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Answer – B.Delhi

  1. What was the theme for Global SME Business Summit 2015, which was held in New Delhi ?

A.Make in India through Globally SME partnerships

B.Make in India through Global MSME partnerships

C.Make in India through Globally partnerships

D.Make in India through Global SME partnerships

Answer – D.Make in India through Global SME partnerships

  1. Which bank has launched missed call service for account holders in Chennai to recharge their mobile ? A.Axis Bank

B.Federal Bank


D.SBI Bank

Answer – B.Federal Bank

  1. IDFC bank has selcted which IT company for core banking to offer next generation banking services ?





Answer – C.TCS

  1. Which university has been conferred with FICCI Education Awards 2015 under the category of “Excellence in Technology for Education Delivery” ?

A.Ashoka University

B.IIT Gandhinagar

C.Manipal University

D.Nirma University

Answer – D.Nirma University

  1. Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd has appointed which of the following as its chief financial officer (CFO) ? A.Anurag Jain

B.Umesh Hora

C.Ankit Soni

D.Shailesh Lakhani

Answer – B.Umesh Hora

  1. The title of Hero World Challenge has been conferred upon which of the following professional golfer ?

A.Anirban Lahiri

B.Ricky Fowler

C.Patrick Reed

D.Bubba Watson

Answer – D.Bubba Watson

  1. Which city Police has been conferred with “Express IT excellence award” in acknowledgment with IT initiatives launched by them ?

A.Chattisgarh Police

B.Karnataka Police

C.Hyderabad Police

D.Lucknow Police

Answer – C.Hyderabad Police

  1. General Motors India has appointed which of the following as its head ? A.Patricia Russo

B.Arvind Saxena

C.Kaher Kazem

D.James Mulva

Answer – C.Kaher Kazem

  1. Which zone of Indian Railways has introduced biodiesel for trains to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission ?

A.South Central Railway

B.South Eastern Railway

C.South East Central Railway

D.South Western Railway

Answer – D.South Western Railway

  1. In which country 2,600-year-old tombs has been discovered ?





Answer – C.China

  1. Which of the following has become the first state of the country to join the discom betterment scheme “UDAY” ?




D.Andhra Pradesh

Answer – D.Andhra Pradesh

  1. As per the Indian State of Forest Report (ISFR 2015) by Forest Survey of India (FSI), India’s forest & tree cover increased by how much sq km ?

A.5801 sq Km

B.8150 sq Km

C.5081 sq Km

D.5180 sq Km

Answer – C.5081 sq Km

  1. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu flagged off double decker express train between which of the following rail routes ?





Answer – B.Goa-Mumbai

  1. As part of the 125th birth anniversary year of which Indian freedom fighter, PM Modi has released commemorative coins of Rs 125 and Rs 10 denomination ?

A.Vallabhai Patel

B.Mangal Pandey


D.Rajendra Prasad

Answer – C.B.R.Ambedkar

  1. 6th Meeting of the Group on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (Global Forum) was held at which place ? A.Kerala


C.New Delhi


Answer – C.New Delhi

  1. Who has won the 200 meter butterfly and clinched the title of US Winter National Championships ? A.Tyler Clary

B.Chase Kalisz

C.Michael Phelps

D.Dakota Hodgson

Answer – C.Michael Phelps

  1. Which country has sent first uranium consignment of 250 tonnes to India for its nuclear power reactors ? A.Spain




Answer – B.Canada

  1. As per data from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), which country has been emerged as the top source of FDI in India ?





Answer – D.Singapore

  1. Title of 2nd edition of Hockey World League had clinched by which of the follwing country ? A.Thailand




Answer – D.Australia

  1. Railways has undertaken projects of how much worth during the 12th Five year Plan for laying new lines, enriching port connectivity and electrifying its network under PPP model ? A.Rs.15,000 crore

B.Rs.20,000 crore

C.Rs.12,000 crore

D.Rs.14,000 crore

Answer – D.Rs.14,000 crore

  1. Who is the current National Security Advisor of India ?

A.P.S. Raghavan

B.Shivshankar Menon

C.Ajit Doval

D.Arun Singh

Answer – C.Ajit Doval

  1. Centre to support rural entrepreneurs under MUDRA Enhancing Rural Entrepreneurship through CSCs. What CSC stands for ?

A.Community Services Centres

B.Common Services Centres

C.Collective Services Centres

D.Communal Services Centres

Answer – B.Common Services Centres

  1. Government imposes anti-dumping duty on which products, those are imported from China, Thailand and Vietnam ?





Answer – C.Kitchenware

  1. Lok Sabha has recently passed bill to enhance compensation for Air Travellers. In case of death or bodily injury for each person how much liability limit has been increased ?

A.1,12,100 SDR

B.1,10,100 SDR

C.1,13,100 SDR

D.1,09,100 SDR

Answer – C.1,13,100 SDR

  1. Which state Govt has launched Mobile app to rescue homeless people during winters ? A.Rajasthan

B.New Delhi

C.Himachal Pradesh


Answer – B.New Delhi

  1. A panel on GST headed by chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian, suggested how much GST rate % ? A.18-19%

  1. 17-19%

  2. 17-18%

  3. 16-17%

Answer – C.17-18%

  1. Which High Court has made married daughters of deceased government employees eligible for the appointment on compassionate grounds ?

A.Uttarakhand HC

B.Kerala HC

C.Bombay HC

D.Allahabad HC

Answer – D.Allahabad HC

  1. Ministry of Earth Sciences has appointed which of the following as its Secretary ?

A.Debasish Ghose

B.H. R. Krishnamurthy

C.Raj Reddy

D.M Nair Rajeevan

Answer – D.M Nair Rajeevan

  1. Recently which state has launched ‘She Autos’ scheme and distributed 49 CNG-fuelled autos to women drivers ? A.Madhya Pradesh

B.Andhra Pradesh

C.Uttar Pradesh

D.Arunachal Pradesh

Answer – B.Andhra Pradesh

  1. Which state Govt has launched first International festival on Birds to promote the collection of bird species ?

A.Madhya Pradesh

B.Andhra Pradesh

C.Uttar Pradesh

D.Arunachal Pradesh

Answer – C.Uttar Pradesh

  1. Which country has passed Anti-Terrorism law to strip dual nationals of their citizenship if they are convicted of terrorism offences ?





Answer – B.Australia

  1. GAIL has launched ‘Bhuvan-GAIL Portal’ for satellite monitoring of pipelines. GAIL headquarter is sitiuated at which place ?




D.New Delhi

Answer – D.New Delhi

  1. On which date International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development is observed ? A.November 28

B.December 3

C.November 30

D.December 5

Answer – D.December 5

  1. Competition Commission of India (CCI) has imposed how much penality on IPO-bound Alkem Laboratories for indulging in unfair business practices ?

A.Rs 80 crore

B.Rs 74 crore

C.Rs 72 crore

D.Rs 89 crore

Answer – B.Rs 74 crore

  1. Youtube, in collaboration with Subhash Ghai owned Whistling Woods International has opened first video production studio in which part of the country ?


B.New Delhi



Answer – C.Mumbai

  1. Yossi Sarid who has recently died, was related to which of the following fields ? A.Actor




Answer – C.Politician

  1. GAIL has launched ‘Bhuvan-GAIL Portal’ for satellite monitoring of pipelines in collaboration with which of the following centre ?

A.National Informatics Centre

B.National Centre for Trade Information

C.National Remote Sensing Centre

D.National Centre for Seismology

Answer – C.National Remote Sensing Centre

  1. According to Delhi Assembly passed MLA of NCT of Delhi (Salaries, Allowances, Pension, etc.) (Amendment) Bill, 2015; to how much basic salaries of MLAs has been increased ? A.Rs.45000




Answer – B.Rs.50000

  1. Which of the following Corporation has tied up with SBI, ICICI, India Post for gold coins ? A.Dredging Corporation of India

B.Electronics Corporation of India

C.Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India

D.Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India

Answer – D.Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India

  1. Central government approved rehabilitation package for the people affected after the exchange of enclaves between India and Bangladesh for how much worth ?

A.Rs.500 crore

B.Rs.200 crore

C.Rs.1000 crore

D.Rs.1006 crore

Answer – D.Rs.1006 crore

  1. PM launches Accessible India in which Indian state to make government buildings, stations, airports, tourist places disabled-friendly ?


B.New Delhi


D.Tamil Nadu

Answer – B.New Delhi

  1. How much fine has been announced by National Green Tribunal for the use of plastic material in Chandigarh in order to make the city pollution-free ?

A.Rs 3000

B.Rs 1500

C.Rs 500

D.Rs 5000

Answer – D.Rs 5000

  1. Recently Lok Sabha has passed the Bureau of Indian Standards Bill, 2015 to make BIS as the National Standards Body of India. It will replace which act ?

A.Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1991

B.Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1983

C.Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986

D.Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1965

Answer – C.Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986

  1. Which Indian state has become the first state with the launch of Rotavirus vaccination project ? A.Madhya pradesh

B.Himachal Pradesh

C.Uttar Pradesh

D.Andhra Pradesh

Answer – B.Himachal Pradesh

  1. Who has been conferred with Indian National Bar Association’s (INBA) General Counsel of the year 2015 – Retail Award on the occasion of INBA’s Annual International Conference-66th National Law Day ? A.Avinash Pant

B.Harkirat Singh

C.Pulin kumar

D.Abhishek Ganguly

Answer – C.Pulin kumar

  1. China’s president Xi Jinping has announced how much funding support to Africa for development purposes ? A.$75mn




Answer – C.$60mn

408- M C Mishra has been appointed as a member in which the following regulatory body ? A.PFRDA




Answer – D.CBDT

  1. Union Government releases postage stamp to mark centenary year of which survey of India ? A.Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

B.Geological Survey of India(GSI)

C.Zoological Survey of India (ZSI)

D.Economic Survey of India (ESI)

Answer – C.Zoological Survey of India (ZSI)

  1. Wipro to buy which Germany based IT services firm for Rs. 514 crore ? A.Cultuzz



D.Cellent AG

Answer – D.Cellent AG

  1. As per new guidelines for Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) by RBI, they have to increase how much of their total outstanding towards agricultural activities ?





Answer – B.18%

  1. Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has appointed which of the following as its chairperson ? A.Pulin kumar

B.Vijay M Rao

C.Richrad L. Ehman

D.Mary C. Mahoney

Answer – B.Vijay M Rao

  1. When Navy Day is observed ?

A.December 1

B.December 4

C.December 3

D.December 2

Answer – B.December 4

  1. Which pharma has received the approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) to manufacture and market Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection ?

A.Ajanta Pharma

B.Orchid Chemical

C.Alembic Pharma

D.Aurobindo Pharma

Answer – D.Aurobindo Pharma

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