Application no: 09/57413/out applicant: Rossford Dental Laboratory location: 78-80 Chorley Road Swinton M27 5ad proposal: Outline planning application to include layout and access in respect of four dwellinghouses and nine apartments ward

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APPLICANT: Rossford Dental Laboratory
LOCATION: 78-80 Chorley Road Swinton M27 5AD
PROPOSAL: Outline planning application to include layout and access in respect of four dwellinghouses and nine apartments
WARD: Swinton South

Description of Site and Surroundings

This application relates to a site that is currently occupied by a pair of two storey buildings used as a dental laboratory together with informal car parking provision. The rear of the site appears untidy and until recently there were approximately 20-25 garages located there.

The site is irregular is shape and has a frontage to Chorley Road although the greater part of it is located to the rear, effectively wrapping around the rear gardens of the neighbouring properties on Chorley Road. To the south and east of the site is Bain Street with the rear gardens and hard landscaping forming the majority shared boundary. To the west is a footpath which links Chorley Road and Worsley Road which is known locally as ‘The Stumps’. On the opposite site of this footpath is Swinton Post Office and Swinton Telephone Exchange. Access to the Post Office is taken from Chorley Road whilst that to the Swinton Telephone Exchange is taken from Bain Street.
The buildings located on Chorley Road are a pair of two storey dwellings of traditional construction which have previously been converted to provide facilities as a dental laboratory. Access to the rear of the site is currently located between the gable end of 78 and 76 Chorley Road. This access is unmade and provides access to the application site and the existing neighbouring terrace (66-76 Chorley Road).
There are a number of self seeded trees within the rear portion of the site.
Description of Proposal
This application is an outline scheme for the erection of nine apartments and four dwelling houses with consent sought for siting and means of access only.
The apartments would be located to the rear of the site with an indication that they would be part three storey and part two storey. The dwelling houses comprise two pairs of semi detached properties. One pair would be located fronting Chorley Road and the second pair would be located at right angles to them and to the right hand side of the newly formed access road. The drawings indicate that these dwellings would be two and a half storey in height.
Access to the site would be constructed adjacent to the existing unmade access point.
A turning facility would also be located to rear of the site around a dedicated car parking area. A total of 14 car parking spaces would be provided.
Site History
Planning permission has been granted for a similar scheme on this site. In September 2005 outline permission was granted of for ‘means of access’ only for the erection of 8 apartments and 4 houses (05/51173/OUT). Whilst it is a material consideration in the assessment of this application it is noted that this consent has now lapsed.


An advertisement was placed within the April publication of the IN Salford magazine, which was delivered to all homes in Salford week commencing 13th April 2009. This consultation elapsed on Monday 27th April 2009.

A site notice was displayed on the 24th February 2009
The following neighbour addresses were notified:
56 – 76, 60 – 62 Flat A and B, 75 – 89, Critchley House, 82 (Swinton Post Office), Swinton Telephone Exchange, Chorley Road

2 – 4 Pendlebury Road

1 – 29 (odd), 32 – 44 (e) Bain Street
No representations have been received in response to the application publicity.
United Utilities – No objection subject to advice regarding surface water and drainage. A sewer is located along the western boundary (along the shared boundary with the public footpath) which requires an easement.
Police Architectural Liaison Officer – No objection although advice is provided with respect to; defensible space; entrance barriers; lighting; landscaping and bin stores. It is recommended that the applicant consult with the unit if and when any reserved matters are produced.
Environment AgencyNo response
Urban Vision Environment (UVE) – Advise that at site investigation condition is attached regarding contaminated land following the submitted preliminary risk assessment. A condition is also advise regarding acoustic protection to the proposed properties which would front Chorley Road.



Site specific policies:

Other policies:

ST11: Location of New Development

DES1: Respecting Context

DES7: Amenity of Users & Neighbours

DES9: Landscaping

DES10: Design and Crime

A10: Provision of Car, Cycle and Motorcycle Parking in New Developments

EN16: Contaminated Land

EN17: Pollution Control

EN19: Flood Risk and Surface Water

DEV5: Planning Conditions and Obligations

Adopted Regional Spatial Strategy
DP2 Promote Sustainable Communities; DP4 Make the Best Use of Existing Resources and Infrastructure, DP5 Manage Travel Demand; Reduce the Need to Travel, and increase Accessibility; DP7 Promote Environmental Quality; W1 Strengthening the Regional Economy; MCR1 Manchester City Region Priorities; MCR2 Regional Centre and Inner Area of Manchester City Region
Other Material Considerations

There are a number of Supplementary Planning Documents which are also relevant to the determination of this application. These include Design, Design and Crime, Trees, the Planning Obligations, Design and Sustainable Design and Construction.

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