Current Affairs Q&a pdf

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Current Affairs Q&A PDF

Current Affairs Q&A PDF

Current Affairs Q&A PDF

Current Affairs Q&A December 2015 PDF

  1. National Level Awards to the selected Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) for Exceptional Achievement had been presented by which of the following minister ?

A.Nirmala Sitharaman

B.Smriti Zubin Irani

C.Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

D.Harsimrat Kaur Badal

Answer – C.Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

  1. MayyazhiMahotsavam clebrated in which of the following Indian States ?

A.Tamil Nadu



D.West Bengal

Answer – B.Puducherry

  1. Anil Kumble has stepped down as the Chief Mentor of which Indian Premier League (IPL) team ? A.Delhi Daredevils

B.Sunrisers Hyderabad

C.Kolkata Knight Riders

D.Mumbai Indians

Answer – D.Mumbai Indians

  1. Indian Railways has signed deal with which of the following to set up high horse power diesel and electric engines worth Rs.40,000 crore ?

A.Georgia Power

B.DTE Energy

C.General Electric

D.Range Corporation

Answer – C.General Electric

  1. As per fifth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, what is the marginal standing facility (MSF) rate ? A.4.0%

  1. 7.75%

  2. 5.75%

  3. 6.75%

Answer – B.7.75%

6- India has been ranked at which position in UN International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) annual Measuring the Information Society Report (MISR) ?





Answer – D.131

  1. Eldar Ryazanov, who has been recently passed away was related to which of the following fields ? A.Music Director

B.Film Director


D.Russian Actor

Answer – B.Film Director

  1. Who was awarded with four world record certificates scoring five goals in nine minutes ? A.Cristiano Ronaldo

B.Lionel Messi

C.Marco Reus

D.Robert Lewandowski

Answer – D.Robert Lewandowski

  1. Asian Business Leadership Forum 2015 conferred which of the following with lifetime achievement award ?

A.Dr R. Seetharaman

B.Hinduja Brothers

C.H.E. Shaukat Aziz

D.Dr Naresh Trehan

Answer – B.Hinduja Brothers

  1. Which film has won the Golden Peacock Award at the finale of the 46th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) ?

A.The Measure of a Man

B.Sealed Cargo

C.Embrace of Serpent


Answer – C.Embrace of Serpent

  1. APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Awards 2015 presented by President Pranab Mukherjee at which of the following places ?





Answer – B.IIM-A

  1. World AIDS Day observed on which date ?

A.November 29

B.December 2

C.November 30

D.December 1

Answer – D.December 1

  1. Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin secured which rank in the ICC Test rankings for bowlers ? A.8th




Answer – C.2nd

  1. During United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) World leaders had launched which Mission to accelerate clean energy revolution across the world ?

A.Mission Energy

B.Mission Innovation

C.Mission Technology

D.Mission Climate

Answer – B.Mission Innovation

  1. In the latest ATP ranking list, Yuki Bhambri has been ranked at which place ? A.94th




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