Design Your Own Australian Landscape Board Game!

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Design Your Own Australian Landscape Board Game!
Waddingtons, the board game manufacturers, have asked you to come up with a brand new board game to boost their sales. The theme is to be based around either ‘Australian rainforest’ or ‘Australian desert’
The Brief:

  1. Your board game must be designed showing elements of chosen Australian landscape.

  2. Your board game must include instructions on how to play.

  3. Your board game must include challenge questions, which test the knowledge of each player regarding the board game’s featured landscape.

  4. You will play each other’s games and vote on the best ones

  5. Commendations will be awarded to those pupils who produce particularly effective, creative and educational board games.

Think about the following things:

Playing the game:

  • How do you decide who starts your game?

  • Do all the players start in the same place?

  • What is the aim of the game? Is the winner…

    • The last person left alive?

    • The first person to reach a certain place?

    • The first person to have reached several places on the board?

    • The first person to have collected several objects?

    • The first person to have answered a certain amount of questions?

  • Will the players…

    • Always head in one direction (like Monopoly)?

    • Zig-Zag upwards (like Snakes and Ladders)?

    • Choose their direction (like Trivial Pursuit)?

Making the game:

  • What will the board game look like?

  • What materials will you need to make the board game?


You board game is to be completed by the end of Tuesday 24 November 2015. Time will be given in class. Tasks required for completion will also be set for homework.
Board game timeline

Week 3 (Homework due 2/11/15)


Completed research on Australian Deserts.

Marking criteria decided upon.


Discuss board game ideas with parents.

Decide on a landscape.

Research and draft your five challenge questions on your chosen theme.

Week 4 (Homework due 9/11/15)


Publish final five challenge questions.

Draft Procedure Text for how to play board game.

Draft design of the game board


Share draft design with parents.

Gather materials required to make the game board.

Week 5 (Homework due 16/11/15)


Publish copy of instructions.

Begin construction of game board.


Continue construction of game board.

Week 6 ( Finish by 24/11/15)


Finalise construction of board game.

Submit finished board game for teacher assessment.

Week 7


Playing of board games.

Peer evaluation.

More time for completion may be granted at the teacher’s discretion.

Good luck with the brief. I am looking forward to playing your games

Mrs Southwell

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