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Answer – B.1971

  1. Which state has topped the in terms of general insurance premium collection and penetration ? A.Gujarat


C.Tamil Nadu


Answer – D.Maharashtra

  1. Which bank has been recently tied up with railway’s e-ticketing platform IRCTC to sell rail tickets through its website ?

A.Yes Bank

B.DCB Bank


D.Axis Bank

Answer – C.ICICI Bank

  1. After Snapdeal which e-commerce company has started to sell cars and motorcycles online ? A.Amazon




Answer – B.Flipkart

  1. Sandhar Technologies has got market regulator SEBI’s approval to raise IPO of how much worth ? A.Rs. 315 cr

B.Rs. 323 cr

C.Rs. 300 cr

D.Rs. 500 cr

Answer – C.Rs. 300 cr

  1. Best player of Globe Soccer Awards 2015 has been conferred on which player ? A.Cristiano Ronaldo

B.Frank Lampard

C.Andrea Pirlo

D.Lionel Messi

Answer – D.Lionel Messi

  1. Export Quality Excellence award has been conferred upon which of the following ? A.Cranberry

B.Joven Electric

C.CRI Pumps

D.Power Root

Answer – C.CRI Pumps

  1. Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ) has appointed which of the following as its chief executive officer ?

A.Sandeep Mehta

B.Unmesh Abhyankar

C.G J Rao

D.Karan Adani

Answer – D.Karan Adani

  1. Which of the following has been appointed as the Chief Executive for sports business ? A.Shantanu Narayen

B.Sundar Raman

C.RP-Sanjiv Goenka

D.Priya Narasimhan

Answer – C.RP-Sanjiv Goenka

  1. Premier Badminton League (PBL) has appointed which of the following as its Brand Ambassador ? A.John Abraham

B.Ranbir Kapoor

C.Varun Dhawan

D.Akshay Kumar

Answer – D.Akshay Kumar

  1. Which of the following has won the inaugural Pro Wrestling League (PWL) title ?

A.Bengluru Yodhas

B.Haryana Hammers

C.Uttar Pradesh Warriors

D.Mumbai Garuda

D.Mumbai Garuda

  1. Haskell Wexler, who has been recently passed away was related to which of the following field ? A.Politician




Answer – D.Cinematographer

  1. Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has cleared how much worth from Fund-of-Funds to Support venture capital funds in India ?

A.$114 million

B.$104 million

C.$124 million

D.$140 million

Answer – D.$140 million

  1. The anti-jamming capability of Astra missile was successfully validated in recent trials. What is the launch mode of Astra missile ?

A.Sea-to-Sea Missile

B.Air-to-Air Missile

C.Air-to-Surface Missile

D.Surface-to-Air Missile

Answer – B.Air-to-Air Missile

  1. Recently which country has adopted its first “Counter-Terrorism Law” & “Law against Domestic Violence” which will go into effect in March 2016 ?





Answer – D.China

  1. As per UK think tank Centre for Economics Business and Research (CEBR), which country will be the best performing country by 2030 ?





Answer – C.UK

  1. Which of the following has been emerged as the winner of the Indian Crossword League (IXL) 2015 ? A.Mohsin Ahmed B.Vinoo Sanjay

C.Ramki Krishnan

D.Narayan Mandyam

Answer – C.Ramki Krishnan

  1. In a bid to encourage people to meditate and maintain a healthy lifestyle which country is going to host multi-event yoga initiative ?





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