio Frequency Data Base
ERDC - Engineering Research Development Center
ERD&DAA - Environmental Research, Development and Demonstration Authorization Act
ERFD - Airborne Particulate and Precipitation Data
ERG - Emergency Response Guide
ERGO - Environmental Review Guide for Operations
ERGO - Extended Reports and Graphic Output
ER-HMI - Emergency Response – Hazardous Materials Inspection Branch
ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center
ERIIS - Environmental Risk Information and Imaging Services
ERIS - Enforcement Case Support Expert Resources Information System
ERK - Electronic Recordkeeping
ERL - Environmental Research Laboratory
ERL/ERM - Effects Range Low/Effects Range Median
ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System
ERO - Emergency Response Organization
EROD - Enforcement Record of Decision
EROS - Earth Observation Satellite
ERP - Early Reduction Program
ERP - Effective Radiated Power
ERP - Emergency Response Plan
ERP - Enforcement Response Policy
ERP - Environmental Review Policy
ERPG - Emergency Response Planning Guidelines
ERRD - Emergency and Remedial Response Division
ERRIS - Emergency and Remedial Response Information System
ERRIS - Emergency and Remedial Response Inventory System
ERS - Economic Research Service
ERSS - Establishment Registration Support System
ERT - Emergency Response Team
ERT - Environmental Response Team
ERT-A - Emergency Response Team – Advanced Element
ERTAQ - ERT Air Quality Model
ERT-N - National Emergency Response Team
ERTS - Earth Resources Technology Satellite
ERTW - Early Return to Work
ERW - Extraordinary Resource Waterbody
ES - Enforcement Strategy
ES - Engineering Staff
ES - Entrainment Separator
ES - Expert System
Es - Einsteinium
ES001 - Estuarine Water Quality Model
ESA - Ecological Services Analysis
ESA - Ecological Society of America
ESA - Endangered Species Act
ESA - Environmental Site Assessment
ESA - Environmentally Sensitive Area
ESA - Ethane Sulfonic Acid
ESAP - Environmental Sampling and Analysis Plan
ESAT - Environmental Services Assistance Team
ESBT - Energy Star Benchmarking Tool
ESC - Electronic Systems Center
ESC - Endangered Species Committee
ESC - Expedited Site Characterization
ESCA - Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
ESCA - Endangered Species Conservation Act
ESCAP - Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESCBA - Escape Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
ESCO - Energy Service Company
ESCP - Employee Counseling Service Program
ESCWA - Economic and Social commission for West Asia
ESD - Electrostatic Dissipative
ESD - Emission Standards Division
ESD - Environmental Services Department
ESD - Environmental Services Division
ESDB - Endangered Species Database/Research Scanlink
ESDLS - EPA’s Spatial Data Library System
ESE - Environmental Science and Engineering
ESEA - EPA/State Enforcement Agreement
ESECA - Energy Supply and Environmental Coordination Act
ESF - Emergency Support Function
ESFLG - Emergency Support Function Leadership Group
ESH - Enforcement Safety and Health
ESH - Environmental Safety and Health
ES&H - Environmental Safety and Health
ESHA - Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area
ESI - Expanded Site Inspection
ESIC - Earth Science Information Center
ESL - Effects Screening Level
ESLI - End-of-Service-Life Indicator
ESO - Enforcement Specialist Office
ESO - Environmentally Significant Operation
ESP - Electrostatic Precipitator(s)
ESP - Environmental Support Program
ESP - Exchangeable Sodium Percentage
ESPA - Endangered Species Preservation Act
ESPS - Environmental Services Program Support
ESR - Enforcement System Review
ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Institute
ESRL - Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory
ESS - Enforcement Support Services
EST - Emergency Support Team
ESU - Evolutionarily Significant Units
ESWTR - Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule
ET - Ecotox Thresholds
ET - Emissions Trading
ET - Extrathoracic Region
ET - Event Tree
ETA - Energy Tax Act
ETA - Engineering and Technical Assistance
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETA - Event Tree Analysis
ETAG - Ecological and Technical Assessment Group
ETBE - Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
ETC - Employee Transportation Coordinator
ETC - Energy Technology Centers
ETC - Environmental Technology Council (formerly Hazardous Waste Treatment Council)
ETD - Economics and Technology Division
ETEC - Energy Technology Engineering Center
ETF - Earmarked Tax Fund
ETHOX - Summary of Ecotox Data on Ethoxylated Surfactants
ETI - Elapsed Time Indicator
ETI - Environmental Technology Initiative
ETL - Engineer Technical Letters
ETL - Engineering Topographic Laboratories
ETM - Enhanced Thematic Mapper
EtO - Ethylene Oxide
ETOH - Ethanol
ETP - Emissions Trading Policy
ETPS - Emissions Trading Policy Statement
ETR - Employee Trip Reduction
ETS - EPCRA 313 Tracking System
ETS - Emissions Tracking System
ETS - Environmental Tobacco Smoke
ETS - EPCRA 313 Tracking System
ETS - Extramural Tracking System
ETS - Region 4 Reference and Administrative Orders Tracking System
ETSD - Enterprise Technology Services Division
ETT - Effluent Toxicity Testing
ETTAC - Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee
ETV - Environmental Technology Verification Program
EU - Environmentally Unsatisfactory
EU - European Union (1994; formerly referred to as the EEC or EC)
EU - MACT Expanded Universe
Eu - Europium
EU-HWC - Emissions Unit - Hazardous Waste Combustor
EUP - End Use Product
EUP - Environmental Use Permit
EUP - Experimental Use Permit
EUTR04 - Eutrophication Model
EWCC - Environmental Workforce Coordinating Committee
EWG - Exempt Wholesale Generators
EWS - Engineering Work Station
EX - Executive Level Appointments
EXAMS - Exposure Analysis Modeling System
EXAMSII - Exposure Analysis Modeling System II
EXEX - Expected Exceedence
EXINTER - Expert Interface Version 1.0
EXL - Executive Control Language
EXTRC - Extraction Technology
EZP2 - Region 2 EZPLOT - User Operated Business Graphics Package

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